2018 Mitre 10 Cup Form XV

  • The regular season is over, so who were your form players of the year?

    Some picks to start

    2 - Abel
    3 - Renata
    5 - Whetton
    7 - Papali'i
    10 - Plummer
    11 - Rayasi
    12 - Faiane
    13 - Manu

  • @tim
    1 Crockett
    2 Makalio
    3 Lomax
    4 Strange
    5 Parkinson
    6 Blackadder

    10 Hunt
    12 Havili
    13 Aumua
    15 Jordan

    There's a lot from Tasman, but all those guys have been good.

    Edit - doesn't seem to want to let me number them properly.

    Edit 2 - that's got it! 🙂

  • @chris-b Take out the dots to stop it from numbering a list.

  • @chris-b I wouldn't be surprised to see about 10 players between Auckland and Tasman.

  • @tim You and I are the judging panel aren't we?

    I'll nominate Akira as well - almost anyone who played in the Tasman 8 jersey is in hospital!

  • From a neutral point of view :

    Ben Nicholas
    Plummer / Hunt / Smith

  • @cgrant This is pretty spot on with what I've watched aswell.

  • I think that's pretty good except I wouldnt have Ennor at 13 - he's gone missing against the big teams.

  • Jeez, Akira can't even make this team!

    Edit - apart from ChrisB's

  • I didn't go overboard with this...

    I went a bit NBA style with it.

    Mitre 10 Cup 1st XV

    15 - Will Jordan
    14 - Melani Nanai
    13 - Tumua Manu
    12 - TJ Faiane
    11 - Sevu Reece
    10 - Mitch Hunt
    9 - Brad Weber
    8 - Akira Ioane
    7 - Dalton Papali'i
    6 - Ethan Blackadder
    5 - Luke Romano
    4 - Jack Whetton
    3 - Tyrel Lomax
    2 - Samisoni Takei'aho
    1 - Wyatt Crockett

    Mitre 10 Cup 2nd XV

    15 - Shaun Stevenson
    14 - Malo Tuitama
    13 - Quinn Tupaea
    12 - Dwayne Sweeney
    11 - Salesi Rayasi
    10 - Harry Plummer
    9 - Jonathan Ruru
    8 - Teariki Ben-Nicholas
    7 - Mitch Jacobson
    6 - Tom Robinson
    5 - James Blackwell
    4 - James Tucker
    3 - Marcel Renata
    2 - Andrew Makalio
    1 - Reuben O'Neill

    Mitre 10 Cup 3rd XV

    15 - George Bridge
    14 - Jonah Lowe
    13 - Matt Faddes
    12 - David Havili
    11 - Jona Nareki
    10 - Fletcher Smith
    9 - Finlay Christie
    8 - Marino Mikaele-Tuu
    7 - Dillon Hunt
    6 - Mitchell Crosswell
    5 - Pari Pari Parkinson
    4 - Gerard Cowley-Tuioti
    3 - Sione Mafileo
    2 - Robbie Abel
    1 - Sam Prattley

    Player of the Year - Luke Romano
    Defensive Player of the Year - Dalton Papali'i
    Attacking Player of the Year - Sevu Reece
    Rookie of the Year - Quinn Tupaea
    Captain of the Year - TJ Faiane
    Coach of the Year - Alama Ieremia

    Plenty of decent players missed out, but many of them could easily be in there though. Was pretty tough to decide who to leave out. You could make a fairly decent 4th XV.

  • So you rate James Blackwell higher than Pari Pari Parkinson. 🤔

  • @dice haha 2 Canterbury players in your 3 teams , yet we’ll still win the Comp.

  • @cgrant As a prospect, no, but on form, yes. Never rated Blackwell before this season, but he's been close to Wellington's best this year. Not much between the two, but Blackwell's play has popped out to me more regularly than Parkinson's play has.

  • @chchfanatic said in 2018 Mitre 10 Cup Form XV:

    @dice haha 2 Canterbury players in your 3 teams , yet we’ll still win the Comp.

    Canterbury's a bit of a funny one, because they're obviously a top 3 team, but they don't have many players who are the top 3 form players in their position.

  • @dice they’ve had so many injuries. So not many players have played consistently. Only really Romano , bridge and Drummond. To be fair I think any of the top 4 can win it. I’m going for 2 upsets. Wellington over Auckland and Canterbury over Tasman

  • @chchfanatic and did wellington get two players in the top XVs?

  • @bones I don’t watch Wellington so have no idea who plays for them. I couldn’t go thru those teams and name what union they play for. I’ve lost interest in a lot of rugby at the moment.

  • Attacking player of the year, very apt.

  • @machpants someone had to say it.

  • @chchfanatic Says more about the standard of the comp tbh. That Canterbury team is shit but are still somehow there. Having Romano there has made a huge difference to an average side.

  • @african-monkey thought the quality was much better last year than this year, whereas this year some teams have been very good and then have also been poor, lack of consistency, that I guess is probably about right given the largely amateur nature of many of the players.

  • @taniwharugby It was way better for me, purely because the Magpies were competitive this year. My enjoyment of watching them has meant I'll watch more other games as well to see how the other contenders are going.

  • Canterbury and Taranaki were below par this year, but Auckland and Wellington were huge improvements for the Premiership.

    Harbour lacked a midfield, and a six without Preston.

  • @dice I would have had Matt Faddes in my 2nd team after last Saturday’s Ranfurly Shield result, I thought he absolutely schooled Quinn Tupaea by some distance.

  • @taniwharugby Yeah from a premiership POV, Taranaki's depth has been exposed big time, Canterbury have done ok for a side rebuilding but haven't looked convincing for most of the season which is understandable considering the quality they have lost, having said that they always find a way to win even when they aren''t expected to, Counties wouldn't have made the championship semis but will be stoked to have stayed up with the very limited side they have, North Harbour will be disapponted with their season with the side they have as they should have done a lot better, Wellington are talented but still a bit raw but will be strong in the coming years, Auckland has suprised many, it's amazing what a half decent coaching team can do and Tasman are doing what they should be doing as they came into the season as overwhelming favourites.

    In a way, the comp has become more even due to Canterbury coming back to the pack, but I do feel that the comp was stronger in previous years where sides like Auckland who were far stronger on paper would miss out on the semis, Taranaki were always tough, Counties would be far more competitive with guys like Nanai-Williams, Pulu, Manu, Aki etc. and Wellington were a championship side.

  • @african-monkey The funny thing is, that at the beginning of the season, a few Waikato supporters on the Fern were complaining about Taranaki stealing some of their players and Waikato ending up with some unwanted former Taranaki players (the O'Donnells come to mind). Now Taranaki goes down to the Championship, while Waikato may go back up to the Premiership if they can win the SF and F.

  • @african-monkey said in 2018 Mitre 10 Cup Form XV:

    @taniwharugby ....and Tasman are doing what they should be doing as they came into the season as overwhelming favourites.

    Not according to the TAB, Tasman weren't! 🙂

    Anyone who got on Auckland at $12 would be reasonably happy though and Tasman at $7 were good value!

    @stargazer said in Mitre 10 Cup - news, injuries etc:

    The TAB have released their Odds for the Outright Winners for the Heartland Championship , Mitre10 Cup Premiership and Mitre10 Championship.
    Early Favourites are, respectively :
    Wanganui / Canterbury / Otago

    2.00 Canterbury
    5.00 Wellington
    6.00 Taranaki
    7.00 Tasman
    9.00 North Harbour
    12.00 Auckland
    21.00 Counties Manukau

  • @chris-b Those odds were done on reputation lets be honest here 😉

  • @african-monkey A pretty well-founded one with Canterbury though.

    In my mind, those red and black bastards are favourites until we nail them into their coffin, attach the necessary postage, deliver them to Nelson airport and I see the red tail-light of their plane disappear over the Bryant Range!

    Tasman were never favorites - partially because our depth is so shallow. We've been incredibly lucky with injuries up until this last match - except with 6/8s where everyone who has even sniffed those jerseys is broken - except Ethan Blackadder!

  • @african-monkey Actually, those odds relative to how teams have actually done, are pretty accurate.

    Auckland has done way better than expected, Taranaki way worse. Canterbury a bit worse. Tasman and Counties a bit better. Harbour probably about right.

  • @chris-b Don't worry about injuries to your back row, there's plenty of backrowers in Auckland for you guys to use if more get injured.

  • @african-monkey Are you sure? We've used up quite a lot of them! 🙂

    Broken Tasman 6/8s at last count - Squire, Frizell, Taufua....Fredericks, Miller, Havili, Fox-Matamua...possibly Cirikidaveta and there was another Auckland guy who got a game and has disappeared!

    Norris is also broken last game, but he's a 7.

  • @steven-harris Wouldn't argue too much against that. I kind of went with collective form from the beginning of the season to the end, and Tupaea has been a bit more consistent through the entire season to me, but Faddes' 2nd half of the season form has been so good, it might be enough to warrant him a spot in that 2nd XV.

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