TSF Super Rugby Tipping 2019

  • @Hooroo said in TSF Super Rugby Tipping 2019:

    @KiwiPie For some reason it isn't pulling through the Bulls v Jaguares Pick

    It was a way over to the right of the spreadsheet! As the same spreadsheet is getting 6 games then 7 games then 6 again, it is getting quite confusing ...

  • Thank you Jaguares:)

  • Another mixed week for tipping with games 1 and 2 evenly split for tipping, only 1 person taking the Sharks over the Lions and not much love for the Jaguares eithers. The Sharks were backed by just Richie and the Jaguares by Dolamite, Bones and FarNthHayden. Dolamite was the star of the round, the only tipper with 6/7, top scorer with 51 and now leading the overall comp by 8 from Gunner. He was unattached to a team but is now drafted to the disaster zone that is South Island as they had only 3 tippers this week as all of @Stag , @Phooey and @ACT-Crusader missed the bus.

    Anything over 40 was a good score and there were 8 x 40+ scores, Hydro11 the 2nd best with 49 featuring 4 maximums and he is now into 5th spot overall.

    In the Cup, Caprice takes a 4 point lead over Hooroo into the second leg.

    Canes Black were the team of the week, thrashing Blues A 42-30 with 4 of their counting scores over 40. Blues A had a top score of only 32 (Tim) and dropped out of the top 4. The Barbarians beat the top of the table Blues B by 37-35, Victor the best with 43 but all of the other 5 on 34 or better. Blues B were similarly consistent with their counting scores in the range 34-37.

    Blues B stay top but are now level on the top with the SunJags who took down the woeful South Island 35-24. Chimoaus the best with 39. In 3rd spot overall are the BOP Chiefs who squeezed past Canes Gold 35-33 thanks to Donsteppa's 42 - Laurence's 44 for Canes Gold was dragged down by 3 scores under 30.

  • Tipping time people - 3 hours to go https://www.thesilverfern.com/current-tipping-form/

  • Just tipped.

    Haven’t seen any footy so far.

  • Sorry for no update yet, I usually do it on an insomniac Monday morning but this morning it was the Masters - valid excuse I reckon!

    I've put the form for this week though https://www.thesilverfern.com/current-tipping-form/

  • We're up to date online ... https://www.thesilverfern.com/tipping/

    Overall Dolamite still leads despite being recruited into the cellar dwellers South Island. They managed a full team of 6 players this week but still lost - not helped by ACT Crusader turning up late. Dolamite now leads by 16 from Gunner while the masses are gathering behind him, Corkscrew in 3rd has 14 players within 20 points.

    Best of the week were Triple T and Virgil with 47, both helped by Category Picks. Chiefs v Blues was a popular pick for closest game, Sharks v Jaguares for most one-sided although not with that result I suspect. A few picked either Reds, Sharks or Highlanders for lowest scorers - nobody at all picked Jaguares for highest score. Virgil was one of only 2 to pick 5/6 and one of the view to get the Jaguares as winners, the other with 5/6 was Corkscrew who picked the Stormers.

    Blues B won again to stay top, squeaking past the SunJags by a point thanks to DK and Broughie. SunJags were a player short (Bruce Kenyon) so had to count Barbarian's 21 which dragged down GT12's score of 42.

    Into 2nd are the BOP Chiefs with a solid 38-31 win over Canes Black. All 6 scores over 30 and Donsteppa the best with 44. Canes Black had @Bones missing and Hydro11 and Cactus Jack with respectable 39s - and nothing else.

    A big win for Blues A over the Barbarians moving them into 3rd and knocking the Barbars out of the top 4. Good scores in support of Virgil for Blues A with Triple T not getting the same support from his team mates.

    Finally Canes Gold won only their 2nd game of the season, all 6 players 35 or over - best was Winger with 42. South Island just pipped yet again.

    In the Cup, debutante Caprice is the champion beating Hooroo in a low scoring affair by just 2 points.


  • @KiwiPie ahhh shit. Been a busy time, didn't need the uber stress of thinking about picks. Do Canes black still need me? Might pull out if not eh.

  • @Bones said in TSF Super Rugby Tipping 2019:

    @KiwiPie ahhh shit. Been a busy time, didn't need the uber stress of thinking about picks. Do Canes black still need me? Might pull out if not eh.

    You're needed. All the ones playing solo are now in teams. Best plan is to make your tips now ....

  • @KiwiPie cheers! You're right, not much point me putting thought into it...

  • @KiwiPie you didnt give me enough points...

    Oddly with same tips used (as close as you can) I went down on your tipping, yet up on all my groups I am in for Super Bru!

  • @taniwharugby said in TSF Super Rugby Tipping 2019:

    @KiwiPie you didnt give me enough points...

    Oddly with same tips used (as close as you can) I went down on your tipping, yet up on all my groups I am in for Super Bru!

    Just means my comp has a much better standard than all other comps!

  • @KiwiPie agreed

  • Friday reminder before I go away for the weekend - get your tips in.


  • All updated at https://www.thesilverfern.com/tipping/ including next week's tipping form.

    Disastrous week for many and if you got to 30 points you did well. Nobody picked more than 3/6 results. Gunner the best with 34, ahead of Laurence, Hurrycanes, Unite and Waynes World on 33. Gunner closes to within 6 of Dolamite at the top with Hydro11 up to 3rd.

    At the other end of the scale, Mikedogz, Chimoaus, Canerbry & Caprice picked 0/6 with Mikedogz and Caprice sharing the week's low of 8 because the other 2 picked up a category pick or 2.

    Blues B retain top spot, scraping past South Island thanks to Gunner despite having to count FarNthHayden's score of 11. South Island had to include Phooey's 16 and nobody managed 30. Up to 2nd are the SunJags beating Blues A easily thanks to scores of 30+ from Barbarian and Richie and solid from the rest. Blues A threw out Fiamacho's 9 so had to count Tim's 14 and J77's 16.

    Barbarians are back into the top 4 after disposing of the poor BOP Chiefs - Waynes World with 33 was the best with all counting scores 20+ and the BOP Chiefs had to include Donsteppa's 15 and Hooroo's 17 due to an 8 from Mikedogz - Unite's 33 went to waste. Finally Canes Black won the derby, scores over 30 for Hurrycanes, Paj and Hydro11 while Gold had 33 from Laurence but had to count Crucial's 16 and Nevorian's 18 due to 11 from Antipodean.

    All 8 teams had 6 players this week with only Sportboy arriving late for the first game.

    Next week's scores count towards the Cup - top 32 go into the 1st round of the Sequel Cup.


  • @KiwiPie dammit...just remembered I hadnt tipped...

    half time = half points form the 1st game which is a given anyway, no? what a mean fulla!

  • @taniwharugby You get nothing, nada, zero for that game - them's the rules sorry.

  • All updated at https://www.thesilverfern.com/tipping/ - report later if I get the time. Next week's form is live.

  • @KiwiPie was I the only one who tipped the Sunwolves?

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