semi final v Waikato

  • Waikato v Northland, Saturday 20 October, kick off 2.35pm at FMG Stadium Waikato, Hamilton

    Be interesting what sort of team we can put together.

    Hopefully at least 2 or 3 from the sick bay will be fit and ready to show last weekend was an anomaly and maybe, just maybe a bit of Utu.

    Need to start much stronger than we have been rather than being down by 20+ after 20 mins as we have the last 2 games.

    So last week Goodhue, Olsen, Robinson, Ranger, Matich, Wright, Douglas, Macilai, Verney, Thoroughgood, Pryor, Roberts-Te Nana were unavailable.

    We know Roberts-Te Nana, Throughgood, Verney & Macilai are def gone, I will assume Wright is still unavailable, and neither Douglas or Robinson looked good, but I guess until we know, we can hope they might be back.

    My team:
    Rinakama, Moulds, Tu'ungafasi
    Douglas/McNamara, Goodhue
    Robinson/Matiu, Pryor, Matich
    Nock, Debreczeni
    Gregory, Ranger
    Tua, Wright, Hyland

    Olsen, Straker, Atkins, McNamara/Albornoz, Matiu/Stokes, Kitto, Faiane, Cooper

  • First 10 minutes we need to kick for territory and then d up rather than run it out.

  • All you need to do is slightly antagonise our forwards and they will give you dumb penalties all day, especially if it is tight at the end and we are on you try line....

  • @hooroo after our last effort, keeping it tight is the key 😉

  • So much of this game will depend on the injury list.

    These are the sorts of games the SR coaches will be looking for guys to step up. So big opportunities for guys like Nock, Matich, Robinson, Hyland, Olsen, Kitto, Tua who may be on the fringes

  • Rene Ranger has won both player of the year and players player of the year.
    Jordan Hyland has won off-field performance
    Moulds won team man of the year
    Debreczeni most improved back
    Robinson most improved forward

  • @taniwharugby really pleased for Rene. He was always a great player for us but he has become a leader - always giving 80 minutes of effort. A great example for those around him and for fans there is nothing better than seeing his name on the roster each year. Hope he comes back next year.

  • So bizarre to have the awards before the season is over.

  • I pray for one thing only..!

    ![alt text](0_1539633133296_62bf803e-3d8f-4597-8ce8-348f2ba9166f-image.jpeg image url)

  • Absolutely gutted...coincidentally I am staying in Hamilton this weekend but at game time I'm gonna be in Rotorua, probably unable to watch, maybe not even able to listen, depending on what we are upto at that time 🤔

    Could be a blessing or could be gutting...especially as we should be getting at least a few back off the injured list.

  • From what understand there’s 25% chance that Pickerill be the official for the Northland v Waikato game on Saturday
    Thought I would listen back to the radio commentary from last Saturday’s Shield challenge,former Waikato lock Steve Gordon absolutely tore him a new one and suggested he should go back to heartland rugby..
    Maybe these odds are falling by the wayside..

  • @steven-harris although Waikato were pretty lucky in that game, they shoulda had 2 YCs, from where I was sitting he was fairly consistent in his poor decisions with both team bar the cards

  • surely he wont consider playing for anyone else in NZ?

    His 2 years at NH didnt really go too well, he knows where he should stay!

  • TAB odds for Saturday:

    Head to Head: Waikato $1.27 Northland $3.50
    $1.87 for a 10 point start for Northland
    Northland 13+ $10
    Northland 12 and under $4.50
    Halftime double: Waikato/NOrthland $8.00
    Northland/Waikato $5.50
    Northland/Northland $5.50

    I think pretty fair.

  • @taniwharugby said in semi final v Waikato:

    TAB odds for Saturday:

    Head to Head: Waikato $1.27 Northland $3.50
    $1.87 for a 10 point start for Northland
    Northland 13+ $10
    Northland 12 and under $4.50
    Halftime double: Waikato/NOrthland $8.00
    Northland/Waikato $5.50
    Northland/Northland $5.50

    I think pretty fair.

    Considering the TAB had your lot at 1.87 with a 1.5 point start in your last game and the Ferald had that as one of its bets of the round...…

  • @crucial I will be very surprised if we are pumped like that again (while also not....) this team can play, just too inconsistent

  • A few back form the injury ward: Ross Wright, Goodhue, Robinson, Matich, Ranger.

    Albornoz gets a start, bit surprised, thought McNamara would have done enough to get another start but Albornoz looks like a bit of a worker too, Matiu over Matich is a big call IMO (although I guess he didnt have his best outing last time v Waikato) and Tua at 12 is also a bit of a gamble given his form, but hopefully he pulls finger and has a stormer.

    Northland Team to face Waikato:
    Wright, Moulds, Rinakama
    Albornoz, Goodhue
    Robinson, Stokes, Matiu
    Nock, Debreczeni
    Tua, Ranger
    Gregory, Wright, Hyland

    Olsen, Straker, Tu'ungafasi, MacNamara, Matich, Kitto, Faiane, Hohaia

    Injury list: Douglas (fractured leg) Jacobsen (concussion) Pryor (shoulder) Mayanavanua (shoulder) Roberts-Te Nana (hammy) Thoroughgood (ankle)

  • Referee appointments for the Mitre 10 Cup Championship/Premiership semi finals

    Waikato v Northland >Paul Williams.
    Tasman v Canterbury>Mike Fraser
    Otago v Hawkes Bay>Ben O’Keeffe
    Auckland v Wellington>Brendon Pickerill Sorry about that..!

  • @steven-harris first hurdle avoided, and also not the guy that we had v HB, in fact I dont think we have had this guy this season that I can see.

    just need to beat Waikato now 🙂

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