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  • Hi guys, Ive had a moment of insanity and have signed up for the around the mountain solo run in November. Its 100 miles, over approximately 24 hours. I know that this is going to fuck my body over something cronic but I need something to train towards and to push my self now that B's rugby is coming to an end.

    I have 12 weeks to prepare the body for the shock and know that I have to hit the roads to try and prepare the body was well as I can.

    My questions are more on injury prevention. Outside of stretching does anybody have any tips on preventing injuries. My biggest concerns would be shin splints and my knees.

    Any help would be greatful

  • Firstly,

  • OK, let me try that again...

    First thing is: make sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals in your diet - especially minerals which a modern diet doesn't often supplement that well. This will help your immune system through the pounding you're about to give it. Fish oil will help your joints if your knees are bad, and magnesium for your muscular recovery.

    The only other advice I'd give you is to listen to your body. Recently I inflamed a disc in my back and still kept running, thinking I could work through it. That just took me into other problems with my ankles and groin because my running style was compensating for a bad back. You may need to look at your running style and get some coaching on it.

  • What sort of Vitamins and minerals do you recommend? I'll be strapping my ankles for the actual event, but outside of that the body feels not to bad going into it. My concerns with my knees aren't over an existing injury, but more so that they might not agree with having to carry the 120kg bulk of my body through the amount of running Im about to be doing.

    Ive signed up for the NP half marathon in October, and will start doing a run to either my parents place in Stratford, or my girlfriends parents place in Warea (I live in New Pymouth) each weekend. Both of which are 35-40km. Ill be doing runs during the week as well, but the main part of that will have to wait until after next week once rugby has finished.

    Is their any exercises which I can do to strengthen up my shins to minimise the risk of shin splints? While I understand the importance of obeying my symptoms, The last thing I want to do is do any long term injuries which could affect my rugby for next year.

  • i think try and lose some weight over the 12 weeks of training too - I'm picking you're not running around at 8% at the moment. Lower that weight by a good 10kg (not muscle, fat), and you're body will love you for it, and next sason playing rugby, at perhaps a few kiloe of muscle heavier, replacing the lost fat, you'll be better for it all round. Is it Kea who is the long distnace nutter here - you'll get some good directions and some good plans - 12 weeks is a loooong time for this if you stay injury freé.

  • Would you suggest still keeping up with the weights while I train for it?

  • OK, I typed up the following but then re-read that you are worried about injuries. Hence, do 2 times a week hill repeats, plus 1 90 minute golf course run with at least once where you have 2 days complete rest but stretch. That will stop impact injuries (shin splints), make your knees (and surrounding muscles) stronger, and increase your fitness. When you jog down the hills each time, jog slowly, lightly.

    Or you could do the following.....

    [B]Here's my first effort giving you comprehensive advice...
    [/B]12 weeks is plenty of time. Bartman's right, cut back on your weight-really limit the carbs-and mainly before 2pm. Eat really well-lotsa egg whites, chicken, veges, mineral supps, protein powder.

    To lose weight quickly, do an extra hour+ cardio on a bike or at least a walk before bed with no food after...do this daily, and be consistent and the weight will race off

    You need to increase fitness, lose weight, and get used to ignoring time on the runs. You need to train your body to use fat reserves. Rest 2-3 days a week. Do plenty of stretching to maintain flexibility and form. Do pull ups and ab workouts on the bar to stretch your spine after the runs, and strengthen the torso.

    Do something like this each week
    -AM 1 hill repeats (strength / fitness building)-up 200 steps. Start 40 minutes, increase 5 minutes each time till you are doing 70 minutes, or more than 20 times. Take each stride of two steps, not one as it's too easy.
    -PM 90 minute slow run

    -1 run on a golf course (grass) for 60-90 minutes maintaining good running form
    -60 minute run including 10 2 minute faster repeats
    -2 hour slow run

    Plus for your long effort an additional run each week:
    -weeks 1-4 another 2 hour run, but have 2 30 minute sections where you push harder
    -weeks 5/6/7 do one day of 3-4 hour hike in morning, repeat in the afternoon
    -weeks 8, 9, 10 do a 10 hour hike with plenty of sections you jog for fun
    -week 11 do 5 hour run in hills
    -week 12 just 1-2 short runs 5 days out, nothing from 2 days before the race

    -Keep up the weights for upperbody only, but focus on good form, high reps, repeated sets-aiming for fitness
    -Overhydrate in the week before the race, and carbo load the last 2 days.

    Hope that helps. Remember, it's all in the mind, and flow like water.

    Which reminds me, I've been slack this week.

  • Thanks mate, Ill deffinantely give your comprehensive advice a crack. Its awesome to get that type of advice because Ill be honest Ive never done anything like this, so it helps alot being shown in the right direction.

    Ill try to keep an update of my training on here.

  • Do or do not. There is no try.

    I'll put up some supplement info in another thread.

  • cool chubbs - will be neat to watch the progress, keep us informed.

  • [quote name='Chubby13']Thanks mate, Ill deffinantely give your comprehensive advice a crack. Its awesome to get that type of advice because Ill be honest Ive never done anything like this, so it helps alot being shown in the right direction.

    Ill try to keep an update of my training on here.[/QUOTE]

    Please do, am really interested to hear how you go. That's going to feel great after you've completed it, an epic race.

  • I'm sure mooshld will stop by too - along with Kea he's covering a lot of ground.

    As a heftier guy I agree 100% with the others that you initial goal should be dropping some weight before really going hard in terms of distance and volume of work. The plan Kea put together looks good, I'd still suggest some really light weights for legs in there - at least at the start before your running distances pick up.

    Have you ever had any issues with knees/feet? could be useful to make a preemptive visit to a physio (or those foot quacks) to get a WOF!! At the very least you could run through a detailed stretch session with them to make sure you are getting the most of your stretching routine. In particular knowing how to stretch the IT band (outside of thigh) is vital imo. Issues with the IT can cause knee/hip pain and mess with your running form.

    Good stuff on taking up the challenge though! always cool to see big units taking on the lightweights in endurance events!

  • rehashing on what the other guys have said but yeah, weight ( or rather lack of ) definitely helps. A good mate of mine is a former mountain runner, my height but under 70kg and has a best time over 3k of 8 minutes or something ridiculous. I think everyone can reach a certain level of fitness but weighing as little as possible definitely helps. At his peak he was running over 100km a week which is farkin insane, luckily he pegged it back a bit and often enjoys a cold beer with me instead ! He tells me he had a coach work on his technique to get him much more upright and make his movement more economical and supposedly it worked wonders.

  • Agree with the others, you will not see many people running this race who would be anywhere near 100Kg So do your best to get the weight down. As you will see from the other threads diet is the key here.

    12 weeks could be plenty of time or it could be no where near enough, you don't say what kind of distances or how much running you are doing at the moment. But I am worried that you see a half marathon as preperation for this sort of event. I would not worry about that kind of race as something so short is a speed event compared to 100 miles which is pure endurance.

    Read about the ultra technique, it involves a lot more walking then you may have realised and preserving your energy. Try to get a comfortable rythym going at lower speeds as to complete 100 miles in 24 hours is doing something like 13 minute miles which is a lot slower then most people train at. I would not try and change my running style or technique as 12 weeks would not be long enough to achieve this. Treat the long runs to your parents or girlfriends like the event, pack a backpack with food and drinks, go slow and walk up all but the smallest hills, even the pros don't run up hill in an ultra.

    Final piece of advice is to get a mate involved, plan to train and run it together, if all you care about is completing then you can drive each other on when it gets tough and it will get tough.

  • Did my first run today as part of my training. Ran from my place to Egmont Village. About 13-15km, which is the path that start of the actual race will be. Took about an hour and a half. First run Ive been on and the part that I did was quite hilly. There were a couple points in the hilly sections where I found myself down to a walk, but I tried to maintain a decent pace in these sections. I found the sections where I decreased the pace allowed my to recover well. I could of easily kept going, and feel good now but decided that that was enough for the first night of training.

    One thing which I will have to sort out is how to combat the temperature. It was bloody freezing, as I found myself running into a south/easterly straight off the mountain. While runnable, it will be important to sort out how much clothes is and isnt to much to wear, in order to prevent my self from getting sick.

  • Ran from my place which is next to Yarrow Stadium to Oakura and back this afternoon. 14km each way. Took 3 1/2 hours all up. 1 1/2 hours there, and 2 hours on the way back due to a bit of walking on the return leg, especially once I got back in NP. Its the longest distance that Ive ever done. Legs are a bit tight, but am stoked to have knocked it out regardless of the time.

  • good work, hope you have an ipod or something to combat the boredom!!

  • Thankfully I have the radio on my phone, so I just plug my headphones in and Im away. I will have to hunt down my Ipod before the race though. Its hiding somewhere in the mess which I call my room. Theres not great reception in south taranaki so I dont want to rely on having the radio to kill the boredom during the race.

  • yeah, find some music that gets you pumping and moving, I never listen to music until recently, and have been finding you need the right stuff! Blues Brothers at the moment rocks for walking on the treadmill, faster stuff and slower stuff so you have your own 'aerobics' class as you knock out the minutes. Billy Joel live in concert, not so good!! Never thought music would help, but it does (I'm usually a 'listen to whatever is on the radio' sort of guy)!

  • The runnings been on the back burner this week with rugby back on the table. Last week of Taranaki development (B's) so the focus went on getting in to the team for that. Had training Tuesday and Thursday and threw in a full body weights session on Wednesday night. Back in the 150kg range for my box squats which is always good, and my upper body weights is heading in the right direction as well since my body seems to be over the shoulder niggle finally. Got 15mins off the bench as tighthead against Wellington development as we beat them 40 something to 17. First time we've beaten them in a long, long time. Wish Ild had more game time but I made the most of my opportunity. Got suggested by the powers that be in naki rugby that it would be in my best interests to concentrate on learning tight head next year which can only be a good thing.

    But now that the rugby is finished (outside of the naki sheild defense in a couple hours) I will be back into the running training tomorrow. Plan on running the coastal walk way to the waiwhakaio (sp?) bridge and back tomorrow night which will be a good 20-odd km.

  • throat infection - how's that going big fella...?

  • Yeah Ive been better haha. Was forced to go to the doctor and get antibotics by my supervisor at work which has helped. So after a week of struggling to eat, antibotics and rest Im on the other end of the throat infection. Got my energy back and plan on going for my first run in a week and a half tomorrow afternoon before the Irish/USA world cup game.

    Before last week I was starting to notice that I was becoming a bit leaner, with out loosing weight.

  • wicked news re reugby - TH. The gold standard of NZ rugby, get that right and the worlds your oyster!

  • Had to pull the pin on the run unfortunately. My back was taking a hiding doing the running, and I decided that it wasnt worth the pain at work, nor the risk for further injury by trying to push through with the run. Im guttered, but believe its the right call.

    With that being the case I have switched my focus towards my preseason training. For the first time in almost three years Im taking my training seriously with the goal of playing in the preseason games for the naki next year. They double as the ranfurly shield games against the heartland team, and with none of the Super rugby players to be involved there will be opportunities for guys at the next level to show what theyve got.

  • gutted - guttered is what you do when bowling...

    well that's wicked on the rugby front, give it death.

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