South Island road closures

  • I'm heading there for honeymoon on Friday...😧

    Driving ChCh to Tekapo on the 16th, think State Highway 1 should be open by then.

    Looking less likely is drive from Haast to Franz Josef to Hokitika on 22nd/23rd....that slip near Mount Hercules looks like a bad one.

    Anyone local or on the ground have any information?

    There is a huge variation between official NZTA guidelines, news sites, and Twitter...

  • They opened a alternative route yesterday which opens up lower south island,But is about the same distant for you to get to tekapo. It will be well marked if state highway one isnt open by the 16th.I would at least be considering an alternative to the coast as it may open but they could just as easerly get more rain to stop the road being open.All rivers on the east coast feed from the alps are running high but cant see anymore disruptions from road closures other than the coast but the coast could be day to day situation

  • Thanks mate, think we'll skip the glaciers and just go as far as Haast from Queenstown.

    ...and I feel a real dickhead worrying about my own travel getting disrupted when people have died on White Island 😕

  • You can still get to Fox Glacier from Haast but there will be delays. Of course, you would then need to go back the same way.

    Edit: The walk is closed due to landslides and storm damage so a scenic flight would be the only option.

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