Youth Olympics (Buenos Aires, 6-18 October 2018)

  • For whoever is interested

    The Youth Olympics start this Saturday with the Opening Ceremony and Sunday with the sports. Here's some info.

    Schedule and results
    Click on the circle/medal in the schedule for the Buenos Aires starting time (bold) and your own local time (italics)

    How to watch in NZ
    Sky Sports covers the event in NZ on two pop-up channels, Sky Sport 4 and highlights on Prime.
    If you're outside NZ and the event is not broadcast where you are, try the Olympic Channel.

    New Zealand participants
    Tick the box for Olympic Summer Youth Games. If you're looking for a specific sport or athlete, you can narrow down the search by ticking more boxes.

    Rugby Sevens - fixtures (only 6 participating teams per gender)
    women (NZ participation)
    men (no NZ participation, Oceania represented by Samoa)

  • Thanks for that Stargazer. I am keen to watch our youngest competitor, Nathan Xu, along with Hui-Ling Vong in the table tennis event.

  • The NZ U18 Girls 7s team, aka the Baby Ferns, have won their first four pool matches.

    v Tunisia: 53 - 0
    v Colombia: 38 -5
    v France: 26 - 12
    v Canada: 20 - 5

    One more pool game to go v Kazakhstan at 1.50am tonight and then one more game: the gold medal final. It's hard to see how they can not play for gold. Technically, France and Canada can both catch up with them, but those countries play each other in the final pool game.

    In the men's section of the tournament, Argentina is topping the table with also four wins, followed by France and Japan. Samoa is at the bottom of the group, unfortunately, after 3 losses and a draw.

  • I don't know whether this is the complete list, but NZ has won the following medals:

    Dylan McCullough - Triathlon
    Connor Bell - Athletics - Discus

    Brea Roderick and Dylan McCullough, as members of the Oceania team - triathlon mixed relay
    Oscar Guo - Badminton Team Relay

  • How can you possibly have a relay in badminton. Do you hit a shot and rush off and tag you team mate to come onto court in time to hopefully make the next return?

  • @higgins From the Youth Olympics website:


  • Thanks for that Stargazer. The explanation is not really all that specific as to how a relay is conducted. Teams of eight having to play ten matches to accumulate a total of 110 points. No indication whether the matches are singles, doubles or mixed doubles nor what order they are played in nor the number of points played for in each match. Maybe you can sub players in and out of games when you like. Imagine having a gun player that slaughters opponents. You can play them until they reach a lead that not even a novice would not be able to close out the win. Sub the star off and stick them onto the next court mid match to turn around a seemingly lost cause and pull of the comeback of all comebacks. An interesting sort of a concept. Will have to view the NZ medal highlights replay to see how this relay fixture is actually conducted!

  • @higgins This is from the NZ Olympic Team's FB page:

    17-year-old Kiwi Oscar Guo has won SILVER in the badminton team relay at the Youth Olympic Games.

    The Aucklander played in two doubles matches in the gold medal final of the badminton relay format, which also includes singles matches. The first team to 110-points was crowned winner.

  • GOLD!


    This is hilarious. The reaction from the Black Ferns 7s, who are in the USA for their first tournament.

  • Sevens results of the finals:

    Women's U18
    GOLD New Zealand
    SILVER France
    BRONZE Canada (after beating Colombia 24 - 19)

    Men's U18
    GOLD Argentina (after beating France 24 - 14)
    SILVER France
    BRONZE Japan (after beating South Africa 28 - 5)

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