Súper Liga Americana de Rugby

  • South America will get its own professional rugby competition: the Súper Liga Americana de Rugby.

    More details are expected soon, but what is known is that it will start on 28 February, 2020. There will be 6 teams in 2020, but more will be added in 2021.

    The teams are:

    🇦🇷 Los Ceibos (Córdoba, Argentina)
    🇧🇷 Corinthians (São Paulo, Brazil)
    🇨🇱 Selknam (Santiago, Chile)
    🇨🇴 Cafeteros (Medellín, Colombia)
    🇵🇾 Olímpia (Asunción, Paraguay)
    🇺🇾 Peñarol (Montevideo, Uruguay)

    In 2020, there will - however - only be a home-and-away round robin played between 5 teams. The four highest ranked teams will then play semi-finals and a final. The 6th team (Cafeteros) will only play the lowest ranked team in a play-off at the end of the season. I have read about plans that the Súper Liga champion at the end of the season will play the North American MLR champion.

    Originally, they had hoped to start an 8-team competition, but - not surprisingly - money seems to be an issue.


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