Refs...and other tall tales

  • The standard of refereeing in SR this season has been poor. The TMO's have also been less than helpful, often either ignoring or overuling a refs original call.
    All we ask as fans, is consistency, and for that to be applied equally throughout.
    This season we have had a series of hotch-potch controversial calls deciding some games, and more draws than you could shake a proverbial whistle at. There have been dreadful high shots, neck rolls missed one week, and the next week red cards and a suspension for similar offences dished out.
    Seriously, have they even taken a look at themselves? Where is the rugby independent judiciary?
    In a WC year this is concerning., and more inclined to turn people off rugby, not winning hearts and minds at all.
    I am so sick and tired of the duplicity. Clean up your act, refs - or show yourselves the red card.

  • I think we all understand that reffing a game of rugby isn't the easiest job and it can get frustrating when calls that look obvious on TV are missed in the heat of the game.

    I think the standard of 'man in the middle' reffing isn't that bad, it is the man in the box that continues to baffle despite every season a declaration that steps have been taken to make it better. For me it is particularly frustrating when a pro ref with a bunch of replays gets tunnel vision and never seems to run just one view to see the overall picture of what happened yet it is obvious to armchair viewers that they are missing something.

  • @Jailbreak7 said in Refs...and other tall tales:

    I am so sick and tired of the duplicity. Clean up your act, refs - or show yourselves the red card.

    IT doesn't help that the IRB don't have laws that are actually able to be read and applied. The difference between the laws as written, and the laws as reffed is chalk and cheese ... so it's damn hard for players (and refs) to know what is and isn't OK.

    I keep getting cross as there's no consistency. I'm quite happy with a clear standard for little things like 'not straight' in lineouts - or how in front of the kicker yo ucan be, or how much of your body needs to be behind the goal line to be onside. However, you just get such different interpretations from week to week it makes my brain explode.

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