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  • I received an email with a link to the O'Neills website with new supporters gear. It's a matter of taste, but I don't see anything I'd like to own.
    I'm most interested in what the new Magpies jerseys look like, but they're not on that webpage, yet.

  • Yeah just looked nothing really jumps out at me. Have a singlet from 2-3 seasons ago was looking to upgrade. Living in Brisbane makes anything wintery pointless as I wear a hoodie for cumulatively 2 hours overwinter here.

  • I don’t think the warm weather stuff looks to bad, especially in comparison to the hoodie from the last lot.

    But the O’Neill branding is way too in your face and there’s no cap which would be mainly what I want.

  • They don't even quote them in NZ dollars FFS. Not surprising they are not displaying playing jersies after my ernst discussioin with one of the HBRFU gear custodians about what exactly black and white hoops should look like when I was up home last. Hopefully they will be taking on board my "constructive suggestions" to come up with a proper black and white hooped jersey.

  • @Higgins If you click on € EUR in the top right corner of your screen (on a computer), you can change the currency to $ NZD.

  • From instagram stories: the new jerseys!



  • Magpies to wear unique jersey in support of farmers

    It will be a very different looking Magpies side that runs out against Canterbury this weekend.

    It’s farmers day at the footy and the Magpies will wear a one-off jersey in support of the farming community who continue to face adversity off the back of the worst drought in Hawkes Bay in living memory.

    The Magpies, principal sponsor Total Oil New Zealand and Hawke’s Bay Rugby Union (HBRU) came up with the idea for the jersey.

    The 23 one-off match jerseys will be auctioned off on Trade Me, with proceeds going to the East Coast Rural Support Trust, who provide vital support to farmers. People can bid on the jerseys on Trade Me by searching ‘Magpies Jersey’.

    A limited number of replica jerseys have been produced and offered to Magpies season members, sponsors, and the rural community. There may be some still available to be sold at McLean Park on game day.

    Hawke’s Bay Rugby Union commercial manager Dan Somerville said the jersey design that includes a classic farmers checked shirt pattern was chosen in partnership with apparel sponsors O’Neills, and after consultation with fans and partners.

    “We wanted to do something very different to the traditional Magpies jersey and acknowledge the farmers. Many farming families live, play and breath rugby and travel a long way to support the Magpies at McLean Park.

    Several Magpies team members have roots in the rural community, and attended drought shout events earlier this year.

    To provide some more perspective, Peter Kay and former All Black Mick Duncan will attend training this week to talk to the Magpies about the challenges faced by farmers, and unveil the jerseys to the team.

    Total Oil chief executive Reuben Thickpenny is delighted to support the farming community after a tough year.

    “We are proud to support Hawkes Bay farmers, and show our appreciation for everything they do for our region,” said Thickpenny.

    The civil defence drought response was led by the Rural Advisory Group, made up of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council , Beef and Lamb NZ, Ministry for Primary Industries, East Coast Rural Support Trust, NZ Fire Service NZ and Federated Farmers.

    Rural Advisory Group chair Lochie MacGillivray said the group worked with HBRU to help bring the idea of a game dedicated to farmer to life, engage with farmers to get them off the farm and to enjoy a game of footy.

    “After such a prolonged and complicated drought, our farmers deserve and need a night off the farm, connect with others and have a good time. We hope to see many of them to cheer on team this Saturday,” said Mr MacGillivray.

    There are plenty of reasons to head to McLean Park this weekend, back your Magpies who take on Cantabs and chuck a pair of gumboots and a swanndri on and show our farming community that we all care.

    Photo: Hawke's Bay Today

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  • Great cause, but ugly jersey.

  • @Stargazer i was actually born in hastings before, like so many others, heading to Dunedin. So i have a soft spot for the Magpies, surely they could have actually had white rather than grey 🤷🏻♂

    not a fan of the sponsor on the official jersey either...surely they could have tweaked it to fit within one of the white stripes

  • @Kiwiwomble Yeah, I think it's a bad design. If you look closely, it seems the stripes are blue-ish in-between the grey. Even with the squares instead of stripes pattern, they should have made them black and white. I just don't recognise anything of our own colours in this jersey. The only thing Hawke's Bay about it, is the HBRU logo.

    Fortunately, it's a one-off jersey. Hopefully, there will be people who like it and bid for it at the auction on Trade Me.

  • I'm surprised the combination of horizontal hoops and the totally unnecessary vertical underarm panel is still a thing.

    When will this stupid fad die.

    But considering this impediment, still a good kit, is distinctive and tribal. If I see thick black and white hoops on a rugby jersey, my first assumption is that I am looking a Hawkes Bay (or Barbarians) jumper.

  • havent seen any chat about Canterbury's retro jersey on the weekend, pretty sweet, something Otago's done a couple of times in the last couple of years

    not quite as iconic as the black and white hoops

    alt text
    alt text

  • @Kiwiwomble Oi, post that in your own thread.

  • @Stargazer damn it, foiled again!

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