Tickets for SA AUS at Ellis Park

  • hey Ferners

    By chance, I may well be near Ellis Park on the 20th July this year. How the hell do I look at getting tickets - I know someone who may come along, but they are not rugby people, so may not be hooked into the tickets. I've checked SA Rugby website, but it doesn't seem very helpful.

    Any tips or guidance most welcomed.

    Mods - not sure if this is the right forum, but dropping it in anyway. Please feel free to move if inappropriate



  • Hi NZZP - it's been a little while since I have done this - you can get tickets for internationals by going to EP (always a fun experience) and I recollect that one of the supermarket chains (not Woolworths) sold tickets too. I haven't lived in SA for a while but I suspect that tickets v Aus will be available v close to the time of the match if you don't secure tickets before arrival. Cheers

  • @Old-Alleynians thanks will check in with locals

  • Get along if you can - it is a great ground and the atmosphere can be amazing (the Africans don't seem to get up for it as much v Australia as when they are playing us or the English).

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