TSF maintenance at midday (done 31/12/2019)

  • It's relatively quiet around here, so it's a good time to get some jobs out of the way

    The forum will be down for at least 30mins (hopefully not much longer than that)

    I'll be installing a software update. There's a small chance it screws with the embed's we use.

  • It's amazing how quiet it gets when people aren't "working"

  • Slightly longer than 30mins.. sorry about that

    No changes were made. Upgrade is failing because of a plugin. I have a few ideas what is going wrong but that is enough outage for today. I'll finish it off another time

    On a positive note restoring backups works great

  • I've had to friggen work for the last 2 hours!!! damn you!! damn you all to hell!!!

    happy new year, thanks for providing the platform for my procrastination, you're doing God's work

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