2019 club rugby

  • Club rugby starts Sat 16 March.

    Nash Cup is a full round robin, with no playoffs. It contains one midweek round on Wednesday 3 April (last week of daylight saving) as the clubs did not want to play two games over Easter weekend.

    Maddison Trophy is the usual full round robin plus semi-final and final.

    The two weeks earlier start is because (1) the Mitre 10 Cup will start one week earlier than usual in August due to no Wednesday night games being played and (2) will allow the clubs to play their Magpies in the Maddison Trophy playoffs.

    16 March draw is:
    Tamatea v Havelock North
    Pirates v Taradale
    Napier OB Marist v Tech OB
    Central HB v Hastings RS
    MAC v Clive

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  • Three key players will be missing from the Hastings Rugby and Sports team when Hawke's Bay's premier club rugby competition begins next weekend.
    Hawke's Bay Magpies prop Josiah Tavita-Metcalfe, experienced flanker Fale Matamata and blockbusting centre Timo Vaiusu all left the field with concussion during Hastings Rugby and Sports 28-3 loss to Marist St Pats of Wellington in their first match at the New Zealand Marist Spillane Cup tournament in New Plymouth on Saturday.
    "They were all pretty bad concussions. We also picked up another couple of injuries and because we only travelled over with 20 players after some late withdrawals on Friday night we defaulted our second game. We thought that was the best thing to do in the interests of player safety," Hastings manager James Rosenberg said.


    I only quoted a few of the injuries, but if you'd like to see which players are playing for HR&S and NOBM, this is a good article to read.


  • Currently, the forecast temperature for the opening round on Saturday is 26 degrees.

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  • Napier OB Marist have defeated Tech OB 119-12, yes 119-12.

    Did you attend Stockcar86?

    Who's going to tell Higgins?

  • @Number-10 It is not often Tech get beaten in the local cricket competition. It must have been a real green top (presumably the local rules allow twelve wickets for pitches like that) but I still back my bowlers to dismiss the NOBM team for less than 119.

  • I needed to work so made the call to go to speedway to tonight rather than rugby in the afternoon. That's a good start for the points difference 😁

  • Premiers Nash Cup results 16/3:

    Tamatea 8 - 28 Havelock North
    Pirates 5 - 46 Taradale
    NOBM 119 - 12 NTOB
    Central 9 - 57 HRS
    MAC 39 - 24 Clive

  • Good win for MAC

  • With the points scorers:

    Napier Old Boys Marist 119 (Not supplied)
    Napier Technical 12 (P Manuel, J Saufoi tries; S Young con). HT: 49-7.

    MAC 39 (V Kereti 2, T Greening 2, T Iosefo tries; Iosefo 4 cons, 2 pens)
    Clive 24 (D Penitito, E Tuanaki, L Goodin, L Udy-Johns tries; J Henry 2 cons). HT: Clive 19-17.

    Hastings Rugby and Sports 57 (M Emerson 2, G Kautai 2, J Rihia, D Wihongi, S Timu, N Fomai, I Ioane tries; Ioane 4, Timu 2 cons)
    Central 9 (K Drury-Hawkins 3 pens). HT: 19-9.

    Taradale 46 (J Scanlan 3, J Baker, H Sheild, N Ramsay, M Eden, M Tufuga tries; B Truesdale 3 cons),
    Napier Pirate Rugby and Sports 5 (D Scott). HT: 24-0

    Havelock North 28 (K Epui, T Hape, P Taulanga, S Matson tries; A Blake 2 pens, con)
    Tamatea 8 (A Thompson try; H Solomon pen). HT: 11-3.

  • Four Napier Boys players will be playing Club Rugby in Wellington this year. http://www.clubrugby.co.nz/wellington/story.php?id=3038

  • @Canes4life Thanks, that's interesting. We knew the Thompson twins are lost to the Bay, but Gimblett and Fabish played for the HB Academy in February, so may still be in the HB frame, despite playing their club rugby in Wellington.

    This article is only about school leavers, but Will Tremain (and maybe also Tim Farrell?) may also play club rugby in Welly? Tremain studies at Vic Uni, too, IIRC.

  • @Stargazer Has Farrell left Hawkes Bay?

  • @Canes4life Not sure what you mean with "lef Hawke's Bay". I haven't heard/seen anything from/about him recently, but I think - like Tremain - he studies in Welly (not sure). So that would only mean leaving the Bay to study (but still playing for the Magpies later this year).

  • Tim Farrell is still with Tech OB. He did not play on Saturday due to injury.

  • @Number-10 said in 2019 club rugby:

    Tim Farrell is still with Tech OB. He did not play on Saturday due to injury.

    And a good number of others can't have played either judging by the scoreboard. Losing to Taradale in the cricket made it a real bleak weekend for Higgins.

  • Does anyone know what G Cridge is up to? Is he playing club rugby or is he injured?

  • @Canes4life
    I think he suffered an injury in the Hurricanes Hunters v Crusaders Knights late last month.

    He has changed clubs in Hawke's Bay from Hastings RS to Central HB this year.

  • @Number-10 Hopefully comes with a change of fortune then.

  • From this list, three players who have apparently moved to the Bay:

    • Joel Hintz (prop) has moved from Wellington (Old Boys Uni) to the Bay. He played for the Wellington Lions, last year.

    • Lui Luamanu (Upper Hutt Rams), IIRC, he already tried his luck in the Bay last year? Maybe he didn't play the full club rugby season though.

    • Ollie Sapsford (Wellington Axeman), a winger who has played for the Wellington Dev team and, according to Google, Mid-Canterbury in 2016.

  • @Stargazer Olly Sapsford has also played a number of gamers for the Hurricanes Development. Not sure how that rates as it might just be a quick ring around to see who is available to play a mid week afternoon fixture as looking at some of the others who have turned out for the Canes Development it is often a case of "who the hell is that guy".

  • Hawke's Bay - Premiers - team lists

    (copied and pasted from the HBT). I've bolded 2018 Magpies & other players who may be interesting from a Magpies perspective:

    Napier Old Boys' Marist.
    Lee Moleili, Chris Benson, Jack Nelson-Murray, Terry Marsh, Patrick Teddy, Lolani Faleiva, Fasitau Simati, Zac Gregory, Rehan Leahy, Sean Skeets, Tyler Symon-Burke, Matt Thompson, Matt Gardner, Willie Benson, Ricky Hayes, Pouvi Fatialofa, Hannon Brighouse.

    Luke Donaldson, Zach Donaldson, Ellery Wilson, Te Kahika Thompson, Liam Batt, Johnny Lauano, Pedro Bezanilla, Jack Winson, Milo Lauano, Sami Lauano, Michael Buckley, Dan Sharplin, Mitch Drew, Saia Paese, Liam Edwards.

    Coaches: Craig Gowler (head coach), Steve Bennett (assistant coach).
    Captains: Matt Gardner (c), Jack Nelson-Murray (vc).
    Key gains: Pedro Bezanilla, Patrick Teddy, Jack Winson.
    Major losses: None.
    2018 Nash Cup finish: 1st.
    2018 Maddison Trophy finish: 2nd.

    Napier Technical
    Mark Braidwood, Tere Joel, Perrin Manuel, Tim Farrell, Elijah Martin, Todd Cushing, Jordan Faia, Slayde Lange, Nevada Hemopo, Conan Houkamau, Trent Boswell-Wakefield, Bailey Galbraith.

    Layton Shaw, Michael Fox, Felise Topu-Tavae, Junior Saufoi, Tane McGuire, Ted Walters, Misi Lealaisalanoa, Jack Smidt, Stuart Young.

    Coaches: Daniel Rodden (head coach), Trent Boswell-Wakefield (assistant coach).
    Captain: To be confirmed.
    Key gains: Michael Fox, Conan Houkamau, Layton Shaw, Nevada Hemopo, Felise Topu Tavae.
    Major losses: Dylan Ramsay, Johnny Bristol.
    2018 Nash Cup finish: 2nd.
    2018 Maddison Trophy finish: 9th.

    Frank Tupuola, Damarus Hokianga, Amiga Mikaele, Kaleo Olotua, Piliki Eferaima-Fiti, Viliamu Malaitai, Duane Awa, TK Kata, Asiata Ioane Asini, Paipai Siofolau, Chad Huirama, Clinton Vaiusu, Teina Huia, Larry Olive, Everard Reid, Matini Atapana, Harison Mataele, Lexus (Tiki) Greening, Toleafoa (Fa'alemiga) Selesele, Apikakalia (Solomone) Funaki.

    Tom Iosefo, Mataeus Marsh, Benji Cowan, Tearetoa Tupuna, Colin Hokianga, Brigham Morley, Jackson Waerea, Setu Kereti, Simon Quickfall, Penetana Smith, Vailoa Kereti, Samu Iosua, Jackson Waerea, Filemoni Asolua, Faleniu Iosi, Roger Paewai, Hemi Waerea, John Ika.

    Coaches: Anthony Morley, Matt Marsh, John Te Ngaio, Chris Treacher, David Briggs (Scrum coach).
    Captains: Tom Iosefo, Solomone Funaki, Everard Reid, Fa'alemiga Selesele.
    Key gains: Damarus Hokianga, Everard Reid, Mateus Marsh, Roger Paewai, Penetana Smith, Simon Quickfall, Jackson Waerea, Hemi Waerea, Villiamu Malaitai, Matt Marsh, David Briggs.
    Major losses: John Te Ngaio (Injury).
    2018 Nash Cup finish: 6th.
    2018 Maddison Trophy finish: 8th.

    Lucas Goodin, Kereama Peni, Rana Huata, Rocky Pohatu, Josh Kaifa, Etu Tuanaki, Jorian Tangaere, Karl Lowe, Kevin Beaker, James Tango, Cameron Smith, Liam Udy-Johns, Donovan Mataria, James Booth, Joseph Fuimaono, Hisamitsu Shimada, Zac Southwick, Conner Wells.

    Bronson Hokianga, Tianua Poto, Cory Tautau, Jesse Tuhua, Eti Collins, Jonah Lowe, Jacob Lowe, Moses Riley, Peter Bassett, Duff Penitito, Brendon Pena, Sebastian Visinia, Jacob Henry, Quade Paora, Clerk Tumaio-Koplelani, Siko Sautini

    Coaches: Vaine Maui (head coach), Sam Ebbitt, Nathan Bruce (assistant coaches).
    Captains: Lucas Goodin (c), Bronson Hokianga (vc).
    Key gains: All of the newcomers as well as those who have returned
    Major losses: Josh Eden-Whaitiri, JJ Taulagi, Sasa Tofilau.

    Cam Pratt, Travis Taylor, Marcus Jackson, Joel Hintz, Ben May, Simon Brabyn, Tom Parsons, Ben Parsons, Geoff Cridge, Scott Mathis, Wilbur Redward, Sean Baker, Andy Lee, Tomo Fogarty, Jason Cutbush, Trei Nepe-Apatu, McKenzie Smith, Finau Nimatasau, Warwick Slingsby.

    Tim Sciascia, Tom Beachen, Toby Richardson, Kody Drury-Hawkins (I assume this and this is the same player?) , Zac Simpson, Etene Gaucke, Lee Stewart, Travis Janssen, Mathias Konia, Karl Lepelaars, Braydon Hardwidge, Mark Donald.

    Coaches: Exham Wichman, Brad Higgs.
    Captains: Tom Parsons and Travis Taylor (Captains), Kody Drury-Hawkins (Vice-Captain).
    Key gains: Geoff Cridge, Joel Hintz, Kody Drury-Hawkins.
    Major losses: Pasqualle Dunn.
    2018 Nash Cup finish: 9th.
    2018 Maddison Trophy finish: 6th.

    Hastings Rugby and Sports
    Asutasi Faavae, Jacob Devery, Miracle Lolofie, Aleki Vuki, Josiah Tavita-Metcalfe, Jason Long, Daniel Saifiti, Jardine Chung Ching, Angus McGuire, Fale Matamata, Jon Scales, Joe Taafi, Jessie Lgsa-Sipaia, Joeli Tora, Danya Tulou, Marino Mikaele-Tu'u.

    Tama Dunn, Jayden Rihia, Star Timu, Shamara Brooks, Antonio Mikaele-Tu'u, Timo Vaiusu, Neria Fomai, Sakopo Ofa, Gideon Kautai, Mason Emerson, Ioane Ioane, Thomas Agnew, Danny Toala, Folau Fakatava, Enoka Chung Ching, Ash Robinson.

    Coaches: Bevan Lynch, Sione Kite, Andrew Hui.
    Captains: Jason Long / Timo Vaiusu.
    Key gains: Neria Fomai, Ash Robinson, Miracle Lolofie, Shamara Brooks, Tama Dunn, Antonio Mikaele-Tu'u, Gideon Kautai, Joe Taafi, Sakopo Ofa.
    Major losses: Cole Eru, Sage Fomai, Ben Hamelink, Jono Markris, Mark Ioane.
    2018 Nash Cup finish: 3rd.
    2018 Maddison Trophy finish: 3rd.

    Napier Pirate Rugby and Sports
    Pouri Rakete Stones, Nick Agnew, Lance Tupaea, Tamatoa Higgins, Jovarn Maxwell, Gerome Naera, Damian Scott, Hamish Willis, Ormond Heather, Sean Morrison, Tipene Lord, Rangatira Fox, Ryan Gardner, Patrick Nichol, Tame Goldsack, Matt Martin, Jesse Barker, Mike Albert.

    Kingi TeAmo, Zion Clarke, Lani Latu, Hayden Hann, Kane Nepe-Apatu, Tione Hubbard, Ted Symes, Rana Hubbard, Nick Nielsen, Joshua Kennedy, Luke Odumessi, Kris Canterbury, Rowan Stevenson, Brent Nandan.

    Coaches: Andy Lord (head coach) Spencer Bethell (assistant coach)
    Captains: Hamish Willis and Hayden Hann.
    Key gains: Tamatoa Higgins, Lani Latu, Luke Odumessi, Tame Goldsack, Spencer Bethell, Matt Martin.
    Major losses: None.
    2018 Nash Cup finish: 9th.
    2018 Maddison Trophy finish: 7th.

    Taradale Rugby & Sports
    Joe Apikotoa, Noel Sanft, Kelsey Miller, Tom Millner, Ian Rore, Majella Tufuga, Jacob Baker, Jordan Kupa, Angelo Mufana, Yutaro Tanaka, Cristobal Niedmann, Jay Scanlan, Toby Single, Andrew Gardner.

    Humphrey Shield, Jock McPherson, Brad Truesdale, Nathan Ramsay, Ollie Sapsford, Lester Maulolo, Grayson Ewart, Nick Biss, Ashton Tuck, Manihera Eden.

    Coaches: Boyd Carswell, Tim Combs, Paul Wise.
    Captain: Andrew Gardner.
    Key gains: Humphrey Shield, Ollie Sapsford, Manihera Eden.
    Major losses: Reece Aranui, Jack Byrne, Karl Hewitt, Lui Luamanu, Dan McIntyre, Kaleb Sweet, Kaleb Whakataka, Wade Woolley.
    2018 Nash Cup finish: 5th.
    2018 Maddison Trophy finish: 4th.

    Tamatea Ariki Nui
    Mason Kean, Te Maangi Hamlin, Ngaiwi Hepi, Kahu Simpson, Hika Elliot, Alex Kireka- Starnes, Pat Smith, Tama Hutana, Ivan Bellamy, Buffy Wainohu, Moses Hawkins, Sheridan Kite, Jimi Harris, Eugene Sanderlands, Te Rira Rowlands, Hamiora Rowlands.

    Backs: Junior Armstrong, Wayne Nikora, Braxton Robinson, Harris Solomon, Taniera Miratana, Petera Ariki, Jordy Harmer, Dave Neho, Art Thompson, Puk Kireka, Lincoln McCluthchie, Aejae Brown, Keil McClutchie, Matt Karetu, Tuari Tuari, Raumoa Timu.

    Coaches: Levi Armstrong and Brendon (Doogie) Edmonds.
    Captains: Jimi Harris and Junior Armstrong.
    Key gains: Junior Armstrong, Pat Smith, Puk Kireka, Braxton Robinson, Harris Solomon, Art Thompson, Matt Karetu, Aejae Brown.
    Major losses: Everard Reid, Mataeus Marsh, Colin Hokianga, Witere Kupa.
    2018 Nash Cup finish: 8th.
    2018 Maddison Trophy finish: 10th.

    Havelock North
    Patrick Allen, Brett Bakkerus, Shane Cusack, Ethan Flanders, Devan Flanders, Chad Harris, Nicholas Hutton, Te Ririnui Kakau, Tony Lamborn, Wayne Lush, Sam Matson, Phillip McRoberts, Matthew Morrison, Liam Murphy, Bronson Primmer, Jacob Stephenson, Paea Taulanga, Jasper Wylie.

    Adam Blake, Teihana Brown, Tawhiri Gifford-Kara, Taylar Greville, Trent Hape, Tama Hawkins, Matthew Hill, Will McGoon, Kalin Paewai, Jesse Paewai, Marin Reymann, Ryan Tongia, Farani Tupai, Mikey Vuicakau, Anzlo Tuitavake.

    Coaches: Simon Halford (head coach), Richard Jarman, Edmond Fuiava (assistant coaches).
    Captains: To be confirmed.
    Key gains: Matt Morrison, Anzlo Tuitavake, Alby Hemopo.
    Major losses: Isaac Paewai, Adam Bradey, J'ndre Liebenberg, Teihana Brown.
    2018 Nash Cup finish: 4th.
    2018 Maddison Trophy finish: 5th.


    I see that both Hika Elliott and Tony Lamborn are listed. I don't think they are already back in the Bay? As far as I know, Lamborn is playing Major League Rugby and Elliott is still playing for Nevers?

  • @Stargazer Iakapo Mapu apparently scored 3 tries for taradale.I googled him,hes a young loose forward who played for Manu Samoa last year and is highly rated by Steve Jackson their coach.

  • @kiwimatrix said in 2019 club rugby:

    @Stargazer Iakapo Mapu apparently scored 3 tries for taradale.I googled him,hes a young loose forward who played for Manu Samoa last year and is highly rated by Steve Jackson their coach.

    ?? He's not on the Taradale team list and also not among the try scorers of last Saturday's game :

    Taradale 46 (J Scanlan 3, J Baker, H Sheild, N Ramsay, M Eden, M Tufuga tries; B Truesdale 3 cons),
    Napier Pirate Rugby and Sports 5 (D Scott). HT: 24-0

  • @Stargazer Yeah I noticed that too,but in the Monday game wrap in the hbt it mentions that and he also got the 3 points in the best and fairest in the paper. Also an article on Saturday about Manihera Eden also mentions taradale having 4 Samoan boys ready to do some damage, so perhaps they arrived after the squad lists were submitted.

  • @kiwimatrix It's odd. HBT isn't a good paper and has been wrong before, but I've seen the HBRU make mistakes, too. I guess, we'll find out in the weeks to come.

  • Results 23/3:

    Premiers Nash Cup - round 2
    MAC 17 - 25 Havelock North
    HRS 31 - 27 Clive
    NOBM 85 - 12 Central
    Taradale 50 - 5 NTOB
    Tamatea 15 - 17 Pirate

    Town/Country - Pratt Trophy - round 1
    Pirate LBD - WBD Clive
    Porangahau 19 -10 Havelock North
    Maraenui 28 - 10 MAC
    NOBM 17 -17 Otane
    WCUMR 27 - 29 NTOB
    YMP x - x Taradale
    Central WBD - LBD Tamatea

  • I heard someone mentioning that NOBM smashing everyone else with such scores is not good for HB club rugby.
    What do you guys think? You can't really say they're stacked with Magpies, so why are they so dominant?

    By the way, this was today's squad:

    alt text

  • @Stargazer I wonder if it's too early to tell, they've played two cabbage teams so far (in the context of this year), we might get a better gauge when they come up against a team with a defensive pattern.

  • What level is the Pratt Trophy? I thought there used to be a Premier Reserve grade that followed the same draw as the Premier grade. Has that fallen by the wayside and the Pratt Trophy become effectively the Premier Reserve grade and is open to all clubs?

  • @Higgins Premier Reserve grade is only played during the second part of the season. Has been that way for years.

    First half of the season:
    Premiers - Nash Cup
    Town/Country - Pratt Trophy
    Div 3 - Maury Coady Cup
    and Colts & women

    Second half of the season:
    Premiers - Maddison Trophy
    Premier Reserve - Jack Swain Cup
    Div 2 - Arthur Bowman Cup
    Div 3 - Ron Parker Memorial Cup
    and Colts & women

  • Was at the NOB Marist v Central game.

    Central actually scored first for a 7-0 lead, but at halftime it was 40-12 to NOB Marist and Central did not score in the second half.

    The forwards were pretty even in the tight, but NOB Marist were hugely superior in the loose forwards and in the backs.

    Tom Parsons played 60 minutes for Central, his brother Ben came on for the last 20.

  • Nash Cup - try & points scorers:

    Havelock North 25 (M Vuicakau 2, A Blake tries; Blake 2 pens, 2 cons)
    MAC 17 (P Smith, D Hokianga, F Selesele tries; Smith con). HT: 7-5

    Taradale 50 (J Malielegaoi 2, O Sapsford 2, J Baker, N Sanft , I Mapu, H Sheild tries; B Truesdale 3, Sapsford, Malielegaoi cons)
    Napier Technical 5 (E Martin try)
    HT: 26-5

    Hastings Rugby and Sports 31 (S Ofa 2, N Fomai, S Timu, J Rihia tries; Timu 2, I Ioane cons)
    Clive 27 (L Goodin 2, L Udy-Johns 2, J Tangaere tries; J Henry con). HT: 19-10

    Napier Old Boys Marist 85 (M Buckley 4, L Edwards 2, R Hayes 2, S Paese 2, J Winson, M Drew, P Fatialofa tries; Edwards 10 cons)
    Central 12 (J Cutbush 2 tries; B Hardwidge con). HT: 40-12

    Napier Pirate Rugby and Sports 17 (H Hann 2, T Dodd-Edwards tries; T Lord con)
    Tamatea 15 (P Ariki, L McClutchie tries; H Solomon pen, con). HT: 10-all

  • This was posted on twitter; this weekend's games:


  • Watched Tamatea v Clive.

    Clive won 50-36.

    Lincoln McClutchie was classy, I thought, in a beaten team.

    Scored two tries, both times cutting inside his marker in the Clive 22, kicked well (out of hand and for posts) and passed well, two or three times dummying and then offloading to put the man outside him into gaps. Also bossed the team well with a lot of talk.

    Last year's Hastings BHS first XV captain Liam Udy-Johns played well at flanker for Clive.

  • Watched NOBM v HRS

    36-31 to NOB. HRS out to an early 10-nil need, NOB came back to be 22-10 up, with the score 22-17 at half time.

    HRS got 2 intercept tries in the game with NOB throwing it wide from inside their 22 at almost every occasion.

    The back 3 for NOB looked good, with Liam Edwards at fullback particularly good. Ricky Hayes was very solid at 7 for NOB too.

  • @Number-10 Good to hear that about McClutchie! I still find it a bit frustrating that the Canes haven't given him the same opportunities as Flanders, Kereru-Symes, and Toala. McClutchie is showing so much promise; they should ditch JGB for next year and sign McC, but then a development contract for this season would have made so much sense.

    I can't wait to see our young Magpies in action for NZU20s next month, to see how much they've progressed since last season. You'd expect all four players to get selected. Tavita-Metcalfe may miss out; last year's injury may have huge consequences for him. He simply hasn't had enough game time since his injury. And, Fakatava; even if he was able to participate, he might not have been released by the Landers anyway, because of Aaron Smith's injury.

    By the way, did Karl Lowe play for Clive? Is he still playing well, or is age showing?

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