Fook Mi - SRU executive pay!

  • Gobsmacked, that is utterly ridiculous.

    "Owain Jones compared the controversy to the outcry when former Rugby Football Union chief executive Ian Ritchie was paid £600k from a £207million turnover, which pales into insignificance compared to £933,000 the SRU gave its top executive from a turnover of £61.1m." 1/60th of the turnover goes to one guy! The same prat who cost SRU 70k for his stupid 'we'll sue' comments around the possible cancellation of the RWC game.

    I'm just, wow, so bad.

  • @Machpants getting a pay rise of over 100% is outstanding! Must show my boss when I have my rem-review later this year....

    received £933,000 for the year up to May 31, 2019, which was double his previous year's earnings of £455,000.

  • can you amend the thread title to SRU Executive Pay for the year to 31 May 2019 please?

  • also, 1/60th of the turnover to the dude in charge isn't actually that outrageous. If your business is turning over $6M, and you paid the GM $90,000 i don't think he's that overpaid.

  • Clearly the legendary Scottish thriftiness trait has passed that organisation by since the time they charged players for replacement socks if they lost the ones issued to them three seasons ago!

  • Seems almost too unreal to be true.

    Had a similar hoo-ha with the Telstra Chief exec in Straya. Huge increase from the previous years salary during a time when they were cutting 25% of staff. What headlines (or in some cases even articles) neglected to mention was he took a sizeable paycut leading up to that point in some sort of deal.

    Will be interesting to get the full details on this. Surely there would be a board approving it.

  • Almost as good as running Boeing

  • Is there a performance bonus in that? As in "well done, we're still officially tier one".

  • I am seriously underpaid.

  • @mariner4life said in Fook Mi - SRU executive pay!:

    can you amend the thread title to SRU Executive Pay for the year to 31 May 2019 please?

    Good spot!

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  • @dogmeat said in Fook Mi - SRU executive pay!:

    I am seriously underpaid.

    when i compare the turnover of our company (significantly more) with my remuneration (orders of magnitude less) i am clearly in the wrong gig.

  • @mariner4life in this world of Equality, surely Ian Ritchie should be pissed, if he got 1/60th of the English t/o he shoulda been paid almost 6 times more!

    Hope those Scottish fluffybunnies aint got any women execs being paid less than thier, then they will be in strife!

  • Worth it just for the remarkable pr and negotiating skills he amassed for the rwc campaign.
    When people were dying and losing their homes the SRU managed to get the message out that they were in fact the real victims and create a heap of ill will from other unions with their smear campaign.

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