Hardcore nutrition 20% off for TSF'ers

  • boys n girls (?).

    Check out www.hardcorenutrition.co.nz

    we've got a bit of a deal going with HCN, and I'll be getting a log in and code shortly, and anyone who logs in and buys via that will get a 20% discount on the RRP.

    There protein powders taste good, too, best I have tasted across the board, makes my current (and soon to be ex methinks) Raisey's protein taste like half mixed powdered glue paste...

    SO check out what they have, which is HEAPS, and I'll get those codes as soon as we work out how to set them up properly!!

    Tell your friends too, if you have any...

  • OK boys and gulls - go here - http://www.hardcorenutrition.co.nz/cartlogin.php

    and then log in using

    oversize20 - password - twenty

    you then change delivery details etc to YOU (unless you want to pay for my protein powder, I have not problem with that ), and shop until your heart is content.

    this offer will run out when I remember too, so let your mates know, good value, and good products.

    If you're unsure on what would be good for you, ask away in here.

  • Bummer, was going to use this for my son's supplies but the shipping cost to Invercargill is huge! Pity as the price after your discount was competitive.

  • Good stuff Bart.

    Just stocked up on protein (5kg) but next time I need some I will take advantage of this.

  • yeah, that sucks the North Island / South Island shipping!

    JK - feel free to tell your friends, have you had any of their stuff before, nice tasting that is for sure, although we'll be going to egg whites in the next ten or so days

  • Will do mate. Havent used any of their stuff before. MIght try the kre-alkalyn

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