Northland 7s

  • Pretty disappointing results.

    Some very poor defence (slipping off tackles and poor reads for 7s) poor restarts (we lost almost all our restarts, which was alot with other team scoring) poor options and just looked unorganised on both sides of the ball as well as a bit unfit.

    Maake has some gas, but we simply never got the ball to him, Subritzky looks good, Stokes works as you'd expect a player like him to, disappointed with Wiki who the comms said did well in the ignite 7s thing this week.

    A few other players had glimpses but ultimately I dont think we looked organised or fit enough

  • @taniwharugby agree,what I saw was very disappointing,some really basic errors..we have got to stay in the fight against many of these teams that have name players in terms of the sevens game , but not looking after your own ball does not help..and the kick off receives were just woeful..!.

  • didnt get to watch any today, but looks like another tough day at the office for the lads

    That's a wrap for Day One at the TECT National Sevens at the Tauranga Domain.

    Tasman 40 v Northland 7
    Wellington 28 v Northland 0
    Northland 19 v South Canterbury 0

  • @taniwharugby gave up seeing the first game,all I can say they must have improved as the day went on.

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