Personalised Online Training

  • Shameless plug here (hope that's OK mods?) for my son's recently revitalised online training business in case anyone is interested.

    He has been dabbling in this, trialling what gets best results, what clients find useful or superfluous for a few years now and is now pushing it out as a system he is happy gets results. Already some of his clients have moved onto this system and he is using the True Coach app as a base system to run his personalised and set package programmes.

    If anyone is interested I can affirm that he doesn't take a cookie cutter approach on the personal individualised training so basically you discuss whatever your aim is and you will get a program specifically designed for you. Anything from basketball to badminton, marathons to MMA.

    Has a degree in Applied Sports Science and the practical experience to go with it. Relates especially well to young athletes and has been doing a lot of academy work in the UK.

    Please keep this thread in mind for the link if you or anyone you know wants professional training help.

  • @Crucial Hey Crucial - is that link right? Doesn't work for me?

  • @voodoo

    Strange. It didn't work for me first time either.

    Try this one

    Thanks for letting me know though. I get him to get some other people to test it as well.

  • @Crucial yep, that works for me 👍

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