Rugby Gutbusters etc

  • Boys, post up the most hated drills that you have had to do over the years for rugby please... Want to vary my punishments of the lads at training, and having to remember that they are really 'only there for the beer'.

  • I think they were 'syds' which was just a run...

    run from corner to corner then across the dead ball line to the other side and then back corner to corner and back across the deadball to the start, IIRC everyone had to do it under 1 min (or so)...if not, we did 20 press ups, and then again, but you pushed the time limit out given the obvious fatigue.

  • Hennie mullers - retch!
    Repeating hill sprints are mean - super evil if they are sand dunes
    Laps round the field with the last person in the line sprinting to the front when the whistle blows - if a decent pace is set for the pack that sprint to the front is nasty... esp if you set a time limit or a lap limit to get through the whole squad.
    Wheelbarrows and piggybacks with a back and a forward. The backs just LOVE carrying a front rower ha ha

  • Have them in pairs, one with a hip shield, the other the worker. The worker starts on the ground, gets up, the the shield driving 3-4 steps then hit the deck and repeat for the length of the field. Then change over. The guy on the shields job is to make the worker work as hard as possible.

  • "Corner flag ladder"

    A mate asked me to run a few drills at a training session and I had the boys do this one. It could be used as both a warm up or a finisher.

    Start at corner flag, run down the touch line to the other flag (100m) and then do 10 push-ups and 1 BW squat. Run along the try line to the next flag (70m) then do 9 push-ups and 2 BW squats. Keep going round the field until 1 push-up and 10 BW squats and then finish with what will be a 100m run.

    All up the boys will have done 950m run, 55 push-ups and 55 BW squats. To add a bit of fun you could time them and get them to do each week to better their times.

  • Last night we had the boys on a kind of interval. 200m runs every minute. They must make the first hundred in 20 seconds, then they have 40 seconds to get back before they go again. Do how ever many you want (10 is good). No stopping!! even if you can't make the time, just keep moving.

    I remember one that used to fuck me that is similar to Chubby's. Cones 10m apart. tackle bag in the middle. start on belly. up and hit the bag. up and run through to other line (have a person on the bag putting a bit of weight on them after they hit the bag, so it's a bit harder). at the line, back on your belly. and repeat. non stop. flat out. for a minute. after their 2nd or third set they will be blowing hard. If you set up 4-5 bags it becomes a good race.

    Yea, fuck hill sprints. But they are awesome. Just short ones,

    between 22 and goal line. Sprint goal line to 22. 10 full burpies. sprint back to goal line. 10 sit ups. Sprint back to 22, 9 burbies. Sprint back to goal line, 9 sit ups. keep going right down to 1.

    Over the years i have done all sorts of sadistic shit.

  • Circle of Pain.

    For contact/maul technique, works best in groups of 10-15.

    1. Two in the middle with a ball, rest in a circle with hit shields.
    2. Ball runner plows into a target, his mate has to follow, hit, and rip the ball.
    3. Repeat step 2 for a given period of time. If the ripper didn't get to the ball runner soon enough, extend by 10 seconds.
    4. Swap the two in the middle to keep everyone warm.

    The more people you have, the bigger the circle, and the further they have to run. If you have a smaller group, extend the time. Run two groups if it helps. Can also run three in the middle if you have odd numbers.

    Bloody exhausting!

  • The minute drill.

    3 sets of two people with hip pads spaced about 5 metres apart side ways, each pair is labelled A, B, C. There is a cone 5 m in front of each pair.

    Each working group is made up of 4 players plus a half back who each of the 4 start on their chests on the ground behind A's cone. Blow the whistle and the half back passes the ball to 1 player who hits it up, 2 blow over and secures the ball and the fourth helps if needed but is the next runner.

    The drill as the title suggests goes for a minute. it is run by the half back who decides which order of A, B, C the group goes in. Every one of the working 4 has to go around the cone set 5 m in front of the pads, and the pads are to reset each time. Pads can not grab the ball but they are to make it as difficult as possible for the 4 to secure it.

    I can attest that a minute in this drill feels like a very, very long time

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