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  • I've lurked these forums for a while, and as I am rubbish at keeping training logs I figure this might keep me focused.

    The last two years have taught me a shit load about training and rehab/prehab. Shoulder impingement, groin/hip flexor tear, low back issues and a partial achilles tear have meant I have had to learn lessons the hard way. My specialty area is hip mobility exercises & shoulder stability....ha!!

    Anyway, this season I decided to pull on the boots again and rip into it.

    I'm doing a 4 day upper/lower split mixed with High Intensity Stuff and Speed/Agility Circuits.

    Will start posting exercises etc tomorrow....killing time before kickoff.


  • Welcome southlander.

    I expect to see a few traditional southland farmwork type exercises in there.

  • Awesome, someone else who gets injured looking at weights

  • Welcome aboard!! having a thread about your training and generally swapping advice/stories with the boys really helps imo.

  • certainly keeps you focused here.

    Interested about any and all shoulder rehad exercises you do - a 200 year old shoulder injury always need work, so any gems that have helped there...??

  • [quote name='BartMan']certainly keeps you focused here.

    Interested about any and all shoulder rehad exercises you do - a 200 year old shoulder injury always need work, so any gems that have helped there...??[/QUOTE]

    +1 on the shoulder rehab exercises, and welcome, it's addictive

  • Sorry JK - City boy (Invercargill....ha) but now in Hong Kong. Kirwan- All injuries from other stuff......though overhead pressing was not smart after a couple of grade 2 AC disruptions.

    Anyways today.......

    Warm Up nonsense....takes me bout 20 mins these days. Worth every minute though

    1. Single Leg - Leg Press: 90x12, 95x10, 110x8 (Not a fan of leg press but it gets me focused, and I love single leg work)
    2. Sqauts - Standard: 12x60, 10x80, 10x80, 10x80 (first ass to grass squat session for over 1 year post injury...pretty happy with that)
    3. Single leg Romanian Deadlift - 2x15 dumbells in each hand (like these as they murder the hamstrings)
    4. Goblet Squats - 35kg Dumbell 3 sets of 3x10
    5. Ice Skaters - 20 reps each leg x 3
    6. Finisher - 3 minutes spin bike with high tension going hard out
    7. Fall Over

    Between each set i also do 15 press ups (and variants), and 15 barbell rows (50-60kg) (alternate workouts with pull ups or chins)

    I've been doing full bodies up to this point, but its great to be able to hit the lower body specifically for once........groin injuries play havoc with your mind but today I thought....fuck it. Will hopefully push the numbers up in a week or 3, but I like to mix exercises up.

    Was a bit busy today to put up some shoulder bits, but thinking about it now, I could break my shoulder rehab down into a few points:

    • Realisation: Acknowledging your injury, where it hurts and what does it....... Ditching the exercises that we know hurt, and finding alternatives. Sometimes we have to leave exercises we know and trust to find alternatives if we want to stay lifting. It sucks but shit happens.
    • Soft tissue work: Get a tennis ball, hockey ball, golf ball. steel bar, pvc pipe. I took soft tissue work to the extreme. hate hate hate.....but it works wonders
    • Mobilisation: Not flexibility, though that dosnt hurt (especially in Pecs and Biceps). Spending time each session and every day on your mobility. Do it in the morning, between set etc
    • Scapular: The big one. Scapular health is paramount. Serratus anterior (that awesome muscle around the ribs that boxers have) work is a must.
      -Programming: I dedicate 25% more work pulling than pressing. Works wonders. Strict form is also important. Ditching wide grip bench for a powerlifting style (elbows tucked) and doing chins with olympic rings!!!

    Anyway.....I'll post some good stuff tomorrow that maybe will help some folks out.


  • 10/09 & 11/09

    150 Press Ups
    50 Pull Ups
    100 Rev Lunges
    Ab Wheel Roll Outs, Rev Crunches, Prone/Side Planks

    .......bloody hard work today after the beers last night. No willpower when a beer comes out and rugby is on......

  • Yes welcome old chap. Can only echo what the other boys say, great to get on here and talk shit about what you wanna achieve !

  • Monday Sept 12

    -Circuit.....A.M (45 secs each station x 3 circuits)
    Ladder Work
    Hurdle Bounding
    Med Ball Slams
    Fireman Carry
    Suspended Plank Holds
    20m Shuttles
    Plyo Press Ups

    Upper Body....P.M.
    TRX Press Ups 4x15
    TRX Rows (Steep) 4x20 --------------> Warm Up
    Palov Press (1 min each side) x 3
    Mobility, Rolling & Lat/Pec Stretch

    Flat Barbell Bench
    90x12, 95x8, 100x6, 105x5
    60x12, 65x10, 65x10, 70x8

    Cable Crossover
    15.5x12, 16.5x10, 17x8
    Bentover Barbell Row
    70x10, 75x9, 80x10, 80x10

    Straight Arm Pulldowns
    55x10, 60x8, 60x8

    Landmine Press
    30 x 8 (3 sets)
    Bent Over Shoulder Flyes
    8x8 (3 sets)....hold the buggers at the top

    A bit tired. Finished this evening with the foam roller.

    Tues 13 Sept - Public Holiday....beautiful. MidAutumun Lantern Festival. Means jack to me but I get a day off!! Supposed to be lower body today but I can't make it to the gym, so a home special.

    Goblet Squats (30kg x15)
    Press Ups (3x20)
    One Arm Dumbbell Rows (30kgx20)
    Russian twist with med ball (3x20)

    (3 circuits)

    TRX Press Ups (3x20)
    TRX Facepulls (3x25)
    Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts (30kgX3)
    Bicycle Crunches (40x3)

    (3 circuits)

    Dips (3x15)
    TRX Shoulder Flyes (3x15)
    Pistol Squats (3x10 with 10kg dumbell)
    TRX Rollouts (3x12)

    (3 circuits)

    All done as fast as possible, but with good technique....hopefully. Love the TRX. I do core work on it everyday and it has made an amazing difference. I just want to get some kettleballs now and some bulgarian bags.

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