Crossfit: Advice needed

  • Hi guys,
    I'm thinking of getting into Crossfit. I had really good results with a similar high intensity circuit workout gym leading up to my wedding - basically Crossfit but without the barbell ie lots of kettlebell, squats, burpies, etc. (the gym has since become a licensed Crossfit)
    Combined with paleo I lost a combined 23cm in five weeks.

    Nearly a year in the States has left me back at square one.

    My concern over starting Crossfit is with the barbell exercises. I don't have much interest in them and am scared of injurying myself for no reason. I don't have a background in them so have no technique. Can anyone put my mind at ease? I have a perception that Crossfit might encourage high speed and working past fatigue - which seems like a mistake with certain barbell exercises. Is this incorrect?

    Anyway, I know a few of you guys have 'drunk the koolaid' and would appreciate the input. I got terrific results with the high intensity circuit training and have never felt better. If I don't do Crossfit my next best bet is finding a bootcamp at a gym and compete against housewives.


  • I take the piss out of crossfit a bit but I reckon it's real good. In talking to Kirwan and a guy who runs a central Wellington gym it's clear that lifting form is really important. I think the 'forget form - balls to the wall' reputation comes from people seeing form get a bit rough at the end of a WOD etc. Once you've done 30+ reps at something you are going to be tired and your form will suffer.

    If it wasn't too expensive to have two gym memberships I'd definitely head along to some crossfit sessions. My PT uses a few difference crossfit approaches - it's pretty cool.

    Go for gold mate, working on form and stuff is really enjoyable (at least for me). Once you are more confident with your lifting I think those concerns will fall away. Much better to have an awareness of what you are doing wrong (through fatigue etc) than carry on oblivious! That's when you are more likely to get injured.

    Hmmm but if those bootcamps have some milfs running around you might want to rethink!!

    Good luck, keep us posted!

  • I think they'll get you doing things right, so don't worry, rip into it and have fun!

  • Yeah any decent place will make sure you understand the techniques required before you get in to it. Go for it!

  • Cheers guys.
    Do they usually have the barbell exercises as part of a fast paced circuit, or is it usually a separate strength component?

  • The crossfire classes I go to is split into 4 sections, warm up, followed by a technique and instruction session where we go over the technique of the exercises involved in the days workout, finished off with the workout then warm down.

    The technique session is really good and allows me to really utilise the work out properly. The best thing about crossfire is that almost everything is scalable to what you can do.

  • Cool, I've signed up!
    There is a two week 'ramp up' programme that costs $160 for 6 lessons (5 exercise, 1 nutrition) that is a pre req before I start the classes. Lessons start next Tuesday morning.

  • If you haven't already have a look on youtube for Crossfit videos on lifting form. Can be really useful to have an idea of what is going on before you get started. It won't turn you into an expert but knowing more about the mechanics is always useful. Have you practiced your human starfish impression?? I think that was Kirwan's signature move in his early Crossfit days

  • Good idea.
    No, I haven't done the human starfish. What's that? Lying on your back exhausted?

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