• Just wondering about an exercise to target the part of the tricep right at the back on the inside.

    When I flex (just for sh!ts and giggles) the part on the outside of the arm is firm, but the larger part right around the back, on the inside isnt as firm, so I am obviously missing training it as well and it feels like a decent sized part of the tricep.

  • Skull crushers ? they isolate the fuckers like nothing else and the burn the next day is worse than from anything else ( or maybe thats just me )

  • Reckon a good combo for triceps is close grip bench press superset with cable extensions and then skull crushers. Just don't go too much weight, better to get the technique bang on.

  • Skulls are pretty humbling in terms of weight thats for sure. I've found you think you have a couple of reps left then BANG, all over and you're rolling the weight away just to get back up !

  • cable extensions arent really an option for me...need to look at the close grip bench, which to me always feels awkward, assume close grip press ups work same part of triceps?

    I like the skull crushers though.

  • CGBP is pretty good not that I've done it for awhile. Obviously you need to knock down the weight you'd do on a regular bench.

  • Could do those diamond press ups too.

    Usual stuff like dips and the super gay looking tricep kickbacks also have their place.

  • super gay kick backs are the only exercise that then your elbows are straight, the triceps are still working dips and the rest you are locked out. I get major mondo burns when I do kickbacks at the end of a workout. Think I am pumping them out at 7.5kg!! That is with a hold in the straight position, I am sure I could crank a ten with a little cheating!!!

    Skullcrushers with a cable is a nasty variation.

  • You can go close hand push ups or vary your standard pushup so your arms bend parallel with your bod instead of out to the side

  • weighted dips - and then kickbacks. That combo will [size=4]SMASH your triceps. PT just added that superset into my programme and it's mean. [/size]

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