2019 Hawke's Bay Representative Rugby

  • These Duane Monkley medal points are awarded in such a random way. There were several other players who were more deserving that that Northland prop. Makene, who has shown once again his awesome footwork; Emerson, great, courageous defence for such a small man (keeping Gregory under control), Cridge very good in the breakdown and line-out; Rakete-Stones, who's turning into a very good ball-carrying prop and scrummager; and Fomai showing he can find the holes in the defence and finish well.

  • That was close to Emerson's best game for the Pies. I was less impressed by Cridge, actually think I'd prefer him to go back to lock and Flanders to play 6. Fomai was impressive, has some gas too.

  • Results from the new Hurricanes Trustbank Secondary School Shield (U18) competition:

    Hawke's Bay Saracens 49 - 21 Ngāti Porou East Coast

    Other results:
    Wanganui 51 - 22 Poverty Bay
    Horowhenua-Kapiti 7 - 36 Wellington Samoans
    Wairarapa-Bush 22 - 36 Centurions RFC

  • Wellington Under 19s doing it easy against their HB counterparts.

  • Junior Magpies squad for the Jock Hobbs U19 tournament:



    Our first game of the tournament:

    Junior Magpies v Southland (match 5)
    k/o 2.15pm - Owen Delany Park, Taupo, Field 2

    I don't think any of the games are televised, but IIRC (some) games were livestreamed, last year. Not sure whether that was on the first tournament day.

  • Rep Rugby this weekend:

    7/9, 9.45am, Havelock North HS:
    HNHS invitational team v Hawke's Bay U15 Co-ed

    7/9, 1.00pm, Tremain Field 1:
    Tui v Northland

    7/9, 1.00pm, Tremain Field 2:
    Hawke's Bay Saracens v Wellington Centurions

    7/9, ?, Gisborne:
    Poverty Bay U18 v Hawke's Bay U18

    8/9, 2.15pm, Owen Delany Park, Taupo, Field 2:
    Hawke's Bay U19 v Southland U19

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  • There are a few names that are unknown to me. In the starting lineup numbers 4, 7, 9, 14 & 15 fall into this boat. Anyone willing to help others also struggling to identify these guys become more familiar weith them would be appreciated.

  • @Higgins Google tells me Cristobal Niedmann is a Chilean, who played for Taradale, this year.

    Phil McRoberts already played for Havelock North and the Saracens, last year. I've found references to him being the Saracens' captain and playing at no. 8.

    I wonder whether the halfback is the same player as this one: https://djcoilrugby.com/2019/02/13/utah-warriors-simon-quickfall/

    Travis Janssen's name is spelled wrong. He plays for Central. Don't know anything about him.

    Watson plays for MAC. That's all I know.

  • @Stargazer Thanks, still don't mean an awful lot to me. Presumably they are only real longshots of making the NPC team if a real bad injury crisis happened to strike. Don't think the fullback played for MAC when I saw them play at Whitmore Park last time I was home. He certainly did not appear on the published team list that day anyway which had Tom Iosefo listed in the number 15 jersey.

  • Today's results:

    The Tui smashed Northland 64 to 31.
    The Saracens suffered a very close loss to Wellington Centurions: 41 - 43.
    Hawkes Bay Saracens U18 lost 10 - 20 to Poverty Bay U18.

  • Is that the As playing under the guise of the Saracens or the B Team in the Under 18 grade. I suppose it will mainly be the Napier BHS 1st XV given no HBHS players will be eligible. Although looking at the score perhaps the NBHS players were also given the week off.

  • @Higgins I haven't seen the team line-up for the U18s game. I think it's up to team coaches or managers to post team line-ups and other updates; the HBRU doesn't post them (except the Magpies and sometimes the Tui). I don't remember who the U18 coach/manager is, but I haven't seen any posts about the U18 team. I found the score on the Poverty Bay FB page.

    I posted the squad list here. Quite a few players not from Napier and Hastings 1st XV.

  • Article in the HBT about the Tui game. Early days, but it looks like 18-year-old school girl Cortez Te Pou might be a little gem with - hopefully - a big future in the game. I've heard a lot about her already, and it's all very promising.

  • Hawkes Bay U15 Co-Ed 49 - 5 Invitational VX


  • Junior Magpies' team for today's game against Southland:


  • Full time: Junior Magpies 44 - 0 Southland U19

  • Not rugby but a HB team playing in the final of a national competition and I might get told to put it elsewhere but Napier City Rovers lead the Chatham Cup Final 3 - 2 over Melville with time almost up. Another feather in HB's cap even if I say so myself! A good precedent setter for the more important HB v Waikato NPC game on Thursday.

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