2019 club rugby

  • The standings after round 5:


  • @Stargazer shock horror..Must have been some performance from Clive.

  • @Steven-Harris You mean Taradale?

  • @Stargazer correct Taradale

  • I was at the NOBM game.

    NOB tried to play a more expansive game than the weather permitted, however saying that, there was a huge difference in performance from what I saw last week.

    The ref.

    Last week was Dan Waenga, and as an ex player he had a good feel for the game and let it flow, played reasonable advantages, and had a good relationship with the players. I'm not sure who the ref was at the Taradale game today, but he dished out 3 yellows (one initially was a red then he changed it to a yellow). There must have been 30 penalties in the game, and at least 6 for head high tackles that were incidental at best.

    Congrats on Taradale for the win - their right winger was fast and accurate, and their prop who was also throwing lineouts was effective.

  • This weekend's point scorers:

    Taradale 26 (I Mapu, A Mufana, N Senft tries; B Truesdale 3 pens, con),
    Napier Old Boys Marist 19 (S Paese, L Edwards, P Teddy tries; L Edwards 2 cons).
    HT: NOBM 12-11.

    Central 32 (T Fogarty 2, T Parsons, T Janssen, R Smith tries; B Hardwidge 2 cons, pen),
    Havelock North 31 (A Tuitavuki, T Lamborn, D Flanders, M Morrison, K Paewai tries; A Blake 3 cons).
    HT: Havelock 26-8.

    Napier Pirate Rugby and Sports 53 (T Dodd-Edwards 2, S Morrison, P Rakete-Stones, M Albert, H Hann, K Miller tries; Z Clarke 6 cons, 2 pens),
    MAC 13 (Not supplied).
    HT: 20-5.

    Hastings Rugby and Sports 33 (D Tulou, M Lolofie, I Ioane, J Taafi, S Ofa tries; Ioane 4 cons),
    Tamatea 8 (D Neho try; L McClutchie pen).
    HT: 12-8.

    Clive 23 (B Pena, E Collins, L Udy-Johns, J Fuimaono tries; J Henry pen),
    Napier Technical 19 (M Fox, J Faia, penalty try tries; L Shaw con).
    HT: 5-all.

  • Yesterday's results:


  • And the Premiers point scorers. Penikolo Latu is definitely back 😀 !

    Napier Technical 76 (P Latu 3, J Faia 2, I Martin, L Shaw, M Braidwood, M Fox, M Lealaisalanoa, T Walters, J Saufoi tries; Shaw 8 cons)
    Tamatea 22 (P Ariki 2, D Neho, P Kireka tries; L McClutchie con).
    HT: 40-12.

    Havelock North 20 (D Flanders, K Paewai, A Tuitavake tries; M Hill pen, A Blake con)
    Napier Pirate Rugby and Sports 20 (G Tryon, P Rakete-Stones, M Martin tries; Z Clarke con, pen).
    HT: 12-3.

    Taradale 54 (N Ramsay 2, N Sanft, M Taipili, E Wano, J Malielegaoi, M Eden, A Tuck tries; B Truesdale 7 cons)
    Central 20 (M Jackson, T Parsons, J White tries; B Hardwidge pen, con ).
    HT: 40-15.

    Napier Old Boys Marist 42 (Not supplied)
    Clive 21 (D Penitito, L Goodin, C Kireka tries; E Collins 2, L Udy-Johns cons).
    HT: 28-7.

    Hastings Rugby and Sports 50 (N Fomai 3, T Vaiusu, S Ofa, J Saifiti, J Long, penalty try tries; T Vaiusu 3, G Kautai cons)
    MAC 18 (R Paewai, M Watson, D Menhennet tries; Watson pen).
    HT: 31-13

  • HBT article about the weekend's club rugby:

  • Watched Havelock North v Hastings RS.

    Hastings won 27-20, scoreline is reasonably close only because Havelock scored a converted try in the final minute.

    Hastings had a bigger forward pack, and won two tightheads just by pushing Havelock off the ball. To be fair, Hastings had an all-Magpies front row in Jason Long, Jacob Devery and Josiah Tavita-Metcalfe ... and Havelock didn't.

    Mason Emerson was there but did not play, Devan Flanders was there but did not play, and Kianu Kereru-Symes was there because MAC apparently defaulted to NOB Marist.

    The Hastings centre (Neria Fomai?) scored the first two tries for Hastings, and made a couple of other breaks that weren't finished off. He was certainly the biggest guy in either backline.

    Goalkicking was poor - Hastings scored five tries and converted one, Havelock scored three tries and converted one.

  • Come on Number10, can't you let me in on how much Pirates got beaten by.

  • @Higgins Tech defeated Pirates 25-17.

    Smashed 'em, bro!

  • @Number-10 😃 That's good news. Not a lot of love for Colenso Pirates after they tipped the Texans over with a runaway converted try late in the game last time I was home toward the end of the 2018 Maddison Trophy round.

    I'm a bit worried about tomorrow down here as we take on the table leaders away from home and with three (well four if you count Vaea Fifita but we will probably be very lucky if we ever get to see him in an Axeman jersey again) of our players away up in Japan with the Huricanes teams so are only anticipating a win narrow win this week!

  • Some crazy scores in the lower grades.



    Nash Cup Points scorers:

    Hastings Rugby and Sports 27 (T Vaiusu, G Kautai, N Fomai, A Vuki, J Scales tries; Vaiusu con)
    Havelock North 20 (C Harmer, T Hape, S Tuitufu tries; M Hill pen, con).
    HT: 17-3.

    Taradale 48 (I Mapu 4, J McPherson, A Tuck, M Eden tries; B Truesdale 5 cons, pen),
    Clive 7 (P Bassett try; E Collins con).
    HT: 27-7.

    Central 27 (T Taylor, T Fogarty, K Drury-Hawkins, M Konia, K Lepelaars tries; Drury-Hawkins con)
    Tamatea 7 (P Kireka try; H Solomon con).
    HT: 17-0.

    Napier Technical 25 (M Fox, J Faia, penalty try tries; L Shaw con, 2 pens)
    Napier Pirate Rugby and Sports 17 (M Murtha, L Odumessi tries; Z Clarke, G Tryon cons; Tryon pen).
    HT: 10-7.

    Napier Old Boys Marist beat MAC by default.


    Tony Lamborn is apparently back from the USA; he played for Havelock North.

  • Yep, Tony Lamborn played the whole 80 for Havelock Nth.

    Could only play for Hawke's Bay in 2019 if he misses World Cup selection for USA.

  • @Number-10 Depending on whether Kaifa is still contracted, Lamborn will have to compete with him and Brighouse for a spot in the squad. I assume Brighouse will be the one to miss out.

    Can't see Lamborn play at 6 though.

  • @Number-10 said in 2019 club rugby:

    @Higgins Tech defeated Pirates 25-17.

    Smashed 'em, bro!

    Up the mighty Phoenix! Bumpy season so far. Peaking for round 2...

  • Went to Tareha Reserve to watch unbeaten Taradale in the top of the table match v Hastings RS.

    Two evenly matched teams, and probably the teams with the two biggest forward packs in the comp.

    Taradale won 29-15, it was 15-15 midway through the second half, then the Hastings RS rserve hooker got a yellow card, and Taradale scored two converted tries in the time he was in the bin.

    Magpies WTG member Jacob Devery went off injured after just 15 minutes.

    Just for Higgins: Tech have made it three wins in a row beating Central 43-21, after losing their first five matches ... Indian bookmakers?

  • @Number-10 said in 2019 club rugby:

    Just for Higgins: Tech have made it three wins in a row beating Central 43-21, after > losing their first five matches ... Indian bookmakers?


    To be fair my guys have had the most difficult draw possible with the opposition in the first four games being pretty much the four teams you expect to be in the Maddison Trophy Semifinals later this year. Maybe we deliberately tanked a few games to influence the bookmakers into offering attractive odds in future games. Anyway we must now have got our points differential down to less than 150 now!

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