Long Range Sniper - 2013 bodybuilding, your time starts, NOW...

  • Well, Xmas over, Cadbury Favorites all eaten, Griffens Samplers demolished, the last of the Summer Ale gone, it's time to set the targets for the 2013 BB season.

    Starting with the visit to Tarren our nutritionist yesterday. And we did have a good Xmas! Both our BW and fat percentages leapt up as expected!

    Targets set too, for Ness - Counties Manukau Champs in April, then Waikato Show in July, then Wellington at the end of the year, Nationals 3 weeks later.

    My targets, much simpler - Wellington and then Nationals.

    Soo, the figures.

    [b]Weight 92.1, BF% 15.[/b]

    Ouch! But not unexpected, and Tarren told me off for having too low a BF on our last weigh in (8.5), wants to to maintain at about 12 until we start leaning down to Wellington in about 5 months time!

    No leg workouts on my programme for the next 5 weeks, but we have 8 weight sessions a week (6 for me), two a days on Monday and Friday. So today I attacked the treadmill - 20 minutes walk, 20 minutes running (cor), and then 20 minutes walking again. In the immortal words of Mark Ellis, I was sweating like a rapist at the end of that! My schedule is meant to be a couple of runs a week, and a couple of cycles a week too - 30 kilometres or so. Smash the legs into submission!

    September 21 is Wellington (just looked it up), so a few days to go there, but that,s my target - it'll be 15 months since my last foray on stage - wow!

    Over and out, and game on.

  • Was going to ask this the other day as a general question, but since you jumped in with this...

    I want lean muscular form, but not bulk. In addition to getting control of the diet again, and getting some km into the legs, what sort of weights should I be doing?

  • In for the ride!

    Good luck for 2013 Bart!

  • Change it up heaps NTA - you're not going to wake up with big muscles if you do a month of low reps and heavy weights. SO you don't have to worry at all about rep ranges etc, you're not going to get big unless you eat about a billion kilos of protein a week nad take 40,000 supplements of various kinds!

    SO every four weeks change. Do some low rep high weight stuff, some higher rep lower weight stuff, and above all the stuff you like the most!!

    The fat'll drop off with the eating in control and the weights and cardio - that's what I hope is going to happen with me - 80.5 seems a long way off!

  • Don't want big, want lean. Will stick to a routine and break it up into 3-4 week cycles

  • 4 days weights (Monday Tuesday, Thursday Friday), at least 3 days cardio should do it I reckon NTA. Any more cardio a bonus bond.

    Today for me was spin, hot, damn hot, 60 minutes of mayhem. Picking up hay this afternoon, Ness's horse paddock getting bailed this afternoon, they reckon it'll get about 50 bales, so I think I'll just trot them back to the barn 1 at a time, farthest 'rep' will be about 100 metres. THink I might get a little tired...

  • Haaaaaay - 78 bales of hay picked up and stacked. Hard bloody yacker, but fortunatly had a visit halfway through by farmer from up the road and his flat bed ute, so 40 bales were not carted to the barn by hand and foot! But 38 were!! I felt like Colin Meads, bale in each hand doing a strong man walk!! (that was every second one, tooo hot for more).

    Gym this morning was back and triceps. Done and dusted, Ness into gym tonight for legs, so I might leap onto the treadmill again. And then I might not too.

  • I tried haybaling once...I found out I had hay fever, not a fun day!

  • had a few sneezing fits!! Used to get hayfever something chronic, but not anymore, thank fark!

  • A good sweat up in the about million degree heat at gym last night while Ness did her weights session of the day - legs. ended up being 35 minutes on the treadmill, with a break at about halftime to help Ness with the dumbell hammy curls. impossible to get the weight onto your legs without a 'loader' on hand! Anwyay, that was more than enough, would walk for 3 minutes, then run for 2, speedo up to 11.5k per hour, almost to walking pace!!

    Gym this morning was shoulders, good workout, first of the new programme. Right shoulder rotator cuff giving me a little grief at the moment - old injury that coems pretty much with over use, so not sure how much longer I will be able to do 2 chest and 2 shoulder workouts a week.. For as long as I can at any rate! Damn these old bones of mine...

  • Cranked out a run for an hour and 3 minutes this morning. Old Pub Road and then onwards into the bush up Pa Road. Must download the map my run thing, some ugly hills that you have to churn your way up. When I walk up Pa Hill I am only about a minute slower than when I run it!!! Well, when I say run, it's more like a stumble... Good sweat up though, when we visit trainier on the 23rd ish I expect some bloody results!!!

  • I use endomondo. Found it quite good with a range of sports attached - though I wish the weightlifting would allow you to record sets some how. Guess it's more of a distance time thing

  • I don't know how to use my smart phone well enough, and already have found the map my run, and the map my ride works well enough, so will start with that. Then ask daughter Renee (14) to do it for me once I fark up...!!

    This morning session chest / biceps, new workout low reps, high weights loved it. Good old fashioned bench press to start, 4 sets of 6. so did a 90, 95 and 2 x 100s. Stoked, and last couple of reps on both those 100s had a great battle with gravity. Then good old fashioned incline bench, 10, 8, 6, 6. started at 75 and ended at 90 on that one, need to start heavier, and when I do that I think I'll end a bit lighter!

    Finished with low cable pulls supersetted with medicine ball press ups - you have one hand on the med ball and one on the floor so they are crooked press ups. Kill you to finish.

    Biceps were straight bar curls and dumbell curls. Starting to be able to curl more than Ness now - hoo-rah!!

  • one hour and five minutes running through the rain on the treadmill this morning at the gym. Ness doing legs, me running like a maniac. Five minutes walking to warm up, then 20 minutes running, then to round out to 60 minutes walking for 3 minutes, then running uphill for 2. Didn't quite crack 10k or 1000 calories, but should get both next time I reckon...

    Did not wear socks with new Asic runners, as thought we were doing back today, as we missed out second workout yesterday thanks to getting horses shod and it took longer than it should have (fuck the Farrier could TALK, a 45 minute job took two hours), so have a couple of great blisters on the back of left foot - there was blood everywhere, looked cool when I took my shoe off. As close to a rugby injury as I can get these days...!!!!

  • Picked up the Power Eating book you recommended Bart and I can see why. Only had a quick flick through so far but its awesome. Will learn ALOT.

    Question for ya, are you still training first thing? Do you have anything foodwise before the workout or just a coffee? I'm currently doing coffee and BCAAs but am wondering if I need more.

  • And Bart, if you don't mind me asking, what is your calorie intake like at the moment and approximate macro split?

  • not sure on the split for food, but about 2700 calories (plus the shit I am eating at the moment, but less and less!!).

    Training at then moment is

    Monday AM and PM
    Tuesday AM
    Wednesday AM
    THursday PM
    Friday AM and PM
    Saturday AM

    Although I miss the Tuesday AM and Friday PM as those are the leg workouts - that's when I have been running.

    On top of all that for Ness she is meant to throw in at least a half hour of cardio a day!

    Pre workout at the moment is coffee and Rage Evolution from Nutratech.

    So yesterday shoulders, blasted, loved it, and a run in the afternoon - I think I managed to post it on Facebook, but it was bloody in miles - anyone know how to convert it to metric? Have the phone now set to metric, but was miles to start, and the run has been recorded in miles. Can I change it anyone...?? Mapmyrun.com.

  • Thanks mate. So 2700 but you are on a bit of a lean down right? Well not looking to bulk any more.

    How do you rate the Rage Evolution mate? And how long have you been using it? Effects weakening off or still going strong?

    I used the old Rage and it was excellent. Got alot out of it.

  • What does that do?

  • [quote name='Kirwan' timestamp='1358376326' post='337821']
    What does that do?

    Gives ya a bit of a kick in the ass mate. Aim is to give ya more focus, energy and endurance in the gym.

    For some its the difference between going and not going to the gym after a hard day at work.

    Product is [url="http://www.bodybuilding.co.nz/rage-evolution-nutratech.html"]http://www.bodybuild...-nutratech.html[/url]

  • I was sold at more reps and increased cardio performance. I will put it to the test

  • How does it compare with super pump max?

  • They seriously need to rename these products.

  • You buy some Kiwan? $45 is good price for 40 serves.

    SuperPump Max for me is still pretty good. Cant compare it with Rage Evolution though as I havent tried this version since they reformulated it without DMAA.

    A couple of other ones I rate highly are BSN Hyper FX and Musclepharm Assault both of which I reckon are better than SuperPump Max

  • [quote name='JK' timestamp='1358379820' post='337839']
    You buy some Kiwan? $45 is good price for 40 serves.

    SuperPump Max for me is still pretty good. Cant compare it with Rage Evolution though as I havent tried this version since they reformulated it without DMAA.

    A couple of other ones I rate highly are BSN Hyper FX and Musclepharm Assault both of which I reckon are better than SuperPump Max

    Yep, cheap enough to experiment with.

  • Awesome. Be good to hear how it goes

  • Rage has been good for me and superb for Ness - she thought I was overdosing her (I am up and doing the coffee and mixing the rage while she snores on for an extra 5 minutes!

  • Might be worth a go once I've finished off my latest tub of super pump max

  • they all pretty much similar though I reckon at the end of the day.

    OK, another chest session last night and back this morning, Ness has legs tonight, and I am on the treadmill churning out some more miles! Chest was dumbells - flies, flat press and then for the first time in 24 4 week programmes, decline press. With 2 chest programmes a week trainer was running out of exercises!!

    Shoulders tomorrow, excellent - Arnold Press, my new favourite!

  • Hah, was brilliant at gym last night - young brother of mate of mine from years gone by is not into weight and doing his first BB comp in May (in Oz). Anyway, he worked out with Ness last night (legs), while I punished the treadmill. Anyway, leg workout last night was 'only' smith machine reverse lunges supersetted with squat jumps, then dumbell hammy curls and calf raises. He was hammered at the end of it, legs like jelly, nice to see. Reckoned he had doubts when he started, the old, "this ain't going to be too hard"...

    Reckon's he'll take the exercises home and be laughed at at his gym - until he gets his mates to do it too. Can't wait for the stories!

    Treadmill for me last night was 3 mintues walk, 2 minutes run as fast as you can Forest, washn and repeat for 40 minutes.

    Shoulders today, sore and tired now, tomorrow off, but will no doubt throw in some cardio to round off the week.

  • How do you do Smith machine reverse lunges?

  • Feet just in front of the bar and you do a reverse stride so you end up in the clasic lunge position, but instead of you lunging forward, you have thrown your leg out backwards for the lunge part (if that makes sense)!!

    They DO get in big time, and experiment by moving your original stancef orward of the bar. Gets the quads and the hammy glutes.

  • Cardio today, walk around the old pub road, just under 10k. Achilles tendon on left leg a bit tender still, primarily I am thinking because my old joints and tendons are not used to this running lark I have been putting my body through! Runs on Friday, Tuesday Wednesday and Monday (treadmill on Monday and Friday) have put the old body on the rack! Nothing that telling myself to harden the fuck up won't fix...!!

  • Depends how far apart your running and walking styles are too Bart. Different tendons etc

  • never had any problems when only walking, the only change in my 'diet' has been the running this week. So todays walk was fine, and tomorrow I'll try and wrack out a run, maybe not so intense on the treadmill, try a long slow distance on the flat.

  • chest this morning, and didn't take my Rage pre workoput, I think I noticed it too - I am usually very dubious about pre workouts etc, but defo noticed a drop in being awake even!!

  • using up my leftover pre-workouts that have been sitting around for a while. Some I reckon do bugger all.

    Will buy some rage though later this week once they have more protein in stock and order it all at same time.

  • yeah, I take them because they taste nice! But I think this one might work for me! Yay!

  • walked around the farm where Ness has the Geegees last night in the tropical heat! Was good though, and will get map my [insert activity here] sorted soon I expect. logged it as cross country when I should have logged as a hike!

    This morning 50 minuntes on stationary bike - shoulders this afternoon.

  • right, so shoulders for boulders 2 days ago, yesterday bludged and just did a morning cycle.

    This morning though had to instruct Spin, so almost dead - you work sooo much harder when you are front and centre!! So was certainly 'sweating like a rapist' at the end of the class! Our gym owner has been doing an abs class stragiht after the last two weeks, so tagged into that, last week and this. Last week took 5 days to recover! Hopefully less this time out!

    Visit to nutritionist yesterday was good, BF% bavk down to 10.5, where she wants it to be for the next 6 months or so! I want it to be less, and with Ness 13 weeks out from her first comp of the season, that should not be too much of a problem if I do her cardio sessions too. I really don't want to be adding too much muscle, as my lean mass is already more than my comp weight at any rate.

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