Front page articles

  • If anyone wants to write something for the front page:

    1) Click on New Topic
    2) Select 'Front Page' from the Category menu
    submit front page.png

    3) Write what you want.. and submit. The new thread will be created but won't be visible
    4) Wait. Sorry, it’s a manual process for it to get add to the website. Also, I might add some pics/video etc

    I was hoping to automate this but the software I want to use is too buggy.. in a few months it'll be automated.

    Also, send me a chat if you write something in a thread and want it on the front page.

    There's some good content in the threads that becomes difficult to find a week later. It's a way of having a better link to that content

  • We're starting to get some good content on the front page again

    @booboo 's 19 part series on RWC's

    @gt12 reviewing various test matches

    @Stargazer has been busy too. The SR team pages are up to date with current transfers

  • I was looking at some of the archives.. @Bartman was prolific but there were plenty of others contributing

    Those were good starting starting points for conversations on the forum







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