• As we actually won a game at last, I was inspired to start a thread for the final game of the season. Honestly thought this game would be key for the semi-finals when we started the season so well but that loss to Manawatu means we will finish 5th ....

    That Southland game was a tough watch - the ease with which we dominated the set-piece and the fact that our maul was walking them down the field winning a penalty every time makes our baffling insistence on making crazy errors even more frustrating. And the final sequence of us desperately trying to lose a game we had already won was just bizarre.

    Whoever said on another thread that Trask will get a super contract must have been basing that view on his potential as there is no way he will be getting close to playing at that level yet. We have really missed Delany ...

  • I expect we will be missing several key players in our pack this weekend, our injury list not quite as long (or as long term) as yours, but it's getting there.

  • Oh what could have been. If we played with the acuracy we showed today, we'd be in the semis. Though another game where we leaked points in the last 20. Fitness needs to be looked at next year. Narawa looked great on the wing. Plenty of positives from the pack. We needed a better centre (shame Foketi was injured all season) this year. A new backs coach too. We were too predictable. Shame we didn't have Monty Ioane this year. He was electric. I'm still dumbfounded how he missed out on a super contract.

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