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  • I decided on a couple of New Years resolutions, one being to lose some kegs and get myself into shape and eat better.

    So as at 0800 on 01 January 2012, I weighed 103kg, by the 12th I had dropped to 99kg, and then had a hiccup with some internal issues resulting in my weight yo-yo-ing between 99-100, but the internal issue seems to have resolved itself since Tuesday and today I was 98.9kg, first time in a long time I can recall being under 99kg.

    Diet changes;

    eat breakfast
    more fruit/veg
    reduce bread consumption
    increase tuna/salmon intake
    ditch Mocha's at work (I don't drink them elsewhere)
    increase water intake

    My target weight is 95kg at this stage, although once I get there I'll see if I want to drop any further.

    Ultimately, I'd also like to lose an inch or 2 from around the middle while toning up a little as well.

    My workout programme is fairly basic at present; I have a bench, about 80kg of weights, a straight bar, a curl bar, a pair of dumbells, a floor to ceiling punch ball, a 10kg medicine ball and a pair of kettle bells (20lb and 15lb) and a swiss ball

    I am just more getting myself back into the routine of doing regular exercise before I look at more specific workouts.

    Is also hard to do a workout when TR Jnr is wanting to join in and get me to show him how to do things

    Probably should take some images too, but I think I'll just do some before after ones

  • good luck and may the force be with you!!

  • Top stuff Wayne and first of all well done on getting in to the double digits....a milestone in itself!

    Looks like you have identified some good diet changes there. And a reasonable selection of weights there too which you will be able to put to good use. Add in a bit of cardio (maybe jogging etc) and I reckon you will be on top of your goals in no time.

  • Good work bro! having a thread running certainly helps you keep trucking toward your goals.

  • Good start to a good year!
    Keep posting and you'll get plenty of motivation from these fellas right here! Oh, and free advice.

    Under 99. That has to feel good!

  • Great job TR, being in the double digit crowd is great!

  • [QUOTE]Oh, and free advice.[/QUOTE]

    No matter how unwanted it might be!!! And misguided, and plain wrong.

  • just finished a pretty good workout, more an anaerobic one, but sweating buckets and feel bloody good.

    weighed in at 98.7kg this morning as well, was thinking I reckon it's been at least 5 years since I have been under 99kg!

    So feeling pretty happy with progress so far, even if I did sneak a small peice of pizza when work got some in this afternoon...

  • weigh in yesterday; 98.4kg (and today)

    bit of swimming with my son, then came home and waterblasted the fence clean, then went for a run; 25mins, finish with running up my steep arse hill, surprisingly, felt really good, wasnt as knackered as I thought I'd be, except as it came to the final 300m which is pretty steep!

  • Nice work! Swimming is great exercise, uses a wide range of muscles but low impact on joints etc.

  • reps up that hill would be fun...

  • good workout yesterday afternoon, sweated loads out in the afternoon heat.

    Weigh in this morning; 98.1kg (-4.9kg)

    day off workout today

  • weigh in today; 97.9kg, legs still suffering from those bloody lunges on Sunday!

  • lunges today for me, expect will be suffering on Sunday too, when you can take over again...

  • bit of a blip on the weight loss, 97.5 on Wed, 97.9 yesterday and 97.7 this morning.

    Wed was a rest day, but had a good workout last night.

    Am going to change my exercise programme next week to be more specific whereas to date I have been doing more generic stuff to get into a routine.

  • don't weight yourself every day - natural fluctuation. Only weight yourself every day in the week leading up to a competition, and as there will never be a week like that (in the foreseeable future I expect), once a week should be fine! I am loving it, once a month when I go and see diet guru pretty much. Last time plesant surtprise, lighter than I thought I'd be, but then should have known, as the belt is still loose enough to wear on the first notch - usually on 2nd by now!!

  • I am using the next notch in on my belts, which is pretty cool.

    I am quite amazed as to how much your weight fluctuates during the course of a day!

  • the beltometer is the best judge I reckon. Pre xmas I was slipping to second hole, but now well back into first hole!! Is the belt I had when a fat bastard too, so wraps around past my hip!! My reminder.

  • good workout yesterday, some very sore muscles at the end, although feel surprisingly good today. Back from a 35 minute run, finished with a 100m sprint in the scorching sun, again, feeling very good!

    Get some cravings for some of the foods and drinks I have cut out or reduced, given in a couple of times, but just as a treat...

  • treat is good, and myabe make a point of portion control when you treat. Instead of a whole packet of Tim Tams (mmmm, Tim Tams), have half the packet... Or in my case, think about half the packet before you knock off the whole thing...

  • haha, yeah thats what I didnt say, in moderation

    still having some internal issues now and then, but otherwise and feeling alot better for the change of diet and increase in exercise.

  • have a cup of alpine tea each night, that will help!

  • cos it is the end of the month, I weighed in this morning, 97.0kg, so 6kg in 31 days, pretty happy with that!

    Another good workout today, with some different exercises, day off tomorrow.

  • That is awesome mate. Weight is dropping off quicksmart.

    Feeling more alive???

  • yeah mate, feel pretty good, as I said even when I am running, I feel great, no where near as knackered as I expected, I assume the better diet is giving me greater energy levels.

    Not sure where the 6kg has gone from though :think:...2 more kg to my initial target, will re-assess once there.

  • [quote name='BartMan']the beltometer is the best judge I reckon. [B]Pre xmas I was slipping to second hole, but now well back into first hole[/B]!! Is the belt I had when a fat bastard too, so wraps around past my hip!! My reminder.[/QUOTE]

    Two points to make.

    TR, excellent work so far pal.

    Bart, any idea how dodgy the above looks ?

  • noe, but I do now - wife just asked why I was laughing too...!! now she's also laughing...

  • [quote name='BartMan']noe, but I do now - wife just asked why I was laughing too...!! now she's also laughing...[/QUOTE]

    Dude the most unintentionally funny post I've ever read here. Brilliant work !

  • day off yesterday, not sure I will be able to do anything today and already chomping at the bit because of it!!

    That has to be a good thing!

  • [quote name='taniwharugby']day off yesterday, not sure I will be able to do anything today and already chomping at the bit because of it!!

    That has to be a good thing![/QUOTE]

    As a fellow garage weights enthusiast a word of warning. Don't be stupid like me and think "right I benched/curled/cleaned or whatever yesterday" and try and beat it the next day. Very tempting if the weights are just sitting there. You'll only overtrain and get weaker !

  • with the amount of weight I have (~100kg) I dont think there is much chance of that, more variety of exercises, although you cant beat the core ones (as Bart mentioned on another thread) like Squats, bench etc.

    Pretty happy with the way things are ticking over, just wondering where the 6kg has gone from :think: just need to get past the 6kg hurdle, been hovering around it for about a week now

  • changed my workouts since last weekend; shoulders, arms and legs, then chest, back and abs on the other day, also throwing in some calisthenic exercises as well.

    Definately getting a better burn from the muscles than I was doing 1 exercise of each during a workout.

    Even better, today I am 95.8kg, STOKED! 7.5/8 kg target down!

    Have acquired a punch bag, but I need to work out how to hang it so that it doesnt shake the house (garage is under the lounge) too much, Ihave a couple of ideas on dampening the bounce from the bag, but will have to see.

  • Shoulders, arms, legs and a wee bit of ab's tonight, with some punch bag mixed in as well, went hard out as tomorrow is a rest day and I have a 2 day golf tournament on the weekend, which should be interesting given I havent played since April last year!

    Weigh in this morning at 95.7kg, after a low weight loss last week, seems to be moving quicker this week.

  • Doing well there mate. Weight loss and I bet getting stronger too.

    Be interesting to hear how the golf goes. Sure not played for a while but sounds like you are fitter and in better shape now.

    I played my first game of golf for 2011 just before christmas and after about 1 year of working out I couldnt beleive how much further I was hitting it. Had absolutely no touch around the greens but I'd never been able to hit the ball as far as I do now.

  • HItting the ball a long way has never been a problem for me, even at my best my touch around the greens has always been my weak point!

    But I have found I tend to play better when I am in better shape so hopefully off-set some of the effects of not playing.

    As to my strength, I would guess, but given I am trying to lose weight I have been doing higher reps for the most part, although still increasing my weight where I can, and the fact I am thinking I need more weight probably shows that?

    But just feel so much better, more energy without the lows and highs

  • Hope you're having fun with the punch bag. Let me know if want any routines to keep up the interest/intensity. Instructor just put me through 45 mins worth this morning. Knackered!

  • keen for any advice you are willing to give, just beatign the crap out of it at present!

    Golf was a bit of a disaster (handicap match play) 1st match was rubbish, 2nd I played alot better and on a course I have played on for >20 years, I hit 2 of the biggest drives I have ever hit, but alas, my short game was up to hit's usual standard. Lost this morning, played my best golf of the weekend, and got caned, but doesnt help when due to handicap I have to give my opposition a shot on so many holes and they play as good as me

    So no exercising this weekend (although playing golf in 25+ heat had me sweating loads) have some tidying in the backyard to do this afternoon, and Monday is my Auckland day, so am chomping at the bit for Tuesday which is likely my next day for a workout

  • Bugger mate! Often a bit like that after you've had a bit of time off the greens. And big drives too....its that added muscle eh!

    What handicap are you playing off mate? Sucks giving away shots, especially when you're not playing as well as ya can.

  • Hopefully this will take your mind off the golf. Should last about 30-40 minutes.

    Warm-up skipping for 5-10 mins. If like me you can't skip, then start by throwing lots of light jabs - 30 left then 30 right.
    Next throw light, fast 4 shot combos and pretend to duck after each combo. The "ducking" should by bending your knees not your back, so your basically doing a quick squat after each combo. A few minutes of this will get you warm-up nicely!

    Next up is basically interval training. Do each one for 30 secs with 10 secs rest in between. Lead with left jab, then swap over and do them leading with the right.

    left jab, right straight, heft hook
    left jab, right hook, left hook
    left jab, right upper cut, left upper
    jab, r hook, l hook, r u/cut l u/cut

    Build up to full power on the strraight, hooks, and upper cuts.
    Rest couple minutes, then it's time to "recreate" your own rounds.
    throw combos of choice for 30 secs, then light shots fast as you can for 10 secs. Then go back to your combos repeat etc. Do 5 sets in total - just over 3 mins. Only rest at the end. This will hurt!
    Do another set of 5 once you've got your breath back.

    Next, with no resting in between, do 15-20 squat thrusts, 10-15 press ups, 20 crunches, and then lie on back, hold legs out straight about 15cm from ground for 30 secs. Repeat the cycle.
    quick rest, then planks: one minute each side, one minute on your front.
    You are now done! Build up more intensity and power into the punch bag sessions as you get more into it. I'm still feeling my way with this but it certainly feels a good way working the muscles and getting a good cardio as well.

  • [quote name='JK' timestamp='1329036388' post='269889']
    Bugger mate! Often a bit like that after you've had a bit of time off the greens. And big drives too....its that added muscle eh!

    What handicap are you playing off mate? Sucks giving away shots, especially when you're not playing as well as ya can.

    NZ Golf has me still on an 8...which is probably 3 lower than where I ought to be right now, but about 3 higher than what I'd like to be on if I was playing regularly. But yeah, my 'condition' is the only thing I can attribute to hitting the ball further, as I have played over half my life on the course and even had a fella say he has never seen anyone put the ball out that far on these 2 holes in 20+ years...shame I couldnt make them count!!

    It has however given me a thirst to get back out and play more than I did last year (which wont be hard, already 1/3 of the way there)

    Cheers Cookie, I'll give it a crack!

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