Tasman vs Hawkes Bay

  • Tasman: 1 Wyatt Crockett (captain), 2 Andrew Makalio, 3 Tyrel Lomax, 4 Pari Pari Parkinson, 5 Alex Ainley, 6 Ethan Blackadder, 7 Jed Brown, 8 Mike Curry; 9 Finlay Christie, 10 Mitchell Hunt, 11 11 Tima Faingaanuku, 12 Tim O’Malley, 13 Solomon Alaimalo, 14 Tomas Aoake, 15 Will Jordan. Substitutes: 16 Ray Niuia, 17 Ryan Coxon, 18 Isaac Salmon, 19 John Akauolo-Laula, 20 Braden Stewart, 21 Jack Grooby, 22 Rupena Parkinson, 23 Leicester Faingaanuku.

    Hawke’s Bay: 1 Jason Long, 2 Kianu Kereru-Symes, 3 Joe Apikotoa, 4 Sam Ulufonua, 5 Mike Allardice, 6 Devan Flanders, 7 Josh Kaifa, 8 Marino Mikaele Tu’u; 9 Brad Weber, 10 Stacy Ili, 11 Mike Buckley, 12 Danny Toala, 13 Sasa Tofilau, 14 Jonah Lowe, 15 Jerry Taulagi. Substitutes: Pouri Rakete-Stones, Josiah Tavita-Metcalfe, Mark Braidwood, Tom Parsons, Geoff Cridge, Folau Fakatava, Lincoln McClutchie, Mason Emerson.

    Arse! Feck!

    Tasman picked up a bunch of injuries in the last match - all of Quinten Strange, David Havili, Levi Aumua, Jake Norris and Fox-Matamua ruled out of this game. Alex Nankivell is also missing so the midfield is a completely new configuration -O'Malley at 2nd five, Alaimalo at centre and the previously unsighted Rupena Parkinson on the bench.

    On the plus side, Alex Ainley makes his first appearance of the season and should be a rusty though adequate replacement for Strange. Jed Brown is back from injury to replace Norris. And Mike Curry shifts from lock to the apparently cursed No. 8 jersey. The hospital has been alerted...!

    Biggest worry is that midfield with a first five playing second five (though he's done that before this season) and a wing/fullback playing centre - and on a four day turnaround there won't have been much practice done.

  • @stargazer Wondered why you'd been so tardy getting a team up on the main board! 🙂

    You guys can safely comment on the referee's incompetence on your thread and I'll confirm his excellence on this one!

    Although I may be going to the game - I've got a ticket, but it is supposed to be wet! If I'm there I'll be the guy shouting "Great call, ref - an obvious try!" 🙂

  • @Chris-B Sadly I will have to watch the game on recording (that's when you have a little box attached to your tv that records the satellite feed and you can watch it whatever time you like 😛 ) as I have a meeting this evening.

    But, at least Fox are actually showing this game live.

    Sadly I think the Tasman Invitational XV will be way too strong for us.

  • @nepia GFY

    On the plus side for you - any faltering by the Mako will be of substantial benefit to Canterbury - and we don't want that!

    Hopefully, Leon knows what he's doing with Alaimalo at centre. I would have been tempted to start Rupena Parkinson, keep Alaimalo on the wing to minimize the disruption.

  • @chris-b said in Tasman vs Hawkes Bay:

    @nepia GFY

    On the plus side for you - any faltering by the Mako will be of substantial benefit to Canterbury - and we don't want that!

    Hopefully, Leon knows what he's doing with Alaimalo at centre. I would have been tempted to start Rupena Parkinson, keep Alaimalo on the wing to minimize the disruption.

    So it's lose-lose for me whether we win-lose.

    Don't worry about Alaimalo at centre - the guy we're playing is the back up to our usual guy who is ok in attack and terrible in defence and for some reason is starting at 10 this week. Our second five is a year out of school in his first starting match. Our probable best centre is on the wing and barely sees the ball week to week.

    Actually, if all our substitutions play out we could have Kereru-Symes, Flanders, Fakatava, McClutchie, Toala and Tavita-Metcalfe on the park at the same time - I'd like to see that.

  • @nepia That stuff sounds promising!

    We need a bonus point win in case the Auks happen to slip up vs Harbour (Fuck Wellington and their fucking foolish flanker!). Unfortunately, whatever happens at most they only need a couple of bonus points from that game to top the table.

    And if they do, we will probably only have to beat Canterbury and Auckland in consecutive weeks to win the title.....and be the fifth team in 30 years to win...that isn't Canterbury or Auckland!

  • Was wondering if Alaimalo had played centre before and googled it. Couldn't see any reference to him actually playing there, but did find this...

    Tasman CEO Tony Lewis was ecstatic to gain the services of the 21-year-old.

    "We're delighted to secure Solomon as he is a quality player who the Mako coaches see playing fullback, centre or wing," he said.

    So hopefully he's at least trained there a bit.

  • Holy Hell, the overhead conditions are not the best with the rain absolutely teaming down and hat looks to be a pretty strong northerly behind Hawkes Bay in the first half. Ten minutes gone and its still nil nil with the visitors having most of the possession and territorial advantage. One very nice steal of a Tasman lineout being a particular highlight so far.

  • @chris-b didnt play there in his 2 seasons for us.

  • Go The Bay.

    alt text

  • Lowe not passing on the break was a big missed opportunity. Points will be hard to come by in this weather.

  • Flanders could have just dived and slid the rest of the distance for the try

  • Mr. Fraser certainly not endearing himself with some crap knock on calls against the Bay being called, including one that went about a metre backward through the legs of HB player (Joe Apikatoa? - hard to tell in the monsoon kike rain) on the full. He has certainly had some helpful suggestions yelled in his direction by someone in my listening vicinity, much of it not repeatable in mixed company. Still nil nil after twenty minutes.
    And just for you Nepia Breakers up over Brisbane 32 - 29 with 2 minutes 45 seconds left in the second quarter.

  • Ili is not a 10

  • What the fuck was Hunt doing trying to put in cross kicks in these conditions.

    Get the sense Tasman will run away with it in the second half.

  • @higgins Kane Hames in the radio commentary box. Didn't agree with some calls against Hawke's Bay.

  • Not looking good guys, turning to face the win ten nil down and with a scrum getting embarrassed on then tight head side.

  • Yeah - Tasman basically leading on the back of a dominant scrum. Lomax, Makalio and Crockett might have to put in a long shift tonight! There was a shot that showed how much bigger Crockett and Makalio are than their opposites.

    Mitch Hunt is waaaaaay to ambitious sometimes. Long passes and kicks.

    Great run by Aoake and some patience sets up a try.

    Tasman with the wind behind us in the second half, but might be a tough night to get a four try bonus. Good news is that the rain has stopped at my place, which means it will stop at Traf. Park in about 20 minutes.

  • Flanders is having a big game.

  • @dice said in Tasman vs Hawkes Bay:

    Flanders is having a big game.


  • When capital E works, but lower case does not

  • Great decision ref - an obvious try! 🙂

    Scrape home with a bonus point in shit conditions - that's a pretty good effort. Not entirely convinced with Mitch Hunt's werewolf effort, but I will take it.

    Mainly got home on the back of a dominant scrum and better composure than Hawkes Bay when opportunities presented themselves.

    Wondered why Leon ran on all the subs with 20 to go, but they acquitted themselves well.

    Agree about Flanders - he looks like a very useful prospect for a Super rugby team. Ray Niuia wouldn't be a bad signing for someone looking for a hooker either. He's grown on me as the season has gone on.

    Right - we've done our bit. Time for Harbour to stand up and do theirs.

    Did you hear those Auckland fuckers calling you "little sister" and promising to make you their bitch!

    Fire up and fuck 'em! 🙂

  • really impressed by tasman getting the bonus by those chaotic conditions, and barring hb to 0 points.
    a lot of errors by the bay but yet , great defence and control by the makos

  • If Tasman do top the log they'll be deserving as they'll have the fewest losses of any Premiership team.

  • @kiwimurph Whatever happens, Canterbury aren't topping the log - so both of us have done one another massive favours!

  • @chris-b very good point!

  • So Tasman will be at home playing either Welly or NH in the semis?

  • @crucial Or Canterbury.

    We will be at home and we won't be playing Auckland.

  • @chris-b said in Tasman vs Hawkes Bay:

    @crucial Or Canterbury.

    We will be at home and we won't be playing Auckland.

    Of course. I had forgotten that Auckland could leapfrog you still

    Your support behind NH will be greatly appreciated by myself in the tipping comp comeback I have planned.

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