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    @Baron-Silas-Greenback said in Cricket: NZ vs England:

    @KiwiPie said in Cricket: NZ vs England:

    @Baron-Silas-Greenback said in Cricket: NZ vs England:

    @KiwiPie said in Cricket: NZ vs England:

    @Baron-Silas-Greenback said in Cricket: NZ vs England:

    @KiwiPie said in Cricket: NZ vs England:

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    I can see why they're digging in. Flailing and being all out for 440 makes no sense given the slowness of the pitch. If they can occupy the crease then the runs will come - still think this is heading for a draw though and the pitch has let down the grand occasion of Bay Oval's first test

    Wow... That's a terrible post. This pitch has made a game of it heading into day 5. That's the main goal of a test pitch.

    No that's just one of the goals of a test pitch. Not sure what your point is - the pitch lacks pace and bounce, hence why the chosen method of bowling has been dibblies bowling straight and waiting for a mistake. Which makes for dull cricket. It's not a disastrous pitch but it could be better and I'm fairly sure the groundsman will be told that.

    You literally said the pitch has ruined the test....

    No if that was the case I would have said "the pitch has ruined the test" - that is what literal means. What you're looking for is "implied" I think.

    OK I suppose it has bounce but lacks pace - so the bounce is rather gentle. Santner was fending them off as he appears to have no technique to play the short ball.

    What the test has showed is that England appears to be very poor at having a plan to take wickets and sticking to it. They let the test drift on and 2 middle to lower order players bat for a very long time.

    Well we are getting somewhere I guess... Now you are just complaining about a supposed lack of pace letting down the test. Which is still nonsense .

    So is it the pitch or bowlers fault that the 2 batsmen batted a long time? Personally I think it was good batting and sub-par bowling.

    And the pitch has already had good feedback from both camps.

    Why are you so defensive about the pitch - it is slow, full stop, nothing supposed about it. It has contributed to some anaemic cricket at times. Similar to a pitch on the sub-continent, although with not so much turn. It was striking how ineffective Leach looked though when there was some turn there for Santner.

    Because your over the top criticism of the pitch was stupid, and you have been walking it back ever since . A pitch supposedly being a little slow has not let down the test. All results are on the table. Bowlers have had to work for wickets and batsmen have had to work for runs. Why are you being so negative and churlish about the pitch?

    Actually your interpretation of my criticism of the pitch was that it was over the top - I've got nothing to walk back whereas you keep saying the pitch is "supposedly" slow where it is in fact slow as many pundits have stated. But we can keep going if you still want to argue that the pitch isn't slow ....

    No I am more interested in your nonsense that the pitch has let down the occasion and reduced the bowlers to bowling dibbly dobblies.
    As for pundits... So what? I disagree it is slow, so does the groundsman and at least one of the bowlers. NZC is also very happy with the pitch

    Stick that flag up on your hill Baron, you disagree that it is slow. Well I believe it is slow and according to all the reports I have read, I am correct and you are incorrect. But I know being in a very small minority is not a position you are uncomfortable with ....

    No I am more focused on the unmitigated churlish negativity you spouted that the pitch has let down the occasion. You are very keen to avoid discussing that gem. Feel free to share any reports that say the pitch has let down the occasion. I doubt you will.... Maybe you are in the small minority about the pitch being bad.

    I did say that it was the one blot on a perfect occasion, great looking Bay Oval, perfect weather etc etc. You construed it as having ruined the occasion and then you dug in deep on the pitch not being slow which it plainly is. A faster pitch would have made a much better spectacle in my opinion.

  • On the bright side, bad light won't be an issue in the final hour ....

  • Southee should be treating this like the final over of an ODI/T20 and bowling yorkers. They miss, you hit...

  • Time to give Santner a break, I think.

    Williamson - or maybe even Raval - for something different.

  • Nice - Jofra pulls one from Wagner down Matt Henry's throat!

    One to get now.

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    Nice - Jofra pulls one from Wagner down Matt Henry's throat!

    One to get now.

    Wagner is the golden arm ..... 181 wickets for the man now! (EDIT: 182)

  • And he hits Broad on leg stump with a full toss - and it's thanks for coming, England!

  • Awesome

  • Simple to bowl full to tail-enders. Well done lads!

  • All over.

    New Zealand win by an innings and 65 runs!

  • This is an immensely satisfying performance for me, totally out played England in all facets of play. Less talented my arse. Played to the conditions and the situation, played smart.

  • Last 5 wickets all to Wagner. Was just about to post that it was his first 5fer in the 4th innings of a test when I realised we were only in the the third still.

    Fantastic result.

  • What a fucking hiding. Take that you phony world champions.

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    the delusion of some English cricket tragics is amazing - stating unequivocably that this English team is more talented than NZ

    Bit optimistic when they've got a bunch of rookies and we've got:
    Williamson 3
    Nicholls 6
    Latham 8
    Rossco 13 the batting rankings; and
    Boult 6
    Wagner 8
    Southee 13 the bowling rankings.

    They've got Root, Stokes and the absent Jimmy Anderson inside the top 13s.

    Maybe getting a bit carried away with the power of Jofra?

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    What a fucking hiding. Take that you phony world champions.

    Fill yer boots! 🙂

  • an unsurprising home win for the #2 ranked side in world cricket. Very nice to perform to expectations

  • Looking ahead, if Boult's back isn't 100%, Ferguson should be primed to unleash in Hamilton.

  • Slightly disappointing that Santner threatened today, but didn't manage to add to his bag of wickets. I think that getting five-for would've done him more good than Wagner.

    The good thing is that Southee and Wagner only bowled 20 overs apiece today - so their workload in this test hasn't been horrendous - even though Trent was largely MIA today. Three days rest and they should be good to go on Friday. Santner bowled a lot more, but he shouldn't be required much on Day 1.

    Yep - think it's time to Unleash the Ferg-burger! Don't need to risk Boult with a 1-0 lead.

  • Hopefully that working over in the second innings will have weakened the English bowlers ready for the next game

  • @canefan Wagner and Southee bowled 6 and 4 overs yesterday, so 14 and 16 overs apiece today - that's not too much worse than an ODI.

    Even though we bowled more overs in this test than England, ours were nicely spaced, so I reckon significantly more damage to the English bowlers (aside from that Trent probably can't play - but compulsory rotation is not necessarily a bad thing).

    And we'll be buoyed by victory, while they'll have the bitter taste of defeat in their mouths! 🙂

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