Crowder vs Vox

  • @No-Quarter said in Crowder vs Vice:

    Looks like YouTube is bowing to the mob after all. Pathetic.

    "harmed the broader community"

    How exactly were they harmed?

    Tired of this rubbish talk

  • @Siam said in Crowder vs Vice:

    @No-Quarter said in Crowder vs Vice:

    Looks like YouTube is bowing to the mob after all. Pathetic.

    "harmed the broader community"

    How exactly were they harmed?

    Tired of this rubbish talk

    They should also do some research into whether pushing ideas underground actually works, or just increases the chances of radicalisation....

  • @No-Quarter said in Crowder vs Vice:

    Just realised pathetic man-child Maza works for Vox, not Vice.

    I’m sure Vice hate Crowder too .

  • Oh he just needs to delete the link to his T-shirts. YouTube is having a meltdown trying to appease the mob.

  • The t shirt was lame , a hammer and sickle or Ches face captioned “100 million deaths and counting “would be more effective. Socialism is for figs makes him as much of a man child as Maza .

  • @jegga t-shirt is an excuse.

    Ol' Lispy controls YouTube by the looks

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    @No-Quarter said in Crowder vs Vox:

    Oh he just needs to delete the link to his T-shirts. YouTube is having a meltdown trying to appease the mob.

    And now because of you he'll sell a shit load more of that merch you pathetic, pig-faced little gimp.

    Still absolutely pathetic of YouTube to demonetize him. An alternative platform is inevitable now.

  • Just caught the tail end of Crowders live stream. So the formal advice they received from youtube is that the 'Socialism is for figs' t-shirt is offensive and they don't like late night hosts telling jokes which could be offensive. They also pointed out 2 videos that broke their guidelines but won't say what guideline exactly or where the problem is in the video. One is the show where they interviewed Blair White who is a conservative transgender woman and the other is where they interviewed a UK woman who was a victim of gangrape in one of those dozens of scandals which were for the most part covered up for decades.

    I do wonder what the alternative could be. Google has a lot of clout and they back mainstream news outlets. Any alternative will immediately be labelled 'Nazi (gab/bitchute) and then lose payment processors or be banned by entire countries (Australia with bitchute) . I'm sure St Jacinda's (may peace be on her name) social media deal might touch on this, I'd be guessing the next step to create our utopian society, free of offense and where everyone must think the same is to ban vpns.

    It's all a very interesting backdrop to be reading 'The Gulag Archipelago' to.

  • I'm not sure Meza is helping the fight against homophobia...

  • @Rembrandt do we think the latest attempt at purging, which has obviously caught up a bunch of accounts it shouldn't have, is in response to Vox? Twitter going a bit crazy linking everything to it at the moment.

    Regardless the wider issue remains. I think this is really highlighting just how impossible it is to regulate "hate speech". They're trying to do it on one platform, with billions of dollars behind them and the latest technology/algorithms, and they're making an absolute dogs breakfast of it because it's impossible to define in any meaningful way.

  • @No-Quarter I think it's about giving a free ride to Democrats for next year and to hell with hypocrisy and double standards.

    Get what we want now (unconditional power) and fuck the greater good or actual equality or a coherent strategy, has been the MO of these ideologues from the outset as far as I can see.

    That no one can adequately define hate speech is of no interest, apparently.

  • It’s Big Tech trying to do everything in their power to make sure Trump isn’t re-elected, and extinguish conservatism, especially the populist variant.

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    Vox doubling down. And why not. Stamping their feet and crying like babies has been successful for them this far.

    The absurd thing is that the ridiculous lizard creature Maza labels Tucker Carlson a white supremicist in his bio and advocates milkshaking. That's a label far worse than anything Crowder called him and he's literally advocating violence. If YouTube actually gave a shit about enforcing their own guidelines then this horrific excuse for a human being would be getting sanctioned, not Crowder.

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  • There is a hell of a lot of insanity going down at the moment. History channels, atmospheric music, independent journalist's all banned for hate speech. Crowders subs going up and mugclub subscriptions gone through the roof. Maza has removed a lot of people's livelihoods and at this point it does appear to be part of a coordinated campaign to remove dissenting voices from YouTube, in part due to media organisations not being able to compete with independent creators.

    It wasn't that long ago that crazy vegan who had her channel demonetised went to shoot up YouTube offices.

    A lot of people are very angry.

  • Thank Christ the big guy has his eye on this. I shudder to think where we would be if he wasn't president.


  • Change-My-Mind goes direct to Google HQ along with half Asian lawyer Bill Richmond

    Even if you don't like Crowder's comedy he's working very hard to make a positive difference in the world, money well spend on mug club I reckon.

  • @Rembrandt the change my mind things he does are good. I felt initially he was too harsh on students given he's had plenty of real-world experience now, but the last one I saw he'd toned it down a bit and was having some good dialogue.

  • He makes some good points in that, the lawyer was particularly good.

  • @No-Quarter Yeah I think its the best thing he's done. His little skit vids can be pretty funny and his point by point with sources debunking of vox & other organisation propaganda videos are very good (clearly a little too good considering recent events).

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