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  • Say what?

  • https://media1.tenor.com/images/cb1b1fb336574c6f704c81a23bab5b22/tenor.gif?itemid=5759353

  • Creating a market that isn't there, so you can fill it? @Kirwan had the most apt response

  • A wag in the local rugby supporting community had this in response - yes it's a Twitter thread but it's still funny:

  • But but but it's Global....and rapid. So it must be really good.

    We should all chuck in $5 and TSF can be a major sponsor.

  • Being a billionaire must be great. You've made so much money and your business runs itself thanks to all the smart people you've hired. So you spend your time dreaming up frivolous sport-related ways to burn excess cash. Winning.

  • The best bit was for a hype video that is so “rapid” and “revolutionary” they managed to squeeze in 5 seconds of a hooker struggling to get the play call as a line out was forming. #rapid

  • It was odd that the only quote they pulled out was from Robbie Deans... after trying to watch a couple of the games last season, the "stick a mic in your face" were constantly asking leading questions, with the visiting players/coaches always giving polite "yeah, this is really great" answers. They must have had a heap of stuff to choose from... perhaps they needed permission, and Robbie was the only one willing to besmirch his name for the cash?

  • haha do you reckon this dipshit believes the shit he says? Or is he just playing an easy angle in being against the establishment of the ARU?

    rugby for dunces is happening ya'll

    *Andrew Forrest’s new look Rapid Rugby competition has been conditionally sanctioned by the World Rugby Council and its dates are set to clash with the more established Super Rugby tournament.
    Eight teams across the Asia-Pacific region, including the Perth-based Western Force, would contest 56 games over 14 rounds, prior to four finals over three weeks, with the winners taking a $1 million first prize.

    Sanctioning has been granted subject to approval from participating unions and it’s believed Rugby Australia will back the Force’s participation in the tournament.

    The Force apart, there will be teams from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Fiji, Samoa and Japan, plus one backed by a private consortium in a country to be revealed.

    Forrest is looking at an inaugural season starting in late February, with a three week finals series culminating in a June grand final.

    Super Rugby starts in mid February and ends in early July.

    Innovations proposed for Rapid Rugby would include reducing the game to 70 minutes, through 35 minute halves, and rolling substitutions.

    New and revised laws would Increase the risk of kicking for touch, and reduce lineouts with the aim of keeping the ball in play for longer. Teams scoring a PowerTry, which starts from inside their own 22, would get nine points, without a conversion.

    The competition will be run out of Hong Kong.

    “We avoid all those stultifying walking through the honey of the politics and bureaucracy of Rugby Australia,” Forrest said.

    “(RA chief executive) Raelene (Castle) is doing a fantastic job trying to drag them into the next century, but we needed to avoid all that.

    “We needed to be fast moving, have rapid decision making, no bias.”

    One thing Forrest doesn’t blame RA for is not having a western Sydney side in the inaugural competition.

    Forrest said that wouldn’t happen in 2019 due to a “lack of political foresight,” a dig it’s believed was aimed at the NSW Rugby Union, which believes it’s too fast to start up a western Sydney side for next year.

    “The hurdles have not been put up by Rugby Australia, in fact I would like personally to thank CEO Raelene Castle for working closely with us for the last six months,” Forrest said.

    “It’s others on the east coast of Australia that have failed to understand the multimillion-dollar value that an international entrepreneur — who I won’t name — has offered to bring to this region, and the state by running a western Sydney Rapid Rugby team.

    “That’s a challenge for 2020 and one I will assist with in every way I can.”

    Forrest said it would be hard to recruit a lot of star power for the inaugural tournament as it fell in a World Cup year.

    He’s committed to signing up 20 of the world’s best players over the next two seasons and says there could be up to 12 teams in the competition within five years, with India and China among the nations which might field a side.*

    I am sure people are going to switch over in droves. I mean, who would watch the best players in the Southern Hemisphere, when you could watch Malaysia v Singapore? With no lineouts, and FUCKING POWER TRIES Y'ALL!!!!

    Looking forward to all those top 20 players in the world signing up for a circus.

  • @mariner4life unfortunately he does believe the shit he says and he has a massive ego, he is not just feeding off the dislike against the ARU but also the increasing dislike from the West of the East.

  • Shame he's an iron ore mogul rather than an oil and gas mogul. I reckon there's a gap in the market for rugby with more sideline flame thrower action. Rugby needs more fire (and music).

  • What would really make it a great event would be a couple of groups of poorly trained dancers doing shitty break dancing moves on little stages along the sideline. Similar to the IPL and BBL but more of them, with brighter costumes.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • @mariner4life said in Rapid Rugby...:

    haha do you reckon this dipshit believes the shit he says?

    I'm astonished he thinks he has a product anyone wants to see. Has someone told him league already exists?

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