Mechanical Issue - Ride on Mower

  • Was out mowing the lawn today when my ride on started making a clunking noise, kinda like a gear or cog was slipping.

    Turned it off, had a look and a small hose above the throttle cable had come loose and oil was spraying out (not a huge amount, but enough to be noticable)

    Left it for an hour or so after i had re-attached it, checked oil, started again, the clunking sound was there initially, but then stopped after a few seconds, but the engine did not idle at it's normal speed, it was much, much higher and more exhaust smoke than usual and even reducing throttle power doesnt reduce the engine revs, just revving at revs higher than even when full speed (so isnt just a stuck throttle issue)

  • @taniwharugby does it have any power when you try to use it or does it die?

    Is it a Briggs and Stratton twin?

  • @jegga nah, still drives, didnt engage the mower, but with the revs so high and more smoke form the exhaust put it in the shed and was gonna have a good look tomorrow.

    Is a John Deere 16 HP.

  • @taniwharugby I they either have Kohler motors or Briggs .

    Loads of good stuff on YouTube about fixing mowers try looking Donyboy73 first . Or if you need a laugh check out Taryl fixes all .

  • @jegga if I can work out what the issue is, I can usually fix it (have to pull apart and put back together in same session though haha) it's where to start I am at a loss with.

  • @taniwharugby get off yer ass you lazy fecker and a push a mower around like the rest of us.
    Having an acre sized back yard is no excuse either..

  • @taniwharugby said in Mechanical Issue - Ride on Mower:

    Turned it off, had a look and a small hose above the throttle cable had come loose and oil was spraying out

    Need some more info bro. Is this a 2 stoke carburetor model? The clunking could be "knocking" if there is no oil in the fuel / air mix. Definitely sounds like a fuel problem.

  • @snowy nah straight petrol, JD sabre 1642

    Clunking is gone once hose reattached, and I checked the oil, while a touch low, still has oil.

    First image, there is a white platic tie I used to put the hose on that came loose, second you can see the hose coming in from the top as well

    I think it is the throttle cable with the orange ring, which is also linked to the governor. I had a play with this while it was running but made no difference to the revs, so I turned it off, running at high revs not good me thinks...


    0_1541911151321_unnamed (1).jpg

  • @taniwharugby Hmmm. Orange linkage does not look like throttle cable to me, but I am no expert. Possible idle adjustment with the threaded screw? Mixture adjustment? Throttle itself more likely to be the "choke" opening behind it?

    Play with the throttle see what moves.

    Was the smoke blue or white?

  • @snowy that black plastic bit is the choke, when i PUSH THE throttle' forward to choke the black one moves.

    Think it was bluer smoke.

    MIght have to take to the shop...

    according to this it should be thewhat is attached to the throttle shaft

  • Bluer smoke would usually be oil burning, so you are probably correct in the first place about the small pipe coming off.

    It may well have just pumped a heap of oil in when reconnected and got rid of the air. It might run fine when it all settles down again in terms of the smoke. A lack of oil up top may have jammed something inside - hence the high refs?

    Can't be of anymore help, sorry. Either give it another run and try to "exercise" everything (throttle and choke) when it is warm or yeah, take it to the shop. You are unlikely to damage anything as long as that oil is going in - "disclaimer" I haven't heard or seen it!

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