Magpies v Otago (Championship SF)

  • The Championship Semi-Final between the Magpies and Otago has been confirmed for Saturday, 19 October 2019 at 4.45pm (McLean Park, Napier).

    It will be a double header. The Hawke's Bay Tui will play their Farah Palmer Cup Championship Semi-Final against Northland at 2.05pm.

  • Otago

    1 Aki Seiuli
    2 Steven Misa
    3 Hisa Sasagi
    4 Sione Misiloi
    5 Josh Dickson
    6 Adam Thomson
    7 Slade McDowall
    8 Dylan Nel
    9 Rowan Gouws
    10 Vilimoni Koroi
    11 Jona Nareki
    12 Josh Ioane
    13 Aleki Morris-Lome
    14 Henry Purdy
    15 Michael Collins (c)

    16 Sekonaia Pole
    17 George Bower
    18 Saula Ma’u
    19 Josh Hill
    20 Mika Mafi
    21 Connor McLeod
    22 Taylor Haugh
    23 Matt Whaanga

  • Koroi at 10 again. I wasn't expecting that.

  • @Duluth when hawkes Bay getting announced

  • Magpies

    1 Pourie Rakete-Stones
    2 Ash Dixon (c)
    3 Ben May
    4 Michael Allardice
    5 Tom Parsons
    6 Marino Mikaele-Tu'u
    7 Brendon O'Connor
    8 Gareth Evans (vc)
    9 Folau Fakatava
    10 Lincoln McClutchie
    11 Mason Emerson
    12 Stacey Ili
    13 Neria Fomai
    14 Caleb Makene
    15 Tiaan Falcon

    16 Kianu Kereru-Symes
    17 Jason Long
    18 Joel Hintz
    19 Isaia Walker-Leawere
    20 Josh Kaifa
    21 Devan Flanders
    22 Ollie Sapsford
    23 Jonah Lowe

    So indeed, Danny Toala out injured. That's a huge loss.
    Jonah Lowe returns from injury via the bench.
    6-2 split on the bench and no reserve halfback.

  • Is Chris Eaton away whitebaiting somewhere?

  • @Stargazer said in Hawke's v Otago (Championship SF):

    6-2 split on the bench and no reserve halfback.

    Why would you take that risk? McClutchie moves to halfback and Falcon to 1st 5?

    Hawke's should win this game easily.

  • @Bovidae Yeah, I think that's what will happen if Fakatava gets injured. So far this season, Fakatava's replacement (Zach Donaldson) has had very little game time. If Fakatava was subbed at all, it was always very late in the game, so Fakatava can easily go the full 80. So bench cover would only be injury cover. McClutchie can go to halfback, Falcon to first five, Makene to fullback.

    I just read in the Hawke's Bay Today (unfortunately behind the paywall; had to use a trick), that they expect Lowe to play only 20-30 minutes because he hasn't played much this year (due to injury), but they want to get him ready for the Final (if they win tomorrow). That also explains why both Sapsford and Lowe had to be on the bench. Apparently, that 6-2 split is more important than having a reserve halfback, although in a previous game, they changed that on game day.

    They also hope to have Danny Toala back for the Final.

    Interestingly, the Otago reserve halfback Connor McLeod is a St John's (Hastings) old boy. His father is former Magpies first five-eighth Ross McLeod. Connor was never selected for any of the Hawke's Bay rep teams.

  • @Higgins said in Hawke's v Otago (Championship SF):

    Is Chris Eaton away whitebaiting somewhere?

    alt text

  • Why do they never start isaia walker leweare

  • @Jonty-lean keeping the powder dry...

  • Sitting here in full supporters kit albeit still missing my flag which a certain Wellington Lions player will forever be tainted as the number 1 suspect in it's disappearance. Replacement black and white hooped socks might be the all important change that could make the difference in a narrow win becoming a big Magpies win and new beanie and scarf topping of the outfit.
    Oh here is the final top up to complete our pre-match build up for us HB supporters

    Bring it on!

  • Geez, horrific start for the 'Pies.

  • WTF, Collins wobbled through for the first try.

    FFS @Higgins this is what happens when you mention Eaton multiple times this week!

  • Yeah, not the best. I was still adjusting my cushions to make things a bit more comfortable so at least I was spared watching it!

  • @Nepia It was only the once, and it was in another thread!

  • @Higgins said in Hawke's v Otago (Championship SF):

    @Nepia It was only the once, and it was in another thread!

    Um, I think you need to read down this thread a bit. 😉

  • The start from the magpies is about as disappointing as the crowd that’s turned up..common on boys.,!

  • @Nepia Oh yeah I forgot about that other one but it got red carded by Stargazer so hopefully that negates it's effect!

  • Pfft, another soft try. Geez.

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