Booze and the effects on training

  • So after being a pretty heavy drinker most of my adult life I have made a real effort to curb my boozing as much as humanly possible and almost a month into it things have gone really well so far. Belt is feeling looser, I'm recovering better after smashing tin in the garage, I'm setting a better example for my kids and I'm enjoying the times I do have a casual drink much more ( drank four shady pales while watching the cricket the other night but the other two will stay in the fridge until friday ). bottle of wine also lasted three days as opposed to three hours ( if that ). Baby steps by some standards but shit I'm still proud of myself.....

    Not saying for a second that I'm an elite athlete or anything but personally in the past I've never thought it effected me quite as much as it maybe did, I guess I look at guys like Zac Guildford, Norm Hewitt, Tony Two Ton Gallento ( google him ) who have been excellent drinkers/athletes ( Well maybe not Guildford haha ). I now know I'm following guidelines which will serve me well in the long run.

    What will be good for this is that there are no major piss ups on the immediate horizon. I'm hosting a BBQ type thing for a few mates before heading to the new Bond flick in November but like the great man himself will try and keep to a mere two or three martini's, not 10. Has anyone else noticed dramatic changes after giving up/cutting down on the jungle juice ?

  • No dramatic but feeling a lot better for it and hopefully looking it too.

    Use to often have a beer with dinner but nowadays it is pretty much water only. Still like to have a beer in hand whilst driving the bbq but if I do its just the one. Summer will surely be more of a challenge.

    Mentioned it in other thread but I've been on the low carb macs beer and its not bad and at something like 5g of carbs per beer its not killing my daily marcos.

  • I haven't really had a drink now seriously sine 2009. And don't miss it at all, and love not being hungover and wasting a day feeling like shit. And Wallet likes it too. Last time written off was 40th birthday January 2011, and probably less than a dozen drinks in total since then. My Xmas box of Macs Gold lasts through to next Xmas now days.

  • Yeah can't quite see myself ever being like that Bart but I've definitely taken the first steps, thats for sure ! all of this combined with the training and diet ( both of which have been pretty decent for years but could always be a bit better ) should see a new me !

  • Wasn't a concious choice, just happened by accident, no chance to drink while on the bodybuilding lean downs, and now that all my mates etc understand, they don't try and peer pressure me into a beer. if I go out, a diet ginger beer or whatever floats my boat!!

  • Schnitzel is about to be served and I'm gonna have a glass or two of tonic water with it

  • I have a danger long weekend coming up - going to spend a few days with my parents who like a drink and wonder what is wrong if you don't join in... but I'll push through. Even taking my five fingers for morning runs to keep the weight falling off.

  • Hahaha, no issue with me, I get evils from Mum if I have a second drink......the old man is another story ( as long as she isn't around )

  • Strange thing: ran a 5km PB the morning after a few very large rums with the old man while on holiday. One of those things where the weather was perfect, the track fairly flat, and the attitude was just "oh well, just do that mofo!"

  • Some good reading on about the effects of alcohol on fat loss and general training etc. Worth a read [url=""]http://www.leangains...and-muscle.html[/url]

  • Good read there JK, just got a new job so allowed myself a couple of celebratory rums on thursday and having a nice reisling as we speak but on the whole will be keeping up with the cutting down.

  • Sensible drinking there bud!

  • had my first beer in the past 7 days (8 days ago I had my uncles 60th, so had probably 4 or 5 Pures, and about 4 or 5 Beam and Cola (not RTD) felt fine the next day, had it while cooking up a nice steak on the BBQ tonight though...bought a dozen Stoke Amber 3 weeks ago, there are 6 left, and Mrs TR has had 3.

  • Wife out so having a few jokers round, all of them have to drive, I obviously don't so will have a few but not too many tonight.

  • Had 1 low carb beer whilst driving the bbq last night and that was it. Am sure to knock a few back after my holes of golf on Friday though!

  • Mate came over and brought beer, so I broke my promise and had two of Aldi's offerings. Not bad actually

  • [quote name='JK' timestamp='1349507280' post='315632']
    Had 1 low carb beer whilst driving the bbq last night and that was it. Am sure to knock a few back after my holes of golf on Friday though!

    I have an ambrose golf day next beer carts around all day...

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