• Haven't posted in here in ages and I apologies for that. Don't really want to be one of those blow-ins, doesn't contribute any of their own stories and simply sponges off everyones training a dietary wisdom...

    However, I plan to do just that. I've hit a bit of a plateau with my diet. Basically, it's boiled down to snacks. Breakfast, lunch and dinner I'm all over. But the meals in between I'm struggling with. I want to cut back my daily sugar intake, so want to stop eating fruit after lunch. I've tried to mix It up in the afternoons with nuts and protein bars it I'm worried the nuts are a bit high fat and high cal and protein bars are just too bloody expensive. The other alternative I've been trying is making these protein pikelets (basically egg whites, oats and powder all mixed up and pan fried).

    So I'm wondering what other people are trying for their afternoon meal / snack?

  • Hey junior I'd get off the protein bars. Most of them are way to high in sugar and processed. Eat natural.

    A small handful of natural almond kernels - act as an appetite suppressor as well as the natural fats are okay. But don't need to eat too many.

    A snack I like is natural peanut butter spread on a 2 or 3 apple slices.

    A couple of table spoons of low fat cottage cheese with some cinnamon powder and a small handful of blueberries.

    A few celery sticks and carrots never go astray also (or any raw veggies for that matter). Some low fat homus or tahini to dip them in.

    Even make an extra salad for the afternoon of baby spinach, capsicum and avacado and then chuck some natural walnuts on top for texture and good fats.

    Good luck.

  • muffins - sound like could be close to your piklets.

    9 egg whites. 1.5 cups oats (now whole grain rolled, your basic porridge oats), splash of vanilla, few teaspoons of artificial sweetener, 250gm lite cottage cheese, 1 x mashed banana, teaspoon baking baking powder (the stuff to make it raise). Half a cup of mixed berries if you like, I usually miss those out, can't be arsed!

    makes 6, that is your morning snake. Oh, bake at 150 for us in our oven 50 minutes, but until they come out of their baking dish - spray it with oil, those rubber ones are best!

    and defo read the backs of those 'healthy' bars. Some are so laden with calories that my daily intake would be about 5 bars, and NOTHING else in the day!!!!

  • Thanks guys. appreciate it. Will definitely give the muffins and cottage cheese options a go.

  • Could maybe mix in some gluten-free rice crackers or plain popcorn?

  • [quote name='Mokey' timestamp='1331025701' post='273671']Could maybe mix in some gluten-free rice crackers or plain popcorn?[/quote]yeah was thinking about the rice crackers - but what to put on them? Peanut butter?

  • THAT REMINDS ME - RICE WAFERS or corn slims and the like (bloody caps lock). They're always good value, and yes peanut butter. and honey and jam... now that makes a treat!! But with peanut butter is good as gold. Not too many though, probably 4 would do you!

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