We shall rebuild him...

  • After a year of ups and downs I find myself in the middle of November with a new job, a new left ACL and newly found motivation to get back into training. It felt that it was the right time to start posting on this forum again and start publically tracking my training and rehab activities.

    I am now about four and a half months post op, and looking back on that time it has gone bloody quick in retrospect but it has been filled with a lot of frustration and false starts. There were to many times where I seemed to take 2 steps forward, and 1 step backwards. I’ve had to learn to really read the body and know when to push the body, and when to pull back. One tweaked hamstring a month ago was a sharp reminder of that. Another lesson that I have finally learnt after all of these years is that the phsyio knows best and to follow her instructions to the letter. (If only I learnt that 10 years ago, I’d still have ankles in one piece).

    In regards to the rehab I need to try do something every day. Through trial and error I have found that 2-3 exercises a night is about right. Too many more and the fatigue over the week kicks in and I set myself up to blow out. My rehab is a mixture of exercises based around increasing stability as well as strengthening the calves, hamstrings and quads of both legs. The golden rule is to do the single leg exercises at the same weight on both legs so that I minimise the strength difference between the two legs.

    With cardio I’ve been given almost free reign on the choice of exercise. I’ve done a few spin classes, and have got more into my flat surface running again. Due to the lack of strength in my quads I am not allowed to run down hill, but I can do as much flat road, or hill running as my heart desires (although to be honest my lungs seem to be more of a resistance than my knee).

    The previous six weeks has seen me get back into my weights as well. I switched gyms and now train alongside one of my team mates three times a week. I have got back into the core, and super set everything that I do in the gym with a set of core. The stronger my core has become the easier the exercises are.
    I train with him Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and while we do a bit of everything each night I do try to personally target chest on Monday, shoulders on Wednesday and back on Friday while including my knee rehab when and where I can. We do try varying it up though. Barbell work on Monday and dumbbell work on Wednesday. I have also been making an effort to head to the gym on Sundays to do some extras focusing on biceps and triceps.

    Having that spot to push me through the pain of those extra reps has seen me make more gains over the last 6 weeks than I made over the entire of last summer. I am still a long way off where I was in 07/08 but this has been the strongest my upper body has been since that time with Waikato. If that’s the gains

    I’ve got over the last 6 weeks, I am excited to see what I can do over the upcoming summer.

    Apoligies for this first post being a little bit long winded but I thought it was easiet to get it all out there and down on the page at once. I’ll try my best to keep this up to date as I found it helped last year by keeping me accountable.

  • Welcome back chubster.

    Looks like you are off to a good start and loving the positive attitude mate!

  • Good stuff mate - wish I'd gone to a physio when I first did my ankle properly as a younger man. I'd not have had the gyp its undergone since.

    With the running, I reckon finding a flat spot in NZ you'd have to go around the local oval 20 times But I've found a good way to build the quads up is hill sprints - find a good hill and run to the top flat out, walk back down. Do that a few times and you'll know it.

    Have a look at the Running with Eric video I've linked into one of my latest posts - showed me a couple of things I was missing about running style and I think its really going to help me.

    Time to kick arse!

  • Banned

    Good luck mate. The will is obviously there and no doubt you'll find the way

  • Training tonight. Went for a 3km road run first around the block. Knocked it out in 15 mins and got one hell of a sweat up. Then went down to the gym.

    3 sets of max chin ups.
    3x10 seated row super setted with 1min side prone bridge on each side.
    10/10/8 of barbell bench press supersetted with 15kg russian twists 25 each side
    10/8/8 incline barbell bench supersetted with 10x 15kg sit ups
    3x8 standing military press. (one rep is start on your chest, lift it up and lower behind the head, the return it to the start)
    3x10 es dumbell bent over row.
    3 sets of 28's for biceps.

  • Did a spin session tonight. My partners dad runs his own spin classes from his house under the spinner banner. 45 mins of work and it was a different beast to Les Mills RPM. He's got the scanners and computers on the bikes and focuses on cadence and heart rate and about targetting certain areas. Tonights session was interval endurance based. Doing seated and standing climbs for 3-6 mins while maintaining 55-65 RPM is a test.

    It was a good workout. He focuses on both working hard but also focuses on bringing the heart rate back down so you can go again. Good way to burn 500-600 calaries.

  • Just some extras today. Did an easy five minutes on the rower to warm up and loosen the knee up after spin last night. Did three sets of 15 each side box step ups done with a 25kg weight bag. The leg was still a bit stiff at that point so I left the rehab at that and got into the biceps and triceps.

    5x10 reps of ez bar curl (25kg, 27.5, 27.5, 25, 25/8)
    3x10 Cable biceps curl (overhand grip) (36, 42, 42)
    3 sets of barbell bicep curls - 28's (25kg)
    3x10 Cable birceps curl (underhand grip) (42kg)
    3x10 dumbell hammer curls (17.5kg es)

    3x10 seated ez bar triceps extension (25kgish) super setted with 3x12 bodyweight dips
    3x10 e/s dumbell tricep kick backs (6kg)
    3x10 cable tricep extensions (42kg) supersetted with 3x10 cable tricep pull downs (42kg)

  • mate, I've been enjoying road cycling - you like biking? I picked up a good second hand bike too for $150! be good for your knee, and more fun than spin classes!!

  • I've got my hands on my brothers old road bike recently. I've been for a couple bikes on it and quite enjoyed it. We've had some terrible weather over the weekends when I've wanted to go for some more rides and I don't quite have the confidence yet to readily bike in shit weather with such narrow wheels (despite my brother insisting that they stick to the road "like shit to a blanket")

  • mines a mid 90s canondale - all class, and the gear changers are still on the bike frame, unlike all the flash ones that have their changers on the brake levers etc! Reckon I'll be the only one in the Taupo ride riding retro!

  • One of the hardest things I find with the bike is that the breaks are under the handle bars in the racing position which makes indicating and breaking while going into a turn almost impossible.

    Another weights this evening.

    5 min bike
    3 sets of max body weight wide grip chins (8,5,5)
    3x10 of Smith machine bench squats (50kg, 55, 60) supersetted with 3x5 single leg smith machine squats (10kg, 15, 15)
    Barbell Bench Press super setted with 5 explosive clap press ups (70x10, 90x10, 105x 8 +2 negatives, 120 x 2 + 3 negatives, 80x12 + 2 negatives)
    3 x max body weight dips (6 reps, 8, 😎
    3 x 8 (40kg) standing military press - starting from the front, going behind the head then back to the start (the last 2-3 reps of each set was quite heavily spotted by this point)
    Bridges. 1 min front, 30 sec rest, 1 min left side, 30 sec rest, 1 min right side, 30 sec rest, 1 min front
    Finished off with some light dead lifts for rehab. 4 x 10 (30kg, 40kg, 50kg, 50kg)

    It was awesome to get through the squats and deadlifts in the same session. Really starting to feel some gains in the quads, but through in the dead lifts because I really need to start getting some decent work on the hammies as theyre quite noticeably small. Knees a litle bit achy now, but nothing a bit of ice and rest wont fix.

  • [quote name='Chubby13' timestamp='1353312328' post='326336']One of the hardest things I find with the bike is that the breaks are under the handle bars in the racing position which makes indicating and breaking while going into a turn almost impossible.[/quote]

    Get a flat bar (hybrid). Still light weight but more upright position.

  • When ever Ive brought bikes I do get the hybrids. Had a bloody nice bike in Hamilton before it was stolen. The bike i picked up was my brothers old bike which he can no longer ride, which I picked off of him for $40. Unfortunately my cheapness wins out haha.

  • Its been a tough couple days. My usual shoulder session yesterday, and just did my Friday back session tonight due to our clubs meet the coaches evening tomorrow night.

    Shoulder session was:
    3 x max BW wide grip chins (6,5,4)
    Knee rehab with the bosu ball.
    3 x 10 cable wood chops high to low (90lbs) super setted with 1 min side prone bridge each side
    3 x 10 cable wood chops low to high (80lbs) super setted with 1 min front prone bridge
    10, 10, 7 DB flat bench (45kg es, 47.5, 47.5)
    10, 8, 8 DB seated shoulder press (27.5 kg es)
    15, 10, 10 EZ bar bicep curls (bar plus 25kgs)
    3 x DB shoulder tri-set (10 front raises, 10 side flies, 10 shoulder presses; 8 kg dumbells, dont drop the dumbells until all three exercises are done) s/s 25 es bicycle crunches

    Back session was:

    3 x max (8,5,4) underhand narrow grip chins.
    3 x 10 seated cable row (66kgs, 72, 72) super setted with 1 min front prone bridge
    3 x 10 wide grip lat pull downs (72, 78, 78) super setted with 1 min side prone bridge each side
    3 x 10 tricep dips (BW, +10kg, +10kg)
    3x10 es dumbell bent over row (40kg) super setted with sit ups (with 20kg plate)
    3x10 ez bar seated tricep extensions (bar + 20kgs) super setted 3x10 rope tricep pull downs (42kg)
    3x10 ez bar standing upright row/pull (bar + 30kgs)

  • 5.6km run in 29 mins. Sweat out the dozen from last nights club BBQ. I was able to lightly jog down hill for the first time which was rewarding. Still have to walk down anything to steep though

  • 3km run in 15min followed by biceps and triceps. Hot work today. Hopefully the weathers the sign of things to come.

  • fabulous factoid.

    when you drink grog, you will not use any fat cells for 48 hours or so as an energy source, the alcohol and the sugar in the booze gets used first.

    So you will have sweated out, or started to sweat out the booze, but you won't be getting any leaner or mean-er. Maybe mean-er...

  • [quote name='BartMan' timestamp='1353895209' post='327953']
    fabulous factoid.

    when you drink grog, you will not use any fat cells for 48 hours or so as an energy source, the alcohol and the sugar in the booze gets used first.

    So you will have sweated out, or started to sweat out the booze, but you won't be getting any leaner or mean-er. Maybe mean-er...

    Does it matter how much you drink? Interesting fact though.

    Today was interesting at work. Had to go for a walk at lunchtime as the body was quite stiff after the two runs that I did over the weekend. Knee felt fine, but the hamstrings and calves were tight.

    Tonight I had to mix my work out a little bit as my training partner was going to be late. Warmed up with 5mins on the rower then got into squats.

    3 x 5 es Smith machine box squats (15kgs, 17.5, 20 - not including the bar) supersetted with:
    3 x 10 Smith machine box squats (55, 67.5, 80 - not including the bar)
    8, 6, 5 BW underhand chin ups.
    3 x 10 Dips (BW + 10 kgs)
    3 x 10 es sprinter lunges (25kgs)
    3 x 10 barbell dead lifts (60, 70, 80)
    3 x 8 barbell military press - 1 rep = start in front, lower behind the head then return (40kg)
    10x 60kg, 10x 70 kg, 8 + 2 negatives x 80kgs, 7+ 3 negatives x 90 kgs, 5 + 3 negatives x 100kgs
    3 x 20 medicine ball throw crunches (10kg medicine ball crunches)

    I was stoked with the weights that I am starting to get with my leg exercises. The single leg squats suck, but its more of a technique thing. They are an awkward exercise to do. Deadlifts are feeling really good, but Ive got to be careful how quickly that I load the weights on, especially that stage of the work out. While I didnt push as much as I normally do for bench by doing it last rather than first, I was pleasantly surprised that i was able to do the reps through out the sets that I did, considering I struggled with the warm up at 60.

    ive got the phsyio tomorrow for my first check up in three weeks. Potentially will be beginning speed work and diagonal work. Looking forward to it.

  • I expect it does effect you more or less depending on how much you drink! But as we don't drink sweet FA anymore haven't really looked into it! Two beers after the Taupo ride has been about it since Xmas last.

  • Last wednesday night was my normal Shoulders work out that Ive been doing the last month with my training partner. Had two work do's on Friday and Saturday night which mixed things up a bit. I did a 40 min leg session on Friday morning. Reasonably light work out, but managed to do bench squats at 100kgs and dead lifts at 90 kgs which I was really happy with. I did a back session on Saturday afternoon. I had 40 mins free before I had to be at the work do so it was short and sharp.

    3 x BW reverse narrow grip chins
    3 x 10 Narrow, neutral grip lat pull downs supersetted to 3x 10 seated cable rows.
    3 x 10 es DB row super set with 3 x 10 barbell upright row
    3 x 10 barbell good mornings
    (I cant remember what else I did)

    Monday night was the clubs first training. I couldnt take part of it so just did some cardio and core. Did a 3 km run to warm up before I got there. The boys did 6 x 5mins blocks. 1st block I ran, Next 15 - 20 mins I did some BW core exercises including bridges, heel touches, and bicycle crunches. After the training finished I went to the gym and did 30 mins of arms.

    ez bar bicep curls
    weighted dips
    DB bicep curls into arnold press
    cable bicep curls
    ez bar tricep extensions
    hammer curls
    rope tricep pull downs

    Tonight I tried to do something a little bit different. Ive been doing the same work out the last 5-6 weeks and have been quite worn out this week. To try and shock the body I did a couple of circuits tonight.

    5 mins warm up on rowing machine

    I did a barbell circuit. 40 kg on the bar, 5 rounds of 5 exercises, 10 reps a piece, cant drop the bar until all exercises is done.
    Bent over row
    hang cleans
    front squats
    push press
    back squats

    2-3 mins rest while I set up my back/shoulders circuit. 5 rounds of each exercise with no break. Drop weight as needed in order to hit the 10 reps. Do as quick as I could.
    BW Dips
    barbell cable curls
    wide grip lat pull downs
    DB bent over row
    seated cable row
    strength bag clean and push
    DB arnold press

    5 min on the rower for warm down.

    The work out was deffianately a shock to the system. I havent worked on weight endurance for a long time. It wrecked my fore arms as well. After I finished I tried to open the lid of my drink bottle and my forearms cramped up on me which can only be a good sign haha.

  • 10km on the rower tonight in 39.56min

  • Last night I did 1km on the treadmill to warm up followed by some rehab for 20 mins then a chest session for 40 mins. My training partner didnt turn up so wasn't able to push the heavier weights, but concentrated the workout onto a single area.

    3 x 10es db walking lunges (30kg)
    3x5 es single leg smith machine bench squats (bar + 15, 17.5, 20)
    5 x 5 es single leg jumps onto a step. - I was absolutely stoked to be able to do this. I could barely jump an inch on my left leg a week and a half a go. So to be able to do this last night was awesome.

    Flat barbell bench ( 10 x 60, 10 x 80, 10 x 90, 5 x 100, 5 x 90)
    Incline DB bench (10 x 25 es, 10 x 27.5es, 8 x 27.5, 7 x 27.5)
    Decline DB bench (10x 27.5es, 10 x 35, 10 x 35, 8 x 35)
    DB bench flies (3 sets 10x 17.5)
    Cable cross over (10 x 36 es, 7 x 36/3 x 30, 4 x 36/ 6 x 30, 8 x 30, 8 x 30)
    (I cant think of the name of the last exercise but I laid on the bench with a dumbell and did a similar movement to the tricep extensions but I keep the arms relatively straight to stretch the chest out) 10 x 27.5, 10 x 30, 10 x 30)

  • Biked to inglewood and back today. Didn't check what time I left but it was between 2 and 2 1/2 hours. Really enjoyed the bike ride and managed to hit by second wind about 4-5 km from inglewood which made the return leg a lot more fun haha

  • Just googled the distance and it was a 40 km bike ride. Im reasonably stoked with it.

  • Went Down to training tonight and did intervals while the boys trained. Had a 5 min warm up. 10 x 100m going every 1 min. 10 x 200m going every 90 secs. 10 x 100m going every 1 min. I had about a 3 min break between sets. I pulled the pin then as started to feel my knee

  • Did an RPM spin session tonight at the gym then followed it up after a quick snack and protein snack by a gym session.

    10 x 60, 10 x 80, 10 x 95, 7 x 105, 6 x 105 Barbell bench Press
    10 x 40, 10 x 45, 10 x 47.5, 8 x 47.5 T Bar bent over row super set with 25 es bicycle crunches
    10 x 35 es, 10 x 40 es, 10 x 40 es, 8 x 40 es Decline DB bench press, tri-set with cable cross overs (10 x 30kg es), with 20 heel touches es
    3 sets of 8 @ 40 kg barbell military presses (to behind the head then return to the front)
    3 x 10 EZ bar bicep curls (bar + 25, 25, 25/6 - 20/4) super setted with 10 BW dips
    3 X 10 es DB hammer curls (15, 17.5, 20)
    4 sets of medicine crunches with 10 kg medicine ball. (x 20, x 25, x 25, x 25)

  • Shoulder day today. Stayed away from the cardio to give the legs and especially the knee a break today.

    10, 8, 7 BW narrow grip chins.
    10, 10, 8 Dips with a 20 kg weight around the waist.
    3 x 10 es Cable wood chops high to low (48, 54, 54) super setted with 3 x 10 (42, 48, 42) cable wood chops low to high
    5 mins bridges (1 min front, 1 min side, 1 min front, 1 min other side, 1 min front - dont drop down until 5 mins is up)
    35 es x 10, 40 es x 10, 45 es x 8, 45 es x 7 DB flat bench
    25 es x 9, 25 es x 8, 22.5 es x 10 Seated DB shoulder press
    3 x 10 (bar + 20 kg) Seated ez bar tricep extensions
    3 sets of the following shoulder exercises with 8kg DB each side. 10 reps each exercises. drop the weight once all four have been done: (front raises, side raises, bent over flies, shoulder press)

  • shoulders - chins? Biceps and back to my understanding.

    Core strength - if you're doing enough heavy weights in squats / deadlifts etc, your core is going to get a hammering anyway, and be strong naturally. Or without extra exercises anyway!

  • I split narrow grip chins from wide grip chins so that I have the strength to do them both. I'm still doing a heap of core because I'm still limited on the weights I can do with a squats and dead lifts. I'm still sitting about 100kg for both so once I pick them up ill pull back on the core extras.

    One thing that I have noticed is although I've put on 5 kgs I've actually lost a notch in the belt I wear at work

  • Got the day off work today for a wedding this arvo so went in and did my gym session at 10 this morning to get it out of the way. Was going to be a back session but changed it at the last minute and did my first full leg session ive done since before my injury.

    3 x 10 es walking DB lunges - 5 es forward, 5 es backwards. (30kg es)
    3 x 10 es DB Box step ups (35kg es) - I found these not to bad on the legs but my grip is aweful. Struggled to keep hold of the dumbells for 10 reps, and had to drop the weights in between legs
    10 @ 60, 10 @ 90, 8 @ 105 + 2 negatives, 4-5 @ 110 + 3-4 negatives Barbell flat bench (mate was at the gym and asked for a spot so I jumped in for a go)
    10 x 60kg, 10 x 90, 10 x 100, 10 x 110 Barbell bench squat
    3 x 5 es single leg jumps onto a step.

    Ive always been nervous about the single leg jumps and had a bloody close call with them today. Funnily enough it was on my good leg. As I landed my ankle rolled to pretty much a 45 degree angle and I just hit the deck. Landed in a kneeling position on my bad leg with my hamstrings touching my calf and felt my knee crack a dozen times. I pulled myself up and recollected myself. Everythings fine, but it was enough to send the shits up me. Maybe not an exercise to leave to the end of the session.

  • maybe do it holding onto the squat rack ?

  • Next time I might have to do that.

    Yesterday was a back session.

    5 mins on the rower for warm up
    3 x 5 reverse grip chins (I really struggled with these today)
    3 x 10es (40kg es, 42.5, 42.5) DB bent over row
    3 x 10 @ 40, 50, 50 Barbell upright row
    3 x 10 @ 50kgs Good mornings
    3 x 10 @ 77kg Seated cable rows
    3 x 10 @ 66kg wide grip lat pull downs
    4 x 10 (60kg, 90, 100, 110) Deadlifts

  • Did a 20 min interval session.

    2 sets of 10 x 50m going every 45 seconds
    1 set of 10 x 100m going every 1 min

    After our team meeting I went to the gym and did a 45 min leg session

    bench squats: 10 x 60kg, 10 x 90, 10 x 110, 10 x 115
    DB walking lunges with 30kgs es: 3 x 10es
    Single leg smith machine bench squats. 3 x 5es: (bar + 15, 25, 30)
    single leg hamstring curls: 3 x 10 es @ 12kgs
    single leg calf raises: 3 x 10es (BW, 12kg, 12kgs)

  • Had my review with the physio today. I didnt do any damage to my knee on Friday, but my hamstring isnt progressing as well as she would like. Ive been given some real basic bodyweight hamstring rehab exercises which I have to restart doing every day to try and get it to start working.

    Today was chest day. I warmed up with 10 decline push ups, 10 incline push ups and 10 flat push ups

    Bench Press (10 x 60kg, 10 x 90 kg, 8 x 110)
    I then did 3 sets of 10 x 110. In order to do as many reps as possible with out a spot. Each set was split up to 5 sets of 2, with a 20 second rest in between each set.

    Dips (BW + 20 x 10; BW +15 kg x 8; BW x 😎

    10 x 50, 9 x 65, 9 x 65, 8 x 65 Incline Bench Press

    3 tri-sets of BW Press Ups. Each tri-set was 3 x 10 decline push ups, 10 incline push ups and 10 flat push ups

    3 x 10 Tricep rope pull downs (48kgs)

    3 x 10 Tricep rope extensions (48kgs)

  • Fark. I clearly need to work harder on my bench press!

  • NTA, I was at the gym the other day, and finally cracked three figure for a flat press again after how ever many hundred years of lean downs. Just 3 reps though, but I was stoked. Then a mate of mine walks in and starts [i][b]warming up [/b][/i]at 100kg. Just like that saying, somewhere in China, a 6 year old is warming up on your max...

  • Having a spot has helped me massively. Pushing me through those extra 4-6 reps plus 2-3 negatives has been the reason for the progress.

    The 145kgs I used to push back at the start of 2008 is a long distant memory though. Back then ild do an easy set of 10x 100kg as warm up. Ild love to know how I did it back then because ild love to get back to it

  • Shoulders today. 45 mins worth of work, plus 15-20 mins of hamstring rehab.

    4 x 8-10 @ 27.5kg es DB seated shoulder press
    3 x 10 @ 40 kg es DB flat bench
    12 x 100, 3 x 10 @ 130 Barbell shrugs
    3 x 10 es cable wood chops high to low (100lbs) and low to high (90lbs)
    3 sets of (DB front raises, lat raises, bent over flies and shoulder press) 10 reps for each exercise - 9 - 10 kg dbs

  • yeah Chubbs, I used to be able to whack out sets of 20 at 100kgs. Mind you, I was probably at 110kg BW then myself...!! Now I do 4 or 5 and am stoked.!

  • Rpm this morning. Found out once I was there that its an hour session. First half decent cardio session in a couple weeks and I felt it. Good to done by 9.30 though

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