Northland MOTM v naki

  • After Auckland:

    Matiu 5
    Hyland 5
    Olsen 4
    Goodhue 3
    J-Deb 1

  • Matiu was again one of our best this week, carried and defended strongly, often a lone ranger, but worked away tirelessly.
    Caird, very good outing for his starting debut, after seeing him at club level I wondered if his frame would be upto it, but he got stuck in and threw himself about and acquitted himself well.
    McNamara, not a flashy player but just gets stuck in and does his work.

    Thought a few of the subs made a good fist of it when they came on too.

  • Umm yep I plucked three out of my anuk...

    Caird - quite a light frame, but gets through some work. Gutsy effort.

    Matiu - Biggest ticker on deck at the minute. I like him.

    Gregory - yeah he made some boo boos but didn’t stop trying to invent and get go forward. Wasn’t helped by our rippa rugby quality midfield stymying anything that resembled rugby.

  • Matiu, McNamara, Sweetman ( impressed in short stint - good to see him back)