Jaguares v Bulls

  • Don't think there's a Jaguares v Bulls thread yet.

    Orlando just scored an awesome try.

    It rained earlier, so the ground and thus the ball is wet, resulting in knock ons and other loss of the ball, but the Jaguares have been dominating thus far and have finally converted that dominance into points.

    7 - 0 Jaguares

  • Quite a boring game thus far. Error ridden; it being wet doesn't help. Last week's winning Bulls haven't turned up yet. They trashed the Stormers, but can't do anything right against the Jaguares.

    HT: Jaguare 7 - 3 Bulls

  • Deliberate knock on by a Bulls player (not the first one, either). Only a penalty. I wonder whether the referee instructions have changed? This used to be a yellow last season.

  • Another awesome try from the Jaguares in an otherwise average game.

  • @Stargazer said in Jaguares v Bulls:

    Another awesome try from the Jaguares in an otherwise average game.

    This is a turn up, surely? Blues to lose next week perhaps?

  • Deserved win to the Jaguares. The Bulls looked incredibly flat and all their points came from penalty kicks, whereas the Jags earned a bonus point for scoring 3 tries.

    FT: Jaguares 27 - 12 Bulls

  • @nzzp That depends on which Blues team turns up. Last week's team will easily beat the Jags, but this week's team might struggle. Weather will also be a factor; this Jags-Bulls game definitely suffered from the rain.

  • Bulls handed out a thrashing last week, but don't like the rain?

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