Rip 60 Workout system

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    Anyone used this or know anyone else who has?

    A guy at work here has bought one and started using it and reckons it is pretty good (big guy, ex-Army and amatuer boxer type so has been in the past heavily into his fitness)

    Thinking about picking one up, from the website ($69.99USD) not Rebel Sport who have them for >$200.00

  • Looks suspiciously like something from an infommercial TR but I suggest you give it a go on a 60 day trial or something. Post results on your thread obviously so when you're a lean ripped fighting machine we can all follow suit

  • oh I am sure it is...while I am sure many are a waste of time/space, there must also be some that work as well.

    I have the instructional DVD so I'll have a watch before I take the plunge, but the guy at work reckons it is pretty good.

  • If its anything like this: [url=""][/url]

    I have a cousin who has been doing this sort of training for quite sometime. I would say hes not as strong as me but he swears by it and can do some pretty interesting stuff like handstand pushups and human flag, which is the kind of thing this sort of training promotes. Hes also into martial arts and finds that this sort of stuff better as he reckons pure weight training reduces flexibilty and speed. Depends what you're into i guess. Wouldnt trust an ex-army type though, i hear they're all sissies

  • watched one of the instrctional DVD's on it, sure looks good for flexibility and toning, but in terms of strength and power, less so.

    Be somethign to incorporate into workouts with weights and the like IMO, especially for the core.

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