Reds v Crusaders

  • @booboo sorry I was mistaken, after watching again he was clearly the best player on park, Mounga never has off days. 🤣

  • Shouldn't the Saders BP be reinstated? You could argue that 14 players had them at a huge disadvantage, especially when defending their own line, with 15 they could have prevented the Reds try from being scored and Mo'unga could have cleared to touch.
    That is crap. Saying sorry makes it all right in a professional comp then?
    Bloody officials should be hung out to dry.

  • @ShadowTrooper Not sure if the rules provide for a situation like this and make reinstatement of a bonus point possible. After all, that Reds' try was scored. Can they reinstate the bonus point without altering the score?

    Just imagine that this one missed bonus point could become the difference between a home or away QF/SF/Final. Or worse, not reaching the finals at all. Unlikely the way they're going now, but not impossible.

  • That will not happen. Think of all the other mistakes that altered games (I’ll take that penalty call at the end of the Lions, for example).

    Best you can do is make sure it doesn’t happen again.

  • @Bones said in Reds v Crusaders:

    @booboo said in Reds v Crusaders:

    At least we will not have to suffer the Aussie commentators butchering his name again for the rest of the season ...

    Has nobody ever taught them how to pronounce Maori and Polynesian vowels?

    It's not Petaya.

    What is it?

    Excuse me for being the condescending white guy trying to pronounce Maori correctly but ...

    ... short vowel sounds
    ... pronounce them all
    ... closer to "Peh-TYE-ah" (Peh-tah-ee-ah would I expect be a close phonetic approximation I expecr).

    Having said that he may have "australised" (new word I'm going to trademark, a bit like "anglicised") his name, like Manus Labuschagne (Aus cricketer who now pronounces it Labu-shane rather than Labu-skag-nee because Australia), and may now prefer Pet-TAY-ah.

    There was a girl at Ms Boo Jr's school, a couple of years ahead of her, with last nane Petaia. Teachers always pronounced it Pet-TAY-ah.

  • @booboo he's Samoan though right? How is Taiaha pronounced?

  • @Bones said in Reds v Crusaders:

    @booboo he's Samoan though right? How is Taiaha pronounced?

    Is he? (Does that change the vowel sounds?)

    Spearish clubby blade weapony thing.

  • So yes. Samoan. Sorry Jordan.

    So it is possible I am being the condescending white guy. If the a is a long vowel (with macron or fa'amamafa) then Pet-TAYA.

    Apologies to Jordan and Strayan comms if that is the case.

  • @booboo I'd say yes he is and I wouldn't be surprised if that changes pronunciation.

  • @Bones said in Reds v Crusaders:

    @booboo I'd say yes he is and I wouldn't be surprised if that changes pronunciation.

    The vowels sounds would likely stay the same but the emphasis on the vowels would change. In Maori we adopted an 'english' pronunciation where we put emphasis on the first vowel, while the PI's still put emphasis on the second (according to my linguist mate).

    We'd put emphasis on the Petaia whereas the PI's put emphasis on the Petaia.

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