NRL 2019

  • Fingers crossed five minutes left and Tonga still up by four with a very kickable penalty for them.

  • Been a great game

  • Damn it missed but Tonga will get the ball back from the goal line dropout.

  • Ha fuck this is hilarious. Aussies choking hard

  • Massive

  • Only watched the last 10 minutes. Aussie players still bitching despite their idiocy.

    John Hopoate is going to get the digit out to celebrate.

  • Aussies made the massive mistake allowing the Tongans to build momentum, bloody hard to stop once they get on a roll like that .

  • Being a Tongan Invitational Team is this defeat for the Aussies a test loss?

  • Crazy-Horse Yes. The World RL organisation have stated that it is counted as an official Test after the refused to recognise the Tongan RL Board (or whatever it is called). Until that Board ceases to exist a Tongan team cannot be called the Tongan Mate Ma'a as only teams organised and controlled by them can carry that title. A minor technicality as the best Tongan players still fronted. You could kind of compare it to the Cavaliers team that toured South Africa (except that team was missing two of the originally selected ABs).

  • i like what McGuire has brought to the kiwis ,

    The game plan seems to really suit our natural playing style

  • Big win for the Kiwis. The Great Britain team was poor.

  • That was a standout kiwi 2nd half on defence. In a flashback to the land wars of 1840 that was some gritty kiwi tenacity against a big proud bunch of poms.

    We kept them out from the 50 odd minute mark with great man on d. The lions were big and fired up, getting the refs calls and we just kept holding them out. Was really great to see.

    Brandon Smith does remarkable things every glimpse of him I get. Seems a mighty player

    Man that was a long season for NRL boys. League has a unique take on player welfare with 10 month seasons and regular stiff arms to the face

    Well done kiwis though - gutsiest display in black jerseys I've seen for a fortnight or so

  • @sparky Vanilla is the word I was thinking of..lacking in any sort of flair...I guess you can’t put in what god left out..

  • Just watching the highlights, fantastic end to the first half with the kiwi putting a powerful boot to ball and taking out the security guard.

  • Issac Luke found a club as poorly run as the Warriors to offer him another contract.

    12 months at the Dragons.

    Jai Arrow is on the market, the Warriors should throw all the money at him. Won't be enough though.

  • Valentine Holmes' NFL dream is over, he's back at the Cowboys on a massive deal.

    Latrell Mitchell might have overestimated his value. Right now he doesn't have a deal on the table, as the Tigers actually grow a set, and took theirs away after no one got back to them. This follows the Roosters and the Dogs already pulling theirs. Right now only the Cowboys and the Titans are talking to him, and the Cowboys would have to create space just to sign him, and he wouldn't play fullback.

  • @mariner4life latrell didn't finish on a high note. Should have inked a deal after SOO One.

  • Not 2020 yet so it can go here:

    Josh Reynolds charged by NSW police with domestic violence offence.

  • @antipodean must be fun working for the NRL integrity unit ...they must just sit around thinking ...what next..?.

  • The latest doing the rounds is a current star of the NRL has got a 17yo up the duff

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