500 - 3 x per week.... HELP!

  • I need excercises to do outside. Only equipment i have is 2 x 10kg bar bells.

    I DON"T WANT TO HAVE TO SOURCE OTHER EQUIPMENT like tires and pantyhose, or whatever people seem to use.

    I used to love doing these 500 rep things as (10 different exercises x 50 reps)

    My knees can't handle the impact of long distance running, which I enjoy doing to get fit, so only short sprints

    What I would love from all you fit or wanabes is different exercises that I can do in losts of 50. I will make up as many different programmes and paste them on here so I don't get bored doing the same thing each time.

    Every exercise that makes it onto my list, I shall buy a beer to the person who first suggested it.... and then I will drink it if you don't live in NZ (NTA excluded as I still owe him a night out on the tiles)

    I thank you greatly in advance.

    Hugs and kisses as always,


  • wait wait wait, what happened to "a fat fluffybunny and proud"??

  • Was fishing over the weekend from the beach and I was sinking into the sand further than the others. It was a lifelike metaphor for being buried. I didn't like it.

    Plus Mrs Hooroo has a Thoroughbred farm and is unaturally strong without looking it. I am worried about being beaten up.....

    ... or I just want to get fit again as it's now 9 months off the ciggies

  • and let us not forget that I am usually all talk, no pork

  • Military press. Bent over row. Upright row. Squats. Lunges.

  • Burpees (a few variations here) lizard crawls, planks, squat jumps, press ups (bunch of variations you can do here)

  • Got anything you can do pullups on?

    There are heaps of other things you can do like pushups, burpees etc that you wont need equipment for.

    Got a skipping rope?

    Those barbells are pretty light BUT with a bit of volume you will feel it. Alot of exercises you can do with it, rows, overhead press, bicep curls (of course!), squats, etc

    Set yourself a challenge to do say 20 overhead press (with barbell), 20 pushups, 20 barbell rows, 20 burpees, 20 situps etc - and do 5 reps of that circuit. Time yourself and then try beat it next time.

  • push ups, sit ups, curls, press, intervals, farmer's carries, planks, etc.

    Try doing kettlebell variations?

  • start I reckon by recording everything - your walks etc with those map my whatever apps. I hate walking etc, but since I have sorted thos out, love it, just to compare. That run we did around the hills in Whanga Hooroo was 4.07 miles long thanks to mapmyrun!!

    Dumbells, 10kgs - perfect. 50 curls, 50 shoulder press, 50 french press (tricep thingy), 50 press ups, 50 lunges (if your knees hold out for that) etc. Probably a good weight for doing 50s (and more)...

  • what about cycling?

  • 50 Burpees will make me cry but I do love them.

    You guys may need to explain them.

    What's a military press and barbell rows?

    I think that is enough for a first session though

    Press ups
    Sit Ups
    Military Press
    Squat Jumps
    Overhead Press
    hmmmmm 3 more please

  • and I reckon, every morning when you roll out of bed, do as many press ups as you can. The first thing you do when you get up. And record how many etc. Reckon that in itself would be an interesting experiment to see how fast your body adapts and you improve. WHen you start having to get up ten minutes earlier than normal so you're not late for work you can quit...

  • Hooroo - check out [url="http://www.thetrainingstationinc.com/exercises.html"]http://www.thetraini.../exercises.html[/url] Put ya mouse pointer on the picture and it shows how to do it

    Easy way to seeing the motion of different exercises. Will be alot you can do on there.

  • Burpees
    Press ups
    Sit Ups
    Military Press
    Squat Jumps
    Overhead Press
    Farmers Carries (What are these?)

    Yeah bartman, When at the beach we are parking the car at the bach and cyling everywhere. Probably cycled about 2 hours on the weekend.

    Can't cycle round the farm as it's on highway 27 and just too busy

  • FArmers carries are pretty much just going for a long walk, with your dumb bells....

  • military press and overhead press the same.

    dumbell curls.

  • [quote name='BartMan' timestamp='1358737932' post='338735']
    military press and overhead press the same.


    I think there is slight difference in that military press has feet together and overhead press feet apart. Not alot though!

  • I never knew that, I thought military press was with a bar, behind your neck, while overhead press was in front. Never heard feet come into it before!

  • [quote name='JK' timestamp='1358738082' post='338736']

    I think there is slight difference in that military press has feet together and overhead press feet apart. Not alot though![/quote]

    Even if u are sitting down?

  • Yeah I remember googling it a while back as wasn't sure there there was a difference. Might not be right but seemed to say that in a number of different places.

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