• Coming up this weekend, on the notoriously long and tough Bethpage Black course.

    Koepka, DJ, McIlroy & Tiger all up the top of the tree in terms of Faves.

    If Fox can hit it straight, reckon he could get a top 10 with his length, paying $25 for a top 10 finish.

    Apparently, after Tigers Masters win, some dude has put $100k at 100-1 odds that he will win the rest of the Majors this year...IMO, odds pretty low, and I guess the guy can afford to lose it....


  • Dude! It's the PGA, not the US Open

  • They've got a sign like that at Berhampore in Wellington - except their one reads, "Warning, This course is an extremely difficult course which we recommend only for absolute hackers".

    Tiger blasts a mighty drive right down the middle of the fairway, only to have it plug in a swamp. His caddy is there for half an hour with a small entrenching shovel trying to dig it up, before taking the penalty for lost ball....

  • @Chris-B apparently been a bit of rain so course will be soft, Tiger usually likes firm courses when he sprays it like he did at Augusta to play the odd low punch shot to run up on the greens...but with it being soft and the usually heavy rough...

    With all those cameras about, you'd be hugely unlucky to lose a ball on the fairway...

  • @taniwharugby Not at Berhampore.

    Takes half an hour to find some of the tees, let alone find your ball once you hit it. And if you do find it you'll be playing off a 70 degree slope and probably wishing you hadn't.... 🙂

  • I lived 200m from there in Newtown. Went to play it once. Played 3 holes. Could see the road. Walked down the road and back down to never return again.

    Would rank it the worst 'golf course' in the world.

  • @Magpie_in_aus A promotional sticker on the clubhouse window saying, "You can't beat Wellington on a good day", as you set off into the teeth of a howling gale that catches your ball and sends it on a wild arc like it's found a black hole to orbit - and the number of balls I lost there it's a distinct possibility!

  • @Chris-B yup. Biggest g up of all time that saying. Can't beat "insert city" on a good day is what you say about places that are shit 90%+ of the year. Keep your three nice days a year I will have my 20-25 degree winter days in Brisbane for 3-4months thanks.

    It's like when towns add a Vegas to their name. Dead set shit hole.....oh wait people call it bris-vegas don't they.

    In other news man I hope tiger gets up. It gets me up when he does.

  • Listened to The Cut podcast this morning, it's damp and cold which isn't what Tiger needs for his back apparently - and he hasn't played since the Masters.

    Looks like being straight off the tee is the key this weekend.

    Anyone who is on Twitter and fancies a stab at one of my pointless picking comps, message me. Reason to be on Twitter is that all comms is conducted on a Twitter DM thread.

  • Caught by suprise by this one. Didn't know it was happened now. Why has it moved from August?

    Brooks Kopeka the clubhouse leader on -7, Danny Lee next on -4 through 13.

  • Danny Lee needs to photograph that leader board right now


  • Just dropped a shot on 15.Back to 4 under

  • @Hooroo He take my copy then.....

  • 63 is a remarkable round given the struggles of everyone else. Already the man to beat and hard to catch if he doesn't blow up.

  • Back to 5 under and a great Tee shot on the last

  • @Hooroo said in US PGA:

    Back to 5 under and a great Tee shot on the last

    His par 3 play has been A1. Firing darts in there!

    Actually, one of his best shots today was that 2nd on 10 which is one of the hardest holes on the course

  • @JK Boom! 6 Under

  • @Hooroo said in US PGA:

    @JK Boom! 6 Under

    Fark what a putt!

  • Koepka pissing this in

  • Pity Danny's second round was ropy - he's still tied for 14th. A par round for his second would have him tied for second.

    Only Koepka can beat Koepka from here!

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