• [quote name='The Gamer']
    [b]Bloody oath, Stoberon,[/b]

    I'll take that as a compliment. 😁

    You're completely right - good habits make the diff.   I go to the supermarket down the road every monday and get my supplies.  Most of it keeps well in my drawer and now it's habit it seems like the easiest thing to do.  I get sustained energy throughout the day as opposed to when I'd peak for 20 mins then crash and burn for the next 2 hours until i got another sugar fix.
    Farkin great sex drive too.  Nuts n berries boys.  Chicks dig it.

  • I found myself a job at a company that has a great staff restaurant. Deli sandwich bar, hot food options (Tuesdays you can make your own stir fry, just pick what ingredients you want and they fry it up for you), salad options and pre pack sarnies too. All free (including fruit and youghurts). So, if possible, change jobs and get free lunch at work! Back in NZ I always made my own sarnies before work, the trick is not to put tomato in as that just makes the buggers soggy..

  • Stuff like ceaser salads is great for lunch: get a fresh lettuce, chop it up, throw in some spicy shop-bought croutons, splash on low-fat dressing, and it's surprisingly filling/refreshing (eat as much as you want) and, once you've got past the savoury craving, tastes bloody good.  Initially, add grilled and chopped bacon if you must have meat. (Not fried!!)

  • Great tips, thanks to all, especially NTA for an NTA trademark thesis  😁 I have bought the lunchbox, and will report back in due course.

    Are two minute noodles bad for you? The ones I have at work have 8 grams of saturated fat, whatever that means.

  • I don't mind the odd 2 minute noodle MvJ and they make things like stir fries easier to make as opposed to fucking rice or hokkien style :tickedoff:

  • Yeah, I find rice impossible to cook.

    I am a bit worried about the lunchbox thing. When MvJ was a Boy Scout there was a guy in my troop who had no mates. We used to falsely assert that his only friends were smurfs which he carried around in his lunchbox.

    Now I have the lunchbox I feel half-way there myself.

  • When you find the little bastards creeping in there late at night, don't call me

    [quote name='Miller V Jackson']
    Yeah, I find rice impossible to cook.

    I have my own methods, but [url=""] ... ystem.aspx[/url] if you're interested. Cooking rice in the microwave the only way to go for mine. Stove top sucks.

  • Rice is a godsend, particularly on a college campus in the USA.

    I've got one of those magnificent microwaveable rice cookers that you can put the rice and water into, then put into a microwave for 15 minutes.

    For variety, I often just mix in a few various spices - some chilli powder, turmeric, cloves and such, and then let the flavours get absorbed during the cooking process. Very good and quite healthy too.

    Food though is a real problem here - campus food is atrocious American fare, usually too greasy or deep fried - only the plain grilled chicken burgers in the caf are anything near decent. I can cook adequately, but time is an issue when cooking - as is cleaning up, and quite often it's just not possible to take 30 mins to cook a decent dinner, eat and then wash the dishes up later on. I can do it maybe 2-3 times a week at max, but not much more often.

    Soups, btw, are excellent. There are a lot of low-cal ones you can just mix in with boiling water so preparation isn't an issue, plus it also fills you up at the beginning of a meal.

  • [quote]Are two minute noodles bad for you? The ones I have at work have 8 grams of saturated fat, whatever that means[/quote]

    The thing to watch with instant noodles is the salt content can be quite high.  Check out the sodium levels on the nutrition panel and find the ones with the lowest  salt and fat content.

    8 grams of fat seems quite high in regards to noodles to me.

    As an aside be careful you don't replace low fat foods with high sugar foods.  Some people make the mistake of going as fat free as possible but don't actually realise that they have replaced the fat with sugar.  Not good.

    A bit of the topic of lunch but a few other tips fro eating in general:

    Try and get some fish in your diet regularly.  Great source of protein and good fatty acids which your brain needs.  I like to have fish at least twice a week, although it does often come in the form of canned tuna.

    As for red meat, well I love it as I'm sure most of you on here do.  But look for alternative options aside from chops, sausages etc.  Stick with the lean varieties as much as possible.Â

    I'm a bit fan of Kangaroo!  a part from the novelty of eating the national emblem of Australia it is also has the lowest fat content of any red meat.  Kangaroo and ostrich are great if yo ucan get hold of them.  Not sure if you can in NZ?

  • I've had coat-of-arms pizza - kanga and emu - at a pub here in Sydney

  • Cmon rice has to be the easiest thing to cook. Put rice in pot, cover with water to a figers depth (hand flat so about 1cm) above the rice.  Covwer with tight fitting lid.  Bring to boil.  Take off heat as soon as it starts to boil.  Leave for 15 mins (giving you plenty of time to do other shit). Serve.  The rice will have absorbed all the water and will not be sticky although I agree with TLB plain rice is just carbo loading. My problem is the curry that will go all over the rice mmmmmm

  • I make a salad most days for lunch, but when I am more lazy and still want to be healthy I go for one of these options (probably in order from most to least healthiest IMO):

    • a salad sambo from sandwich shop
    • a healthy subway roll (although they have some real bad stuff too)
    • a tin of baked beans
    • sushis rolls (provided you get something grilled or raw meat only - not the fried chick, prawn, pork ones)
    • a clear asian soup with steamed wontons
    • fruit salad with yoghurt

    Making myself hungry typing this, can tell I am not eating as much as usual.

    BTW - is only takes me a bout 10mins a day to make salad for lunch now that I have a routine going.

  • Salads are the go for lunch along with low fat yoghurt and muesli bars (without coconut). Also a few raw peanuts, cashews and almonds - maybe a small handful of one or two types wil keep you going for snacks. Dried fruit, such as apricots are good as long as you don't eat too many......constipation beckons if you do.  :nta

    For the reason that it contains a lot of sugar diet books say to stay away from eating too much fruit.

  • That's right - in Coles at least they have some very good prepackaged salads. Try those too MvJ instead of one of the sandwiches.

  • Yeah, I used to eat those Coles salads heaps, adding ham or cheese or whatever to the garden salad thing. But lettuce is really shitting me at the moment.

    Mark_s raised sushi; good idea. Anyone want to recommend somewhere cheap and good in the Sydney CBD? I know they're on nearly every second corner...

  • [quote name='Miller V Jackson']
    But lettuce is really shitting me at the moment. [/quote]

    :shifty: I used to add extra tomato and cheese and pretend the lettuce was part of the plate

  • I am a self confessed sushi snob, I only get mine at the fish and chip place in the MLC Centre (you have to walk past the fried food).  They make them fresh on site each day and they are bigger than normal.

    The vast majority of sushi places get their rolls from the same place (a dude in China town makes most of them) so the quality is very similar.  Its all good but if you want really good stuff, go for a place that makes their own rolls or even try a sushi train.Â

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