Magpies v Manawatu

  • Manawatu Turbos:
    15 Sam Malcolm, 14 Michael Tagicakibau, 13 Rob Thompson, 12 Ngani Laumape, 11 Junior Laloifi, 10 Otere Black, 9 Jamie Booth, 8 Brice Henderson, 7 Antonio Kiri Kiri, 6 Liam Mitchell, 5 Brad Tucker, 4 Liam Hallam-Eames, 3 Michael Alaalatoa, 2 Sam Stewart, 1 Fraser Armstrong.

    Reserves: 16 Tim Cadwallader, 17 Faalelei Sione, 18 Sean Paranihi, 19 Samuel Slade, 20 Adrian Wyrill, 21 Kayne Hammington, 22 Jade Te Rure, 23 Hamish Northcott.

    Couldn't they postpone Laumape's return? 😟

  • More of NZR's ongoing bias against the Magpies. 😜

  • go Ngani πŸ˜‰ 🎣

    Not sure why they werent always starting Booth, much better 9 than Hammington.

  • Let's beat them anyway.

  • @number-10 doesnt always work having an AB back as they can detract from the combinations that have been formed previously.

  • @taniwharugby said in Magpies v Manawatu:

    go Ngani πŸ˜‰ 🎣

    Not sure why they werent always starting Booth, much better 9 than Hammington.

    Booth put on what would have been the worst halfback display I've ever seen in the Canes game at McLean Park this year - he's just lucky Chris Eaton played regularly on that ground. I shudder to think how bad Hammington is if he should be behind Booth.

  • Laumape is gonna kill McClutchie

  • Magpies

    1 Mark Braidwood, 2 Kianu Kereru-Symes, 3 Ben May, 4 Tom Parsons, 5 Michael Allardice, 6 Geoff Cridge, 7 Gareth Evans (cc), 8 Marino Mikaele-Tu'u, 9 Brad Weber (cc), 10 Lincoln McClutchie, 11 Mason Emerson, 12 Pasqualle Dunn, 13 Stacey Ili, 14 Jonah Lowe, 15 JJ Taulagi

    16 Jason Long, 17 Pouri Rakete-Stones, 18 Joe Apikotoa, 19 Devan Flanders, 20 Josh Kaifa, 21 Folau Fakatava, 22 Danny Toala, 23 Michael Buckley

  • @footy01 said in Magpies v Manawatu:

    Laumape is gonna kill McClutchie

    So McClutchie for a MOTM performance then

  • The pricks at Fox aren't playing this game. They do this every year with at least one of the later Magpies games.

  • You will have to rely on this forum then. And the first post is not good news with our wafer thing defence letting the 'Poo in for a try that was met with a great deal of foul language from close to where I am sitting. Not quite time to have a puke in disgust yet but most of the interest has gone out of the game already now that the 'Poo are off zero.

  • But maybe the tide is turning with Otere Black slamming a penalty into the right hand upright at the Centennial Stand end of the ground from almost in front albeit from about 40 metres out
    Hawkes Bay 00 -- 07 'Poo

  • And now 'Poo awarded a try from a clear knock on under the posts.

  • Wait for it, a very late referral to the TMO, just as Black is almost ready to convert

  • And it's disallowed, as it damn well should. We re not looking good guys, judging on the run of play so far.

  • Which proves very prophetic with the 'Poo powering over for a try through good driving from their pack and to make it even worse Black converts from out wide on the left

  • And now another dumb penalty given away by Brad Weber, Black sure to make it count

  • @higgins I ahem, found an alternative way to watch it - kind of wish I hadn't at this stage ....

  • It has not exactly been inspiring so far but just as I say that the Bay are in for a try in the left hand corner
    Hawkes Bay 05 - 17 'Poo after 22 minutes

  • Did you like that Nepia? 'Poo forward pack made to look like the team full of schoolboys, not us, as we completely demolish them with a magnificent lineout drive try to Kereru-Symes which is converted as a bonus!

  • And just like that the 'Poo's lead has gone after Tom Parsons drives over. Taulagi hits the left hand upright and it deflects away.

    Hawkes Bay 17 - 17 'Poo after about 34 minutes

  • @higgins Hahaha, yep, although sadly we have schoolboy midfielders in comparison.

    My feed is about 1m:30 behind I think

  • Too true, at least we have the consolation of knowing that they re not genuine HB products.

  • Well, that was half of two halves, hopefully we can continue on with our good second half form.

    Why can people say the Tere part of Otere properly but not the O - is it that hard to say Or (without finishing the R)? I think I'm a few weeks late for Maori language week.

  • Just seen a shot of Jonah Lowe, didn't even know he was playing, Did he touch the ball during the first half?

  • @higgins said in Magpies v Manawatu:

    Just seen a shot of Jonah Lowe, didn't even know he was playing, Did he touch the ball during the first half?

    Emerson seemed to be on both wings in the first half.

    Braidwood in.

  • Try to Yellow Card!

    31 - 17 to the Pies.

  • Lowe gets an intercept try.

  • Buckley in for a try after replacing Emerson.

  • Magpies win 45-17. Lots of handbags at the end of the game.

  • Happy with that. Sorry Hawkes Bay pickers, I did not have faith, and only picked us 9-16

  • To the Poo:


  • Just as well is was not the Manawatu team of old with the likes of Oliver, Shaw, Geof Old, Hemara, The Clare Brothers, Donaldson, Rolleson along with a few others, the hand bags would have been interesting to watch.

  • @stockcar86 Yeah, me too, what were we thinking!

  • We were all a bit conservative in our picks, Gone are the days of the compulsory HB 17+ no matter who we were playing! Just having a quick look and we appear to be down 18 - 19 to Northland in the semifinals of KPs Tipping. Looks like the contest will be decided in the next game where our opponents have pretty much gone for Northland to do Waikato and we have gone the other way. Waikato win and we look good to be in Northland win and we are pretty much done for.

  • You have to commend our guys for trying to make things a bit more interesting for the spectators by electing to give the 'Poo a head start to make more of a game of it. Even then we still put them away big time on the scoreboard. Wasn't the last kick off they did that they completely botched something to heckle them over!

  • Did Laumape ever get the ball tonight? He was completely invisible (apart from the camera zooming in on him because he's an AB πŸ™„ ). Thompsom tried a few breaks tonight, but nothing came of it. He's not having a good season at all. Alaalatoa isn't bad, but not great either.

    Manawatu have good players in their squad, but as a team they are terrible again this season. Our ex-schoolboys have way more impact. Just wish Lowe got the ball more. The few times he did, he was dangerous. Emerson was on fire; I hope his injury isn't too serious, although Buckley has been good.

    Oh, and McClutchie is a revelation! How good is he! At the beginning of the season I was worried for Falcon to get injured because I thought McClutchie would need a slow introduction to NPC level rugby, but he's playing like he's been playing NPC for a few seasons! Falcon's injury is sad for him, but so good for McC! Kereru-Symes, same story! I have a hunch that this is Dixon's last season, but it seems his replacement has already claimed the no. 2 jersey.

    Does anyone know more about Tremain's injury? Can we still expect him back?

  • Will Tremain is no longer injured and is available for selection.

    He just wasn't selected for this match.

  • @number-10 What about Josiah Tavita-Metcalfe? He didn't play U19s either, so I assume he's been injured. It's doubtful they'll introduce new players against Tasman or in the Finals, so it seems he's the only one of the new ex-Hastings boys who hasn't been introduced to NPC yet.

  • @nepia said in Magpies v Manawatu:

    The pricks at Fox aren't playing this game. They do this every year with at least one of the later Magpies games.

    They’re showing it at 3am.

    I’ll have to watch tomorrow and see young McClutchie do his thing

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