Hawke's Bay v Taranaki

  • Taranaki

    1 Chris Gawler (17 caps)
    2 Ricky Riccitelli (23)
    3 Donald Brighouse (5)
    4 Leighton Price (29)
    5 Mitch Brown (c) (33)
    6 Heiden Bedwell-Curtis (5)
    7 Tom Florence (14)
    8 Pita Gus Sowakula (20)
    9 Lisati Milo-Harris (4)
    10 Stephen Perofeta (28)
    11 Jackson Ormond (62)
    12 Teihorangi Walden (16)
    13 Regan Verney (4)
    14 Waisake Naholo (40)
    15 Jayson Potroz (9)

    16 Bradley Slater (4)
    17 Jarred Proffit (28)
    18 Kyle Stewart (11)
    19 Josh Lord (1)
    20 Johnny Faletagoa’i-Malase (1)
    21 Xavier Roe (5)
    22 Daniel Waite (13)
    23 Liam Blyde (1)

    Unavailable for selection: Reuben O’Neill (ankle), Tupou Vaa’i (leg), Jesse Parete (concussion), Lachlan Boshier (shoulder), Kaylum Boshier (foot), Te Toiroa Tahuriorangi (family bereavement), Kini Naholo (hamstring), Lukas Halls (knee), Sean Wainui (suspension) and Brayton Northcott-Hill (shoulder).

    Unavailable for the season: Manasa Mataele (knee) and Fin Hoeata (shoulder).


  • Magpies squad, according to the Mitre 10 Cup website:

    1: Pouri Rakete-Stones
    2: Ash Dixon
    3: Ben May
    4: Isaia Walker-Leawere
    5: Tom Parsons
    6: Geoff Cridge
    7: Brendon O'Connor
    8: Devan Flanders
    9: Folau Fakatava
    10: Lincoln McClutchie
    11: Mason Emerson
    12: Danny Toala
    13: Stacey Ili
    14: Neria Fomai
    15: Caleb Makene

    16 Kianu Kereru-Symes,
    17 Jason Long,
    18 Joel Hintz,
    19 Marino Mikaele-Tu’u,
    20 Josh Kaifa,
    21 Zach Donaldson,
    22 Timo Vaiusu,
    23 Ollie Sapsford

    No Michael Allardice, Gareth Evans. Injured again?
    Flanders getting his first start at 8 this season.
    Mikaele-Tu'u returning from injury via the bench.

  • From the Hawke's Bay Today:

    Tomorrow night Parsons will replace Chiefs lock Michael Allardice who collected a shoulder injury in Hamilton.
    "Michael could have played as it isn't serious but we decided to give it more time to recover," Magpies head coach Mark Ozich said today.
    The only other change to the Magpies starting XV sees Devan Flanders replace Gareth Evans at No 8. Former All Black Evans injured an ankle against Waikato but Ozich said he will be available for next week's match against Bay of Plenty in Tauranga.
    Changes to the Magpies subs bench see Highlanders loosie Marino Mikaele-Tu'u replace Flanders and Zac Donaldson replace Johnny Ika as the back-up halfback. Should Mikaele-Tu'u take the field it will be his first outing of the season for the Magpies after a six-week spell with a shin issue.
    Ozich said Mikaele-Tu'u, a two-season New Zealand under-20 rep like Flanders, had more than 40 minutes of action for the Hawke's Bay Saracens against the Wellington Development team last weekend and went well. It will be a big night for the Mikaele-Tu'u family as his sister Liana will make her starting XV debut for the Big Barrel Tui when they take on Taranaki in a third-round Farah Palmer Cup Championship clash in the 5pm curtainraiser.
    Ozich pointed out the Magpies will wear black armbands as a mark of respect to Koro Mullins who died earlier this week. A long-time Aotea club supporter, Mullins, was the husband of Hawke's Bay Rugby Football Union board member Mavis Mullins.

  • @Nepia have you found anywhere in Aussie this is on? FFS one job foxtel one job. Play all the sports teams I like.

    Is it that hard!

  • @Magpie_in_aus said in Hawke's Bay v Taranaki:

    @Nepia have you found anywhere in Aussie this is on? FFS one job foxtel one job. Play all the sports teams I like.

    Is it that hard!

    Ah tutae, I just assumed Kayo was playing all the matches - but yep, can't find it. 😞

    It's not like there's any other matches on at the same time.

  • @Nepia What? Kayo isn't playing it? What devilry is this?

    ...might be for my benefit the way the Naki is going

  • @Rembrandt said in Hawke's Bay v Taranaki:

    @Nepia What? Kayo isn't playing it? What devilry is this?

    ...might be for my benefit the way the Naki is going

    Yep, not playing it - they only have "selected" matches. Idiots.

  • Half an hour played in the Farah Palmer Cup game and the Bay are leading 31 - 0. Yes, you read that right.

  • Farah Palmer Cup
    Half time: Hawke's Bay 36 - 0 Taranaki

  • Taranaki still on nil in the Mitre10 Cup game as well!

  • First time I'm hearing that the HIA replacement rules don't apply in the Farah Palmer Cup. A player who goes off for a HiA can't come back on.

  • Holy Moly. The Tui have brought on an 18-year old reserve prop who is about as big as Ben Tameifuna.

  • Liana Mikaele-Tu'u is a massive talent. Only 17 years old.

  • It's full time in the Farah Palmer Cup game:

    Hawke's Bay Tui 74 - 0 Taranaki Whio

  • Less than 2 minutes after kick-off, it's Emerson who scores for the Bay.

  • Jez, that's a pin pricking penalty. 6 on 5 in a lineout that we managed to botch onall on our own on our throw!

  • A clear forward pass missed by both the touchie and the ref. Hopefully that will be the only one that falls into that category tonight. Sadly past experience indicates it probably won't be. Still seven nil to us after eight minutes Nepia and Maggies in Aus.

  • Makene victim of a horrible bounce of the ball and Potroz scores for Taranaki.

  • 7 all after 10 minutes

  • Hell yeah, another one for Emerson!

  • @Stargazer A bit of bad luck there but our try was also the result of an unlucky bounce against Taranaki. Mason Emerson scores as I write that after another solo break from Fakatava. 14 - 07 to the Bay after 13 minutes after the McLutchie conversion.

  • Appreciate the updates guys

  • A 5 metre line out with our throw, possibly soon to become 19 - 7?

  • I am liking the halves combination of Fakatava and McClutchie. for the Magpies..

  • Heldf up over the line, Five metre scrum, our ball.

  • @Jailbreak7 Yeah. And to think they're 19 and 20 years old!

  • And the second five is the same age too.

  • Yesss, Try Danny Toala!

  • 21 - 7 to the Bay. 22 minutes played.

    Now an injury break for Riccitelli

  • Riccitell off; Slater on

  • Set up by a nice burst to the right from the 5 metre scrum by No. 8 Devan Flanders who spun his way to the line before the recycle was spun to the left and Toala went outside his maker to dot down. The conversion attempt again raises the touchies flags.
    HB 21 - 07 Taranaki after 22 minutes

  • Brendon O'Connor steal a 'Naki lineout throw 5 metres short of our line and the ball is cleared down over the half way mark after Taranaki had had a couple of minutes of marked ascendency. Some good tackling in defence it must be said was shown by the Bay to snuff out several strong bursts by the visitors.

  • McClutchie's kicking is going well tonight.

  • Two more nice bits of play by Danny Toala. S steal of the ball in a one on one tackle and then another semi break when he again went past his markers left hand side. Looks like another 5 metre lineout for the Bay coming up

  • But its ruled a not straight throw and the 'Naki are, temporarily I hope, off the hook with just eight minutes to go to half time.

  • If they haven’t already the Hurricanes should sign up McClutchie asap. Reminds me of Cruden.

  • Another scrum coming up for the Bay.

  • Taranaki are under a warning from the referee. Another side-entry.

  • @pukunui said in Hawke's Bay v Taranaki:

    If they haven’t already the Hurricanes should sign up McClutchie asap. Reminds me of Cruden.

    That will never happen as they have got JGB still tucked up and he is from Wellington and McLutchie is from HB. That usually sums things up where the Hurricanes are concerned.

  • Another line-out coming up.

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