TSF NPC Tipping 2019

  • I picked Taranaki to win ☹

  • @Winger on purpose?

  • @taniwharugby

    No. Tipping in a hurry. Not the first time but Tasman I thought was almost a sure win

  • Another good week for quite a few although there were still some low scores about. Victor scored a maximum with the points available given there was another draw, 6 from 6 margins and picking Canterbury and Southland for high and low scorers as did many others. Victor moves up from 8th to share the lead with Winger, just one ahead of the consistent Bay Imports who is just 3 in front of Stargazer. There are plenty more not far away from the lead. The key game was Harbour v BOP as picks for that were close to 50/50.

    There was an epic battle at the top as the Bush beat Hawke's Bay by a point, both recording the highest team scores of the season. HB had 4 scores over 60 but Victor's 70 just got his team over the line and kept their winning record intact. Wellington's narrow win over BOP takes them up to 2nd, South Island scraped past Northland to move into the top 4 and Harbour-Auckland lost their 4th to Counties-Waikato.

    2 draws in the Cup mean the usual replay rules apply.


  • Doing the best I can based on the Mitre 10 website highlights. No longer can watch the games live which is a bummer. Always good to watch the new talent coming through. Thanks for presenting the competition.

  • Tipping time again - to those of you who keep missing the Thursday deadline - don't.


  • Just made it 🙂

  • @Donsteppa don't wanna be missing an easy 10 from round 1

  • Not the trickiest 5 games to pick but only one tipper (Hurrycanes) has 5 from 5 despite nearly all getting games 1-3 and 11 picking Harbour. On 42 so far are Propsicle, Higgins, Phooey, Broughie, Langakali & Hurrycanes.

    Counties-Waikato 27 - 36 Wellington
    BOP 25 - 35 South Island
    Northland 35 - 37 Wairarapa Bush
    Hawke's Bay 32 - 28 Harbour-Auckland

    Donsteppa 32 v 34 Justin77
    Higgins 42 v 42 Langakali
    Propsicle 42 v 34 Victor
    Stargazer 24 v 32 Waynes World

    Winger 239
    Victor 234
    Propsicle 232
    Bay Imports 228
    Canes4life 223
    Justin77 221
    Stargazer 220
    Buck 220
    Donsteppa 219
    Tim 215
    TR 215

  • It was a tough week for some and nobody managed more than 5 picks from 7 with only 6 going for Otago and Auckland more favoured than Canterbury. Plenty scored 5 points for Hawke's Bay being highest scorers but only Number 10 and Canerbry took 5 for Counties being the lowest.

    FarNthHayden was the best with 59 points and 5 maximums but only moves up to 31st. Bay Imports has taken over at the top but by just a point from Propsicle and Winger with Victor only 5 behind them and Canes4life 2 more back - the top 5 separated by just 8 points at the half-way stage of the competition.

    Wellington take over on the top of the ladder with a win over Counties-Waikato with the Bush dropping to 2nd after their first defeat of the season to a rampant Northland. Wins for Hawke's Bay and South Island keep them in the top 4 and it looks like the current top 5 will battle for the semi-final spots. BOP played a man down with @trooa absent and Caprice failed to turn up for Harbour-Auckland but they still had 5 players - they are just not very good and have lost every game.


  • It's that time again


    Only 20 in so far so get busy

  • The only absentee this week is @trooa which explains BOP's appalling total. Canes4life is the only one to pick 5/5 so far but Stargazer leads for the week with 4 margins from 4 picks. The overall TSF individual title race is very tight with only 6 points separating the top 6.

    Donsteppa and Justin77 have identical picks so far so their Cup replay is ongoing. They differ on the Tasman margin of victory so 17+ wins it for Donsteppa, any other result and it is J77 going through.

    Counties-Waikato 28 - 27 South Island
    BOP 22 - 34 Hawke's Bay
    Wairarapa Bush 31 - 28 Harbour-Auckland
    Wellington 28 - 26 Northland

    Donsteppa or Justin77 29 v 17 Waynes World
    Higgins 37 v 26 Propsicle

    Stargazer 40
    Higgins 37
    Number 10 37
    Plastered Peni 37
    Canes4life 36
    Joan and Mary 34
    Phooey 34
    Triple T 34

    Canes4life 273
    Winger 273
    Propsicle 270
    Bay Imports 269
    Victor 268
    Stargazer 267
    Buck 258
    Higgins 256
    Donsteppa 255
    Justin77 255

  • Everything is live in the usual place.

    Wellington with the narrow win over Northland to stay at the top, Wairarapa Bush beat the winless Harbour-Auckland to stay 2nd and Hawke's Bay thrash 4 man BOP to stay 3rd - these 3 are all assured of a semi-final place. South Island, Northland and Counties-Waikato can all take the final place.

    Canes4life picked 7 from 7 but was only 7th best for the weekend with only 1 margin and no category pick. Number 10 was the best with 57 but is still only 16th overall. Winger leads again but the top 5 are separated by only 6 points so all to play for.

    Justin77 and Higgins will play the TSF Cup final over the next 2 weekends.


  • It's the final round for the team's comp before the semi-finals start next week - 4 weeks to go of tipping and then it's the summer break.


  • Tipping carnage for the weekend and Virgil knocked Richie off his perch by claiming the worst tipping week with just 7 points. Richie was 2nd best just a point behind Joan and Mary who was the only one to get to 40 points and the only one to pick 6/7 (nobody at all picked the Cantabs to lose). It was an odd week all round with the top and low scorers (BOP and Counties) also being picked as the complete opposite.

    Nothing changed in the team's competition in the final round with South Island winning to retain 4th spot despite wins for Northland and Counties Waikato. Wellington beat Wairarapa Bush to claim the minor premiership and the semis next week will be

    Wellington v South Island
    Wairarapa Bush v Hawke's Bay

    Special mention to Harbour-Auckland who completed the perfect 7 games, 7 defeats season.

    The new leader is Canes4life (only he and Gunner picked BOP as top scorers) and he leads by 3 from Bay Imports with Winger dropping back to 3rd.

    In the Cup final, Higgins and Justin77 drew their first leg 22-22 so all to play for next week.


  • yay us - we're perfect!

  • @dogmeat 😆

    We almost beat Tasman!

  • @Tim @dogmeat Given 4 of your 6 players are nestling in the bottom 7 overall, there's a good case for kicking Tim off the team for being too good.

  • @KiwiPie there's a table? with us on it?

    Seems overkill.

  • how many of us tipped the mighty Stags?

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