New sports streaming service for Aus based ferners

  • Kayo sports launched last week I think, this is essentially Fox Sports streaming service with all (most) of Foxtel's sports channels. $25 per month, no contract and 14 day free trial, only in Beta but appears a good option for those that don't want all the other general Foxtel channels.

    I am in no way affiliated with this mob.

  • Cheers mate. Will give it a look

  • Waiting for the Apple TV app before downloading. Currently have Foxtel Now, which gets cancelled for the summer and I will sign up for the new service then

  • Waiting for a direct app for the TV (and for it to come out of beta with all the kinks ironed out) - I don't want to have to get chromecast or apple tv.

    I'm always wary about streaming though, it never seems to be that good a quality on the TV and there's always the issue of cabbage Oz internet failing at an important moment.

    But, the price is definitely right, and we might actually get to see the NPC late matches live.

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