TR vs the future

  • I decided on a couple of New Years resolutions, one being to lose some kegs and get myself into shape and eat better.

    So as at 0800 on 01 January 2012, I weighed 103kg, by the 12th I had dropped to 99kg, and then had a hiccup with some internal issues resulting in my weight yo-yo-ing between 99-100, but the internal issue seems to have resolved itself since Tuesday and today I was 98.9kg, first time in a long time I can recall being under 99kg.

    Diet changes;

    eat breakfast
    more fruit/veg
    reduce bread consumption
    increase tuna/salmon intake
    ditch Mocha's at work (I don't drink them elsewhere)
    increase water intake

    My target weight is 95kg at this stage, although once I get there I'll see if I want to drop any further.

    Ultimately, I'd also like to lose an inch or 2 from around the middle while toning up a little as well.

    My workout programme is fairly basic at present; I have a bench, about 80kg of weights, a straight bar, a curl bar, a pair of dumbells, a floor to ceiling punch ball, a 10kg medicine ball and a pair of kettle bells (20lb and 15lb) and a swiss ball

    I am just more getting myself back into the routine of doing regular exercise before I look at more specific workouts.

    Is also hard to do a workout when TR Jnr is wanting to join in and get me to show him how to do things

    Probably should take some images too, but I think I'll just do some before after ones

  • good luck and may the force be with you!!

  • Top stuff Wayne and first of all well done on getting in to the double digits....a milestone in itself!

    Looks like you have identified some good diet changes there. And a reasonable selection of weights there too which you will be able to put to good use. Add in a bit of cardio (maybe jogging etc) and I reckon you will be on top of your goals in no time.

  • Good work bro! having a thread running certainly helps you keep trucking toward your goals.

  • Good start to a good year!
    Keep posting and you'll get plenty of motivation from these fellas right here! Oh, and free advice.

    Under 99. That has to feel good!

  • Great job TR, being in the double digit crowd is great!

  • [QUOTE]Oh, and free advice.[/QUOTE]

    No matter how unwanted it might be!!! And misguided, and plain wrong.

  • just finished a pretty good workout, more an anaerobic one, but sweating buckets and feel bloody good.

    weighed in at 98.7kg this morning as well, was thinking I reckon it's been at least 5 years since I have been under 99kg!

    So feeling pretty happy with progress so far, even if I did sneak a small peice of pizza when work got some in this afternoon...

  • weigh in yesterday; 98.4kg (and today)

    bit of swimming with my son, then came home and waterblasted the fence clean, then went for a run; 25mins, finish with running up my steep arse hill, surprisingly, felt really good, wasnt as knackered as I thought I'd be, except as it came to the final 300m which is pretty steep!

  • Nice work! Swimming is great exercise, uses a wide range of muscles but low impact on joints etc.

  • reps up that hill would be fun...

  • good workout yesterday afternoon, sweated loads out in the afternoon heat.

    Weigh in this morning; 98.1kg (-4.9kg)

    day off workout today

  • weigh in today; 97.9kg, legs still suffering from those bloody lunges on Sunday!

  • lunges today for me, expect will be suffering on Sunday too, when you can take over again...

  • bit of a blip on the weight loss, 97.5 on Wed, 97.9 yesterday and 97.7 this morning.

    Wed was a rest day, but had a good workout last night.

    Am going to change my exercise programme next week to be more specific whereas to date I have been doing more generic stuff to get into a routine.

  • don't weight yourself every day - natural fluctuation. Only weight yourself every day in the week leading up to a competition, and as there will never be a week like that (in the foreseeable future I expect), once a week should be fine! I am loving it, once a month when I go and see diet guru pretty much. Last time plesant surtprise, lighter than I thought I'd be, but then should have known, as the belt is still loose enough to wear on the first notch - usually on 2nd by now!!

  • I am using the next notch in on my belts, which is pretty cool.

    I am quite amazed as to how much your weight fluctuates during the course of a day!

  • the beltometer is the best judge I reckon. Pre xmas I was slipping to second hole, but now well back into first hole!! Is the belt I had when a fat bastard too, so wraps around past my hip!! My reminder.

  • good workout yesterday, some very sore muscles at the end, although feel surprisingly good today. Back from a 35 minute run, finished with a 100m sprint in the scorching sun, again, feeling very good!

    Get some cravings for some of the foods and drinks I have cut out or reduced, given in a couple of times, but just as a treat...

  • treat is good, and myabe make a point of portion control when you treat. Instead of a whole packet of Tim Tams (mmmm, Tim Tams), have half the packet... Or in my case, think about half the packet before you knock off the whole thing...