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  • Thanks mate. So 2700 but you are on a bit of a lean down right? Well not looking to bulk any more.

    How do you rate the Rage Evolution mate? And how long have you been using it? Effects weakening off or still going strong?

    I used the old Rage and it was excellent. Got alot out of it.

  • What does that do?

  • [quote name='Kirwan' timestamp='1358376326' post='337821']
    What does that do?

    Gives ya a bit of a kick in the ass mate. Aim is to give ya more focus, energy and endurance in the gym.

    For some its the difference between going and not going to the gym after a hard day at work.

    Product is [url="http://www.bodybuilding.co.nz/rage-evolution-nutratech.html"]http://www.bodybuild...-nutratech.html[/url]

  • I was sold at more reps and increased cardio performance. I will put it to the test

  • How does it compare with super pump max?

  • They seriously need to rename these products.

  • You buy some Kiwan? $45 is good price for 40 serves.

    SuperPump Max for me is still pretty good. Cant compare it with Rage Evolution though as I havent tried this version since they reformulated it without DMAA.

    A couple of other ones I rate highly are BSN Hyper FX and Musclepharm Assault both of which I reckon are better than SuperPump Max

  • [quote name='JK' timestamp='1358379820' post='337839']
    You buy some Kiwan? $45 is good price for 40 serves.

    SuperPump Max for me is still pretty good. Cant compare it with Rage Evolution though as I havent tried this version since they reformulated it without DMAA.

    A couple of other ones I rate highly are BSN Hyper FX and Musclepharm Assault both of which I reckon are better than SuperPump Max

    Yep, cheap enough to experiment with.

  • Awesome. Be good to hear how it goes

  • Rage has been good for me and superb for Ness - she thought I was overdosing her (I am up and doing the coffee and mixing the rage while she snores on for an extra 5 minutes!

  • Might be worth a go once I've finished off my latest tub of super pump max

  • they all pretty much similar though I reckon at the end of the day.

    OK, another chest session last night and back this morning, Ness has legs tonight, and I am on the treadmill churning out some more miles! Chest was dumbells - flies, flat press and then for the first time in 24 4 week programmes, decline press. With 2 chest programmes a week trainer was running out of exercises!!

    Shoulders tomorrow, excellent - Arnold Press, my new favourite!

  • Hah, was brilliant at gym last night - young brother of mate of mine from years gone by is not into weight and doing his first BB comp in May (in Oz). Anyway, he worked out with Ness last night (legs), while I punished the treadmill. Anyway, leg workout last night was 'only' smith machine reverse lunges supersetted with squat jumps, then dumbell hammy curls and calf raises. He was hammered at the end of it, legs like jelly, nice to see. Reckoned he had doubts when he started, the old, "this ain't going to be too hard"...

    Reckon's he'll take the exercises home and be laughed at at his gym - until he gets his mates to do it too. Can't wait for the stories!

    Treadmill for me last night was 3 mintues walk, 2 minutes run as fast as you can Forest, washn and repeat for 40 minutes.

    Shoulders today, sore and tired now, tomorrow off, but will no doubt throw in some cardio to round off the week.

  • How do you do Smith machine reverse lunges?

  • Feet just in front of the bar and you do a reverse stride so you end up in the clasic lunge position, but instead of you lunging forward, you have thrown your leg out backwards for the lunge part (if that makes sense)!!

    They DO get in big time, and experiment by moving your original stancef orward of the bar. Gets the quads and the hammy glutes.

  • Cardio today, walk around the old pub road, just under 10k. Achilles tendon on left leg a bit tender still, primarily I am thinking because my old joints and tendons are not used to this running lark I have been putting my body through! Runs on Friday, Tuesday Wednesday and Monday (treadmill on Monday and Friday) have put the old body on the rack! Nothing that telling myself to harden the fuck up won't fix...!!

  • Depends how far apart your running and walking styles are too Bart. Different tendons etc

  • never had any problems when only walking, the only change in my 'diet' has been the running this week. So todays walk was fine, and tomorrow I'll try and wrack out a run, maybe not so intense on the treadmill, try a long slow distance on the flat.

  • chest this morning, and didn't take my Rage pre workoput, I think I noticed it too - I am usually very dubious about pre workouts etc, but defo noticed a drop in being awake even!!

  • using up my leftover pre-workouts that have been sitting around for a while. Some I reckon do bugger all.

    Will buy some rage though later this week once they have more protein in stock and order it all at same time.

  • yeah, I take them because they taste nice! But I think this one might work for me! Yay!

  • walked around the farm where Ness has the Geegees last night in the tropical heat! Was good though, and will get map my [insert activity here] sorted soon I expect. logged it as cross country when I should have logged as a hike!

    This morning 50 minuntes on stationary bike - shoulders this afternoon.

  • right, so shoulders for boulders 2 days ago, yesterday bludged and just did a morning cycle.

    This morning though had to instruct Spin, so almost dead - you work sooo much harder when you are front and centre!! So was certainly 'sweating like a rapist' at the end of the class! Our gym owner has been doing an abs class stragiht after the last two weeks, so tagged into that, last week and this. Last week took 5 days to recover! Hopefully less this time out!

    Visit to nutritionist yesterday was good, BF% bavk down to 10.5, where she wants it to be for the next 6 months or so! I want it to be less, and with Ness 13 weeks out from her first comp of the season, that should not be too much of a problem if I do her cardio sessions too. I really don't want to be adding too much muscle, as my lean mass is already more than my comp weight at any rate.

  • Shoulders again last night (workout 2 in our current programme), and this morning a 50 odd minute cycle heading towards Waihi, got to the top of Whiritroa hill in 29 minutes, turned around and came home. 21.8k or there abouts.

    Chest tonight at gym.


  • I think evening workouts much better than early morning strength and weight you can lift wise. Managed to keep 3 figures for all three work sets of BP tonight, 6 x 100 three times, stoked!

    Good workout on chest, sore as buggeryb now!

  • Reckon it's due to having more fuel in th body mate.

    I've always thought mornings best for cardio and pm for strength training but on weekdays, first thing is all I can do. So I do it.

  • that is the real gage, the best time to workout is when you can! But all most studies call it at late afternoon early evening. For me though, it's when it fits in!!

  • sooo, walk yesterday morning, no weights, and this moring started with a 28k cycle heading towards Waihi, so 2 big hills, went out 30 minutes, and exact same time on return, so hour cycle. Weights tonight.

  • Back workout last night, highlight one arm dumbbell rows at 50 kilo (hold at the top). Think there's more in the tank, but left hand grip JUST lasting for the 6 reps, right one good as gold.

    45 minute treadmill walk / gallop this morning.

  • Last night was shoulders day, and been loving the Arnold presses, can get really explosive on the up portion, been enjoying it. 3 sets, 8 reps at 27 after the first set of 10 at 25. ANd the last time we do them for a while no doubt, want to crank into the 30s next ramp with these on them - hopefully the rep range will still be low though!!

    Shoulder problems have gone now that we are doing each body part once a week again - our old bones can't handle too many workouts!

    Spin this morning, and then the ab class, spin bloody hard after this weeks cycles and runs, but in a good way, certainly had to work hard, but that's the idea eh!!

  • second day off weights in a row! Dreadmill this morning. No running, just walked it out like a walking fool. Sweating like Marc Ellis, 45 minutes 700 odd calories, heart rate at 120 for the first 20 odd minutes, and then moved on up to be finishing mid 140s. Not dead though, so all good. Dead tired but. Trainer rang yesterday getting next 4 week programme sorted, looks like I'll be off legs for another 4 weeks, but then back on for the next 4, alternate like that through until September, depending on how the legs keep looking! Bizarre being the bodybuilder that doesn't do his legs. I miss it, nothing like legs day to smash you to pieces!

  • two post holes = 1 hour digging. Both to the depth of my arm. How do I know that depth, as with my trenching shovel, and the dry CLAY tha I was digging through, I had to scoop the waste out with my freaking hand. Damn that ground was HARD. But the Mrs now almost has a hitching post for her GG's. SO that was a cardio / weight / mental session and a half!

    This morning was chest, and I'm thinking more and more that RAGE works. last week chest, with Rage was 6x95, 6x100 6x100 6x100. So this week, with NO Blast started at 6x100, 5x100 6x95 6x95. last rep on all sets that slooooow one that you know is going to make it, it's just going to take a while!! Will find out next week when back on the rage, but with new programme, will be some different workout for chest I expect. Just stoked to be pressing 3 figures again on a regular basis without shoulders being too damaged - although the standard left bungeye shoulder is a bit naff after todays workout. Nothing that a bit of antiflam cream and diclofinax won't fit before the next workout...!!

  • owowowowowow. So, still not meant to be doing leg workouts. But. Did one anyway, just using Ness's weights. Still bloody hurt though, I think I'll be feeling this tomorrow!

    Triple set - Smith machine box squats x 15 - stiff leg deadlifts x 8 - hamstring curls x 20 (up on your elbows, so not tight to the bench). Three times. and then super set leg extensions drop set 6-8-10 - hamstring curls 20. Finished with smith machine standing calves 20, 15, 10, 10.

    Was good, legs drained now.

  • shoulders today - first of the new programme, a goody too. And seated shoulder press back on the menu after talking about it last week on one of these threads! 3 sets of 8 reps. last set of 8 at 70kg, so happy with that, last rep was a real gravity battle!

  • walked this morning, 45 minutes hills, now at work for a few hours, gym cloed today, so will be a rest day! Hoorah!

  • What's today - Friday? So yesterday morning was Spin, sweated up the usual 44 gallon drum full,and then headed to Tauranga for Ness to see specialist about here chronic tennis elbow. Been OK'd for opp months ago, but have now tried everything but voodoo to get it right, so under the knife On March 8. Trim the shitty tendon strands, rough up the bone that it attaches too, and then let it heal. Reckonsd full movement is pretty quick, ten days of R&R while op wound heals, then 4-6 weeks for pain (depending on thresh-hold). SO I'm picking things like side raises and front raises will be a while away, but shoulder press and bench press and the nigger exercises will be back on the menu within 4 weeks.

    So, that was yesterday, today, back, new ramp, so hard out - and deadlifts were back on the menu. SO 8x135 8x145 5x155 6x155. I think I'll be feeling this in hammys and butt tomorrow!!

  • What's the difference between nigger exercises and normal ones?

  • hmmm 'bigger' exercises!!?


  • haha rough!

  • [quote name='Chubby13' timestamp='1360272921' post='342283']
    What's the difference between nigger exercises and normal ones?

    Cotton plantations, fried chicken and watermelon ?



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