X-cited, who me?

  • Well, amazing news, a real NZ team selection for Vanessa and I.

    We've been named as part of an 11 strong NZ bodybuilding team to compete in the Philippines in October. (unlike the million strong team that had to pay our own way to Rarotonga last year)!!

    But guess the dates - the weekend of the World CUp final. So the first RWC in NZ for 25 years, and probably the last to be in NZ, and I won't even see (probably) the final live!!!

    But bugger me, the trip is majorly funded by NABBA NZ (although we still need to fund raise like mad so we can eat while we are there etc), so we're off.

    WE looked at the photos from last years winners on line, and I think there is a really good chance of taking at at least a placing - these old legs of mine are a boon at last. The new bod that Ness unveiled over the weekend at BOP too puts her in with a really good chance too.

    More bad news, I will not be able to play now, or even get on the grog for the Oldies weekend on the 8th. Stink. I'll have to be the (miss)manager.

    That my friends , is all. Now - if nay of you know anyone with deep pockets that want to help out, or have any ideas on fundrasising / sponsorship, let me / them, know.

    Cheer cheer.

  • Wow cheer cheer indeed Bart!! That is awesome news for the both of you and well earned after all that hard work.

    How long have you been in the game now mate?

  • 2009 first comp and been a whirlwind of weights since then!!

  • Not bad for an old bloke Well done to the both of you.

  • Wicked stuff Bart, I think I speak for many of us when I say your dedication puts the "do a few weights/runs and try and watch what we eat" brigade to shame.

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