• Going to give powerlifting a break for the time being. Thinking of giving a bodybuilding comp a go in August/Sept this year. Get jacked before I get married at probably some stage around then.

    Feel I have an alright base from the last 18 months of powerlifting.

    Based on timing and weight/BF% I will need to drop I am looking at doing a 11-12 week maintenance phase (not looking to bulk just clean the diet up and maintain a bit of muscle. Then doing a 20ish week slow cut wit the aim to lose 1% total BW per week during the cut.

    Have got a program sorted and was going to look at getting a prep coach but instead smashed Layne Nortons Complete Prep Book over the last couple of days.

    Has a lot of science behind what he preaches which is nice rather than bro-science. Good formulas and frameworks to work off including the final week etc. He is pretty well known in the space of natural bodybuilding. Not planning on juicing so that obviously changes prep etc as well.

    Also going to add in some stuff from ATG (athletic truth group) there stuff looks great for improving mobility and stx through range. Got a couple of ex pro footy mates who now own gyms who swear by it. One of the advocates of it just spent the last 4-6 weeks training SBW on the GC with the principles.

    Looking to improve me mobility inparticular. Most will be incorporated into my training with some stretching stuff done at nights.

    Going to get a DEXA scan next week so I can get specific on all the timing/calories/macros etc.

    Anyone got any good places to get meal ideas based on your macros?

  • @Magpie_in_aus sounds awesome bro. Well beyond my experience or knowledge, but keen to hear how things progress. What's the target BF for the comp or end of that 20 week section?

  • @Paekakboyz got to get my DEXA and work it all out. 6% is the goal I think which is fucked because based on the maths I will drop about 25kg in that time frame and be sub 90kg fuck a duck. The book I read was super interesting though.

    Ideally hope in the next 12 weeks I can tidy up the eating and drop the BF% over the time with minimal weight change. Would like to be in the 92-95kg range. All just going to be a journey and main thing is to get discipline around eating.

  • Got Dexa booked in for Saturday so all the macro's diet etc will be sussed after that. Did my first weights work out for the last couple of weeks today. Joined a globo gym.

    Following a 6 week program where you do an AMRAP and retest at the end of those 6 weeks. Its 5 days a week. One day per week is just squats and deads and not too many sets. That was day 1 today.

    Working off 1rms slightly lower than what I was for powerlifting as have had some niggles .
    Dead 220kg (actual 235kg)
    Squat 180 (190)
    Bench 140

    1x11 @65% 117kg (did 120 just due to ease of stacking weights). Did warm ups at 20/50/90/110kg between 5-7 reps.

    2x10 @65% 143kg Deadlifts

    Think Deads might be an issue I will have to find a work around. Globo Snap fitness doesnt have chalk and judging by the bars must be chalf free. Might have to look into liquid chalk or use straps for deadlifts as my grip stx is slipping around 5 reps at 140kg+ so was somewhat broken sets due to grip stx.

    Got a bench session tomorrow with a shit load of accessories to do with it.

  • Update. Dexa done last Saturday worked out my macros on Sunday and been pretty close to hitting them each day.

    Was a fatter c#$t than i predicted unsurprising after being a lazy blob eating crap while the misses was a way overchristmas. 117kg 24% on dexa (usually about 2-4% lower with calipers apparently which is what i will use for weekly measurements) 88kg lean muscle mass.

    Think based on activity levels my maintenance calories are like 3400 and im planning on doing a cut early to get to around 105-107 so running off 2400 with 195g protein and 60/40 carb/fat macro split of the leftovers.

    Have probably been slightly under due to guesstimate's of carbs at dinner. Will measure more strict next week. Aim is to lose 1.2kg a week. Have some blue tooth scales im measuring on every morning and taking a weekly average.

    Workoutwise missed one in the first week because of starting on the Tuesday and timing not working.didnt want to do legs and basketball on Sunday. Just did ball and started week two on the Monday which was legs.

    Following a program from Layne Norton. Throwing some decent weight around but often it's only 2-3 sets which is a change up from powerlifting. Way more high rep accessory stuff too. Honestly haven't been that sore.

    Thought i would be after Monday as i did like 2x10 @145 deads and 3x11 @120 squats but was all good. Later in the week had 3x6 @170DL and 3x7 @140 square (different days) again not too bad.

    Program is deadlifts twice a week squat 3x a week every other week and bench 3x a week on the opposite week. Working out five times a week. At the moment basketball twice a week.

    Got it died yesterday so not tracking steps but will need too as previously i walked to/from old gym which was ages away now it's much closer. Use to hit 13k steps a day easy now aim is 10k.

  • @Magpie_in_aus good stuff mate. There is such cool gear (technology and info! Lol) to help with staying on track and knowing how you are tracking.
    I think youtuber Omar Isuf has a really good friend who is a doc and heavily into bodybuilding, weightlifting and powerlifting. Eric Helms I think? Worth a gander as the dude is a technician 👍

  • Update: start of week 8 (week 7 of diet). Started at 117.4 weighed in at 111.8 so far. Get a a Dexa scan on Saturday to get an idea on what the fat vs lean muscle mass that has been lost. Will also recalculate my calorie per day. Hopefully be close to 110kg by the time I go back to NZ next Saturday. Then down into the 109's when back from NZ (got the misses with my in NZ so no food blowouts on the cards).

    Training has been pretty good probably missed 1 session per 2 weeks just for being to sore or not being able to fit in a 5th session on a sunday (usually squats) before basketball sunday afternoon then Monday is always squats again so prefer not to back it up.

    Food has been going pretty well had a blow out on Friday for no real reason but back on track.

    Training has been going ok. After week 6 it was retesting which was AMRAP for 90% of my predicted 1rm. Bench was shit house so kept as is. Squat I didnt test as I am happy to keep getting my body strong. Deadlift got 6x200kg which gave me a predicted back to my old 1RM of 235kg I had been working off a 220kg for this program. The week prior I did a 200kg in a warm up to send to a mate (to take the piss he missed the 200club). It flew up think if I did an AMRAP then I would have been at 7-8reps.

    There wasn't a big deload period like I had in powerlifting so body was still a bit sore/fatigued. There is a retest of 1RM at the end of week 12. Will update after I get my Dexa scan on saturday as thats the proof in the pudding. Providing I have lost 6kg total I am hoping 70% is fat 30% is muscle (ideally more fat but unlikely).

  • @Magpie_in_aus nice! Is that about the ratio of fat v muscle loss you'd expect? I'm cutting in a far less controlled manner and have wondered what to expect. Especially when thinking about dropping 1RMs.

    Dexa is some awesome tech 👍

  • @Paekakboyz yeah from the book I read which is based heavily off available evidence he said monitored prep losing no more than 1% of bw per week (ideally 0.4-0.8%) should on average lose 720g of fat and 280g of lean muscle.

  • Hey @Magpie_in_aus are you based in Aus or NZ?

    If you (actually of any of the lads) need supplements etc then hit me up as one of my side projects is in the game. We also doing all the blues supplements this season which has been quite a cool experience.

    Can sort yas a discount code to use

  • @JK based is Aussie do you service over here?

    Also if I get a discount code should I start finishing every post on the fern with #spon #sponsered #sponseredathlete link in bio.

    Got the dexa back today need some tweaking on something lost pretty much 50% fat 50% muscle. My leg balance is slightly evening up. Wanting to get closer to 70% fat to 30% muscle as my overall bodyfat% drop was only 1.3% due to the relative muscle loss.

    Also think some thing were a bit off because we had a lot on so didn't eat dinner till 10ish last night then dexa at 6am. Was 1.2kg heavier at 6am today vs yesterday.

    Oh well I'm less fat that's a plus.

  • So whole bodybuilding thing fell by the way side. Gym closed obviously so got a few weights at home but have changed tack for the time being.

    Misses is doing the running program from the book unbreakable runner (meant to be a half marathon) premise is high intensity repeats.

    3 trainings a week so far been 8-10x200m one day, 3-4x800m another then 5-7km run on the weekend. Obviously varies but has been ok so far. Factors in a HIIT type crossfity workout 2-3 times per week.

    Been doing10k steps every morning and pilates 2-3 times per week.

    Weight has stayed the same which is good now that easter is over I should start to drop some kgs and get to some low figures I haven't seen in years.! Hope all are well. This forum doesn't get my attention with no sport.

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